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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

arsene york-hunt 12:33 Tue Jul 27
Woke watch
There is a very good section on GB news where the ludicrous idiocies of Wokeness are looked at

I thought we would should have one for WHO. I'll start with Baptiste on BBC: In Hungary,an ambassador's family are kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and carry out atrocities. At the end of the last episode Baptiste finds out that it is a false flag operation and conveniently, the real culprits are white supremacists who want to stop all immigration.

Coronation Street ITV a gay black footballer is stopped by the police, because he is driving an expensive car. He is pushed to the ground during an altercation, and damages his leg threatening his career. Could have been written by Dawn Butler or a BLM activist.

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Sarge 1:58 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
just reading that Newcastle statement

.....All visitors to the club are, as always, encouraged to wear whatever is the norm............

Get a ticket to St James Park
Strip to the waist when you get in
Sue them when you get hypothermia

Auntie Thermite 1:01 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
If you have an HR dept, it might literally be planning a Marxist coup in your company.


When I were a lad, there was a mental kid who thought he was a car and would spend every active moment pulling up behind people, beep his horn and rapidly breaking before crashing into people, even then we were aware that humouring these mental fucknuts is only gonna harm them further.
His imaginary transformative life as a hybrid car/boy was relatively harmless compared to all these trannies and the like.

Now we embrace these sick deluded perverted fucks and have unisex toilets placed as a higher priority than decent wages for all in the workplace.

only1billybonds 12:47 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch

Protest all they want outside of work hours,ita their absolute right. If you abandon the workplace because you've got the ump with a comedian then dont expect it to end well.

Mike Oxsaw 12:45 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
When people on my team suddenly became ineffective (for whatever reason - just being on my team the most likely cause), I used to "put them in a parking orbit" meaning they got given shit loads of work, none of which was ever needed or likely to be used.

If they hadn't worked out what was going on within a week or two, somebody inevitably let them know; of course they complained and escalated the whole thing but I had no case to answer as I wasn't asking them to operate outside the role they were taken on to do.

Nearly all pissed off within a couple of months. Just as well - I was running a business, or a department within a business, not a fucking charity.

Darby_ 12:26 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
Yeah, but isn’t sacking people for a political protest effectively cancel culture, billy?

For the record, I generally don’t think much of cancel culture and don’t think people should be sacked for political protests. What about you?

Hammer and Pickle 12:26 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
Take your pick, son.

only1billybonds 12:23 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch

Sorry,should have been more careful with my wording.

Sack the cunts.

Darby_ 12:22 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
You lot getting wound up certainly is good for a laugh. What isn’t true, Johnson?

Johnson 12:21 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
What football?

Hammer and Pickle 12:19 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
Did you enjoy last night’s football, O’Cone?

Johnson 12:15 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
Darby_ 11:41 Fri Oct 22

Not a chance is this true.

Darby_ 11:41 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
Great stuff, Lee. I signed up to Netflix to watch it, but got bored about half an hour through. It's definitely not Chappelle at his best.

Lee Trundle 11:37 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
Ironically, that's probably the first time the Darby's have been back to the office since the covid kicked off.

Council Scum 11:36 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
Its ok mate, funny in places, he's usual stuff, he makes some great points, but they seem to have been lost on the "movement"

Darby_ 11:35 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
"only1billybonds 11:54 Thu Oct 21
Re: Woke watch"

Cancel their security passes and dont allow them entry to the building. Time to stand up to these loons."

Cancel you say, billy?

Lee Trundle 11:33 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
I was going to watch it tonight. Is it not worth the effort?

Council Scum 11:31 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
" Dave Chappelle’s recently released comedy special, The Closer."

Finally got round to watching that. Didn't see what tall the fuss was about. A lot of raving pyscho's that will though.

Moncurs Putting Iron 10:59 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
Thanks for the offer but I will stick with my Christopher Ward

twoleftfeet 10:33 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
This whole “ trans “ thing is getting out of control, just get on with your lives you confused, cross dressing trannies.

only1billybonds 10:22 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch

Fast forward to 12.30 and have a look at the hysterical can't screaming 'repent motherfucker' into the blokes face. Off the scale lunacy.

Sven Roeder 10:06 Fri Oct 22
Re: Woke watch
"All visitors to the club are, as always, encouraged to wear whatever is the norm for their own culture or religion, continuing to reflect the broad and rich multicultural communities and groups from which the club proudly draws its support."

The new owner was sitting there in a suit
Presume he will be in bed sheet & tea towel hat next time he attends as is 'the norm for their own culture or religion'?

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