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arsene york-hunt 12:33 Tue Jul 27
Woke watch
There is a very good section on GB news where the ludicrous idiocies of Wokeness are looked at

I thought we would should have one for WHO. I'll start with Baptiste on BBC: In Hungary,an ambassador's family are kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and carry out atrocities. At the end of the last episode Baptiste finds out that it is a false flag operation and conveniently, the real culprits are white supremacists who want to stop all immigration.

Coronation Street ITV a gay black footballer is stopped by the police, because he is driving an expensive car. He is pushed to the ground during an altercation, and damages his leg threatening his career. Could have been written by Dawn Butler or a BLM activist.

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only1billybonds 11:19 Thu Jan 26
Re: Woke watch
Some local residents have had 'Black Boy Lane' street signs made and are displaying them in windows.

Be interesting to see how the local council react to this.

twoleftfeet 10:46 Thu Jan 26
Re: Woke watch
Kolo Toure sacked by Wigan.

Expect claims of racism etc etc

13 Brentford Rd 9:12 Thu Jan 26
Re: Woke watch
On the new Road sign it still says "formerly Black Boy Lane"

arsene york-hunt 8:11 Thu Jan 26
Re: Woke watch
Haringey council have gone ahead with renaming Black Boy Lane saying that it was racist, despite not being racist and desoite just short of 80% of the residents saying they didn't want it.

They shelved the plans last year and have now quietly gone ahead with it They did not consult with the council taxpayers despite them having to pay the £186,000 They did consult with BLM. a thug group that rioted during lockdown and want to defund the police. They've changed the name to la Rose Lane after a Trinidadian poet who none of the people with whom I have spoken have ever heard of let alone knowing any his poetry.

It is axiomatic that councillors are not the sharpest tools in the box, but surely there should have been a sane voice to guide them on this act of extreme wokery.

I have emailed the council and have suggested that if they want to change a real racist name, at very little cost, they should change the name of the Bernie Grant centre, which would probably meet with general approval,

13 Brentford Rd 7:36 Thu Jan 26
Re: Woke watch
So a rapist can stick on a wig and women's clothes, claim he's female and end up in a women's prison.
All down to Sturgeon's obsesion with Scotland being independent and just passing laws because you can and because England hasn't.
You couldn't make this shit up but here we are.
No wonder the rest of the world laughs at the UK!

BRANDED 8:46 Wed Jan 25
Re: Woke watch

Accuracy is the cornerstone of journalism, especially when it comes to news reporting. If a man appeared in court, claiming to be a brain surgeon when he was actually a hospital porter, we wouldn’t expect a headline announcing ‘brain surgeon convicted of rape’. The same rule should apply to other obviously untrue claims.
Yesterday, at the High Court in Glasgow, a man was indeed convicted of rape — two rapes, in fact. He now calls himself Isla Bryson and ‘identifies’ as a woman, but until very recently his name was Adam Graham and he has not had surgery. 

The court case was a mess, with prosecutors referring to Bryson throughout as ‘she’ while describing typical male pattern offending. ‘She’ apparently preyed on vulnerable women ‘she’ met online, and it took a brave Conservative MSP, Russell Findlay, to point out the blindingly obvious. ‘Rapist Adam Graham decided he was no longer a man AFTER appearing in court on rape charges’, he tweeted.
At a time when it has become routine for male defendants to be referred to in court reports as ‘she’, such a high-profile case presented newspapers and websites with a stark dilemma. The judges’ bench book, which consists of guidance rather than law, says it is a matter of ‘common courtesy’ to use the personal pronoun and name that a person prefers. Many women and some lawyers, however, think it is ridiculous — and insulting to rape victims — to enforce a pretence that a male defendant is female.
So what did editors and journalists do? Most, I’m afraid, settled for cognitive dissonance. ‘Glasgow court convicts trans woman of raping two women before her transition’, declared the Guardian. The paper could not even bring itself to mention Bryson’s ‘dead name’ — the one he was known by when he attacked the women — and it was left to the victims to correctly describe the rapist as ‘he’.

Eerie Descent 7:05 Wed Jan 25
Re: Woke watch
ATBOG 4:17 Wed Jan 25

That's a comedy sketch.

That has to be a joke, right? Surely?

ATBOG 4:17 Wed Jan 25
Re: Woke watch


only1billybonds 6:29 Mon Jan 23
Re: Woke watch
The trans lot can call themselves whatever they want but as far as I'm concerned, if you have a beard and bollox you're a bloke.
You can wear all the make up and knickers you want, that wont stop you being a bloke and blokes should NEVER be allowed in women only places.

Mad Dog 5:59 Mon Jan 23
Re: Woke watch
Branded. That's not just aimed at women. The woke mob are some of the vilest people on the planet.

Saying men can't give birth = hate speech
Threatening to kill someone because they said men can't give birth = the correct and measured response

And whilst I'm on the subject
Modern parents. Boys can and should play with dolls
Also modern parents "my son's playing with a doll, let's put him on puberty blockers as he's clearly trans"

Fo the Communist 3:57 Mon Jan 23
Re: Woke watch
mashed in maryland 11:22 Sun Jan 22

Interesting conclusion, mate.

All I'd add is there's plenty of people in the Labour movement who would agree Lloyd Russell-Moyle is an unmitigated cunt.

BRANDED 3:51 Mon Jan 23
Re: Woke watch
Misogyny has always existed. Sometimes it’s more frowned upon than others, going quiet before bursting out in a fresh guise. But we are entering new and terrifying territory, where spittle-flecked rants against women are everywhere, including the House of Commons. Death and rape threats are openly paraded at demonstrations, prominent women are threatened with murder — and the fear that a woman will be seriously injured is growing by the day.

At the weekend, Scottish politicians appeared at a rally in Glasgow in front of a placard bearing an unequivocal death threat. ‘Decapitate terfs’, it read, next to a drawing of a guillotine. A couple of days earlier, a man allegedly left a voice note in Gaelic threatening to kill the author JK Rowling with a hammer. Rowling tweeted that the same individual had threatened to drive into a rally organised by the activist Posie Parker and to shoot the Labour MP Rosie Duffield.

BRANDED 3:31 Mon Jan 23
Re: Woke watch

Women are women cos of biological status.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:32 Mon Jan 23
Re: Woke watch
To paraphrase Boris Johnson, who got in a lot of trouble with the people who he was ridiculing:

Who would imagine that these piccaninnies could master sticking two sticks on their feet? Aren't they wonderful - for black people?

BRANDED 11:07 Sun Jan 22
Re: Woke watch
I turned on the TV this evening and Ski Sunday was on. They had a segment about black amateur skiers of no discernible skills all because they were, aparently, black. Or, as they put it skiers of colour!

Hermit Road 10:38 Sun Jan 22
Re: Woke watch

board member of the National Organization for Women.

Ok it’s in America but we all know what happens there is coming here.

twoleftfeet 10:07 Sun Jan 22
Re: Woke watch
The usual dykes in the women’s football are moaning because a game was called off because of a frozen pitch.

“ we demand under soil heating, why is no one taking this seriously “

Because ladies crowds of 3000 in small grounds don’t merit the expense of under soil heating, my village sides match was called off and the standard of play is far higher.

Guarantee crowds of 30,000 every week and I’m sure the club owners might change their minds.

El Scorchio 1:27 Sun Jan 22
Re: Woke watch
joe royal 3:57

Exactly! Dentists are a great example as well actually. You just have to take their word for it that you need (fucking expensive) work done like fillings or even braces, especially if you don’t have any actual pain.

mashed in maryland 11:22 Sun Jan 22
Re: Woke watch

Watch how angry this lisping Labour MP from Brighton gets in this exchange with a woman talking about not wanting to share toilets with men.

This sort of rhetoric, 5 years ago, would have been confined to footage from an anti-Trump protest at a university in California. Now its in the House of Commons.

The same Labour MP also put up a tweet saying that parents "forcing a sex on their child" (ie calling them a boy or girl) is abuse.

These people aren't "mental", he's just bought into the new religion, with all religions the absurdity is the point, and you can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.

Feed Me Chicken 11:13 Sun Jan 22
Re: Woke watch
Not sure how but I’m fully on JK Rowling’s side of things these days, check out some of her tweets of late, the amount of death threats and hate she gets yet the media pretty much ignore it. Scandalous and shows where the western world is these days.

Leatherhead Hammer 11:01 Sun Jan 22
Re: Woke watch
woke assheads in the canadian/usa media have goen after an ice hockey player for not wearing an LGBT rainbow jersey, due to his religious beliefs.


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