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arsene york-hunt 12:33 Tue Jul 27
Woke watch
There is a very good section on GB news where the ludicrous idiocies of Wokeness are looked at

I thought we would should have one for WHO. I'll start with Baptiste on BBC: In Hungary,an ambassador's family are kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and carry out atrocities. At the end of the last episode Baptiste finds out that it is a false flag operation and conveniently, the real culprits are white supremacists who want to stop all immigration.

Coronation Street ITV a gay black footballer is stopped by the police, because he is driving an expensive car. He is pushed to the ground during an altercation, and damages his leg threatening his career. Could have been written by Dawn Butler or a BLM activist.

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Side of Ham 12:41 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch

Sydney_Iron 12:41 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch
"Non-binary could become a legal gender in the UK"

Fuck me, whatever next? if you don't know what you are or keep switching between male of female then that's a case of potential mental illness not some bollocks calling itself Non-Fucking Binary.

UK, Dogs etc

BRANDED 12:39 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch
Were you there too?

However, I do believe you are also correct. The camp one.

Side of Ham 12:37 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch
Don’t try and educate him we’re likely to get a lengthy c&p article now…..

Leonard Hatred 12:35 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch

I think you actually mean Gunner BEAUMONT.

Gunner Graham was the posh, educated bloke with glasses.

Side of Ham 12:25 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch
Oooooooh what a SAGA holiday on the IOW for BRANDEDsen…..

Eerie Descent 12:20 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch
Zeb, given the anti-semetic tweets that Rafiq made, which are there for everyone to read so leave nothing to context, do you think he might have been engaging in with it given that was his MO back then?

zebthecat 12:15 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch
southbankbornnbred 4:33 Fri Mar 31

Matthew Hoggard and Tom Bresnan came out of it pretty badly too. They were forced by the weight of evidence, to admit to what what they said and did.
Raffer the kaffir is not bantz.

BRANDED 11:39 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch
Yes. Ypu are right. He/she had all the mannerisms and a near identical face.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:36 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch

It's important to get these things right.

BRANDED 11:26 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch
I was in a pub on the Isle of Wight last weekened and there was a birthday party going on. There was a trans bloke to woman in ghere who looked like a young GUNNER GRAHAM

BRANDED 11:24 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch
Royal Air Force cadets can wear uniforms of either sex under diversity rules that also allow transgender boys to wear controversial chest binders.

The policy – leaked to The Daily Telegraph – lists Mermaids, under statutory inquiry by the Charity Commission, as one of the external organisations that should be used for “support and advice”.

The guidance, updated in September 2022, prevents commanders in charge of cadet squadrons from informing parents that their children are transitioning unless they are given permission to do so.

Cadets, who have begun transitioning, are “permitted to use facilities, such as toilets and ablutions” of the gender of their choosing, the policy also states.

In a foreword to the latest documents, known as Air Cadet Publication 15, Air Commodore Tony Keeling, the head of the RAF Air Cadets, said: “I expect every member… to embrace a strong understanding of diversity and inclusion… and be unafraid to discuss the lived experience of others who are different to ourselves. Together we must ensure that everyone can be comfortable in sharing their views and do not feel compelled to fit into established, but outdated, norms.”

BRANDED 11:20 Sat Apr 1
Re: Woke watch
Non-binary could become a legal gender in the UK after a first-of-its-kind High Court challenge.

A Californian with the identity recognised in their home state launched a judicial review after their gender was listed as “not specified” in the UK.

Non-binary is an umbrella term for gender identities that are not solely male or female.

It is legally recognised as a gender in some countries but there is no option for the term on a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) in the UK.

Ryan Castellucci, a Californian cybersecurity expert who came to the UK in 2019, has a birth certificate from their home state of California, USA, which lists their gender as non-binary.

They were told they would have to choose between specifying as either male or female to gain a UK GRC.

southbankbornnbred 4:33 Fri Mar 31
Re: Woke watch
Genuinely amazed that the "case" against Vaughan got as far as the ludicrous panel, and was dragged out as long as this.

There was not a shred of uncontested and corroborative evidence against him. It was hearsay, circumstantial fluff and the inconsistent testimonies of a tiny group of mates with gripes and/or business links. It wasn't a court case, of course, but the 'evidence' had to be assessed in a similar way.

The panel seems to have come to the right conclusion, given those circumstances. But, genuinely, they could have dismissed this ages ago on the very same basis as today's findings. Instead, because of the wider YCCC issues, they've made a point of overdoing the "let's give this serious consideration" show.

Whole thing was a farce.

There have been some deeply racist things said by some players and coaches (not Vaughan, I should add). But one of them, of course, was Rafiq in his antisemitic tweet.

So all that's happened in the case against Vaughan is that the accuser has come out of it with a worse record for racism.

Eerie Descent 4:18 Fri Mar 31
Re: Woke watch
If anyone wants to know how ridiculous and shady this accusation was, someone thick like Ray for instance, just go and read the transcripts from the court witnesses.

And furthermore, what was said from Asian players without business links to Rafiq.

Vaughan should go after them, big time. However, he'll probably just want to move on.

BRANDED 4:09 Fri Mar 31
Re: Woke watch
Accusing someone of racism years after someone purportedly said something slightly innocuous really seems a tad vindictive to be honest.

Kaiser Zoso 3:35 Fri Mar 31
Re: Woke watch
So, does Vaughan get his livelihood back now?

bruuuno 2:37 Fri Mar 31
Re: Woke watch
Not a wokey at all but good in them for doing this, hopefully more wealthy organisations will give back to the elements of society that they used to build their wealth.

The Ghost of Sven 2:31 Fri Mar 31
Re: Woke watch
Always seemed a fairly low key case of 'racism' with a very unreliable & flawed accuser.
The verdict appears to be like the Scottish 'not proven' rather than guilty or not guilty.

, 2:29 Fri Mar 31
Re: Woke watch
I find it hard to see how what Vaughan is alleged to have said is racist and now the committee looking into it have conclude, on the balance of probabilities, that Vaughan never says it anyway..

The complainant is clearly vexatious in my mind especially as Yorkshire Cricket have only found confirmation of seven of his forty three allegations.

Enormous damage has been done to the reputation of decent man affecting both his family and finances and he has little chance of getting back to where he was before the allegation.

Eerie Descent 2:19 Fri Mar 31
Re: Woke watch
Of course it was never in doubt, there was more holes in the accusation than a block of Swiss cheese.

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