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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

chav_corner 8:17 Sat Jul 31
GSBOUT is our no.1 priority; trust in Gold, Sullivan and Brady is lost.

Our next publicised protest, where fans can join us, will be Sun 19 Sep. We will leaflet fans against Leicester & Palace, when full details will be released.

Join us and read our vision:www.hammersunited.com

In the meantime, we will continue to protest and campaign on behalf of our members at every game.
Protests that require less planning and publicity than the event on Sun 19 Sep will be ongoing, until we are instructed by our membership to cease these protests or Gold, Sullivan and Brady have left our club.

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istabraq 10:24 Thu Oct 7
Re: Protests.
Agree,long road ahead no time to quit now.

chav_corner 6:28 Thu Oct 7
Re: Protests.
Spot on One Iron.Starting to think about it already mate.

one iron 3:54 Thu Oct 7
Re: Protests.
Nothing is over ,we go again.One dark cloud dont mean we will have abad winter

New Jersey 12:58 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
Typical West Ham that, get an Icelandic billionaire owner, then the World has a fucking financial meltdown!

Woodford Green 12:48 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
Some might argue that were it not for the 2007 meltdown, the previous owners might have turned out to be great owners.

Kaiser Zoso 12:41 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
Did we last time?

Did we the time before that?

Did we the time before that?

Rossal 12:05 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
Leicester managed to get a great new owner

Man City managed to get a great new owner

Everton managed to get a great new owner

Chelsea managed to get a great new owner

Villa managed to get a great new owner

Why wont West Ham be able to?

Woodford Green 12:02 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
wd40 11:19 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
Still haven't heard what sort of new owners the protester like to have -come on cough up ? lets have some names.

wd - I think HU has made it clear that they would endorse any new owners that would fall into line with their supporter vision.


Side of Ham 11:57 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
I just want owners I can trust to do the right thing by the club, not have shares in premium phone line companies that rip off the supporters. This cannot be forgiven by me as it shouldn't even be a consideration to forgive. I want owners that would have managed to have the funds for a striker as well as the other players Moyes got in the summer, this to me is them seeing his project succeed rather than leaving him short.

I just know these owners are going to let Moyes down at a crucial point and then try to blame him for the results from that.

goose 11:54 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
wd40 11:19 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.

Is there an online menu of owners we get to pick from??

Like Tinder but for prospective football club owners.

Takashi Miike 11:44 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.

wd40 11:19 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
Still haven't heard what sort of new owners the protester like to have -come on cough up ? lets have some names.

based abroad ? cheap slave drivers in Indian? don't tell me someone from a country where human rights are not respected.
Go on surprise me you all want the Manchester City's owners to sell up and buy us then you be all be happy.

Manuel 10:29 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
If HU exist as a body to represent the fans, or at least some of them, and as you say Chav try to make/suggest improvements here and there and air some complaints to the club, then I would say the whole thing is a good idea. Whether or not that is enough of a motivation to keep it going is another thing. But HU never had a cat in hell's chance of removing the owners, as some stated on this very thread some time ago.

⚒️ 10:17 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
Even if there were 400 there (there weren’t), that’s still an embarrassing turnout.

chav_corner 10:13 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
oioi.You were not there and there were nearer 400 than 100 there.Hammers United do not pretend to represent all West Ham supporters.Neither does clicking on to a facebook site make you a member.we have 18300 members and we represent them.-Though any improvements we achieve,such as the option to pay a 30% deposit on a season ticket,are enjoyed by all..

oioi 12:21 Tue Oct 5
Re: Protests.
Just seen the pictures of the protest. 400? You're having a laugh. More like 100, if that.

hu are no better than gsb.

It's all lies, lies, lies.

Bubbles & his cronies don't represent WHU supporters. Clicks on social media mean nothing.Boots on the ground tell the truth. 55,000 in the stadium, fewer than 100 on the demo. Cut it out, you are embarrassing the real WHU supporters.

british is best 12:23 Mon Oct 4
Re: Protests.
Well done to everyone who went on the march. Every west ham fan with common sense wants the 3 scumbags gone. but banging on about Upton park constantly isn't helping the cause it's gone and ain't coming back and the problems with their ownership run far far deeper than that.

Woodford Green 12:04 Mon Oct 4
Re: Protests.
Thanks for your comments One Iron and for joining us yesterday. Indeed thanks to everyone who came down.

What's not been discussed is the demographic of the people who came. I wasn't just old white men clinging on to the past as had been predicted by some. There were plenty of young lads there (who hadn't been dragged there by their dads). Even a few from the fairer sex came along.

Yes it would have been better if more came along but plenty of positives can be taken from it. It certainly hasn't deterred HU from carrying on.

chav_corner 12:03 Mon Oct 4
Re: Protests.
On the right side of history (by The Pink Palermo)
#koyi #whufc

Fifth Column 11:53 Mon Oct 4
Re: Protests.

This was inevitable and like you said it wouldn't have been your choice. Ongoing low level protest I think would be more effective than trying for mass events.

I was 200 miles away or would have attended myself.

Keep it up mate. It's a marathon not a sprint.

oioi 11:49 Mon Oct 4
Re: Protests.
S&B didn't do a slippery one, they just went to work in the stadium before 12:00. Work as usual, 400? Organisers always claim more than the real figure, police always claim less. Likely to have been 250 ish. Clicks on the internet mean nothing.

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