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southwoodford 2:34 Mon Aug 2
Are our owners skint?
Because all the signals are that they don't have any real money to land quality targets and European qualification has only exposed their true poverty even further. They are probably borrowed up to the hilt already.

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Dandy Lyon 5:11 Fri Aug 6
Re: Are our owners skint?
Skint or pleading skint. Either way unfit to move us forward

Mike Oxsaw 12:56 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
I side with Manuel on this one - it's all speculative.

2023; not that far off - we could then be playing Champions League football that season if we push on from where we currently are.

That would make the club far more attractive to potential buyers (and more profitable to the current board).

If EPL survival is all they need to keep them balls-deep in bling, then that's all we'll ever get while they still control the club.

Manuel 12:48 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
It's not right and you can't defend it, but this sudden lack of spending in the last 2 and probably this window, I'm wondering if they are still pissed with the Anderson/Haller losses and they are trying to claw it back? I'm not convinced the lack of spending is down to hoping to sell in 2023. Purely speculative, that.

Sniper 12:35 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
I think they’re just in a wind down of trying to not spend anything for two years until they can sell

Invest as little as possible to keep our heads above water and stay in the premier league and cash in

They have no ambition for the club at all - if they did we’d have brought in an antonio alternative in January to push for a champions league spot, just like when we failed to buy a right back or strengthen properly when I am great position in 2016

Sajmo1 12:34 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
They are probably on the way out and will look to do loans with option to buy deals (like Areola) as it doesn't increase out debt which would see them get more money from the takeover. Would be surprised if we spend more then 15m

Johnson 12:30 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
They know that the longer you wait in a window the better value for money you get.

Not sure this is true is it? Last minute loans or picking up players no one wants might work but value in permanent signings? Not sure about that.

stewie griffin 12:27 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
not sure skint is right, but FCJ had to right when he said most of their money & worth is in assets.

In the grand scheme of premier league owners, ours are poor - and fwiw, I think they've invested pretty heavily. We're consistently in the top 8 for net spend, and consistently in the top 8 in wages. The difference, until maybe last season, is that they didn't do it very well.

dealcanvey 12:18 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
They are not skint by any means.

These questions pop up when the cub are slow in making signings.

They know that the longer you wait in a window the better value for money you get.

It is a risky strategy but many clubs have not moved to sign players yet and they are waiting for clubs to lower their demands.

It is right up their street.

Probably why we are only going after loans with options/obligations at present!

JayeMPee 11:22 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
If they are skint you would expect them to bite the hands off those making a takeover bid which matched their value of the club, apparently they have not done this.

They are power mad control freaks who couldn't give a toss about either the club or the fans as they play their pathetic games feeling mightier than the rest of us, despise them!

Mike Oxsaw 10:50 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
I think I could comfortably live out the rest of my life being as "skint" as they are.

They've sailed very close to the limit of debt management ever since they took on the club (much of it to themselves these days). Covid, and what seemed to be a general apathy towards EPL/CL football have probably pushed the club technically beyond that limit and we may actually be insolvent under current interpretations of the rules.

Nothing wrong with such debt in normal times, so long as it is serviceable.

Without offering them a morsel of support, I suspect that they - and many other owners of top-level football clubs are looking to exploit other avenues of improving the side without increasing the debt.

Once the pandemic is declared over, I suspect that the financial gloves will come off - and then it could get rather messy.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 10:47 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
If other clubs are skint too then it feels like good business sense to target their best players and pay a small % loan fee with option to buy at agreed price. For every deal agreed on this principle the club maintains its cash reserves and can feel confident parting with cash later down the road or not if the player flops

Footballers aren’t really assets and very few grow in value.

Manuel 10:46 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
Penners - We have always had shit owners, fella. The only thing that sets the current mob apart is they moved us. If not for that, we haven't done that bad under them, considering we have always been shit.

Manuel 10:44 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
And of course you swerved my questions. Wanker.

Manuel 10:43 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
Roeder - There is a certain type of person that keeps on repeating themselves. You know the type, they are the dreary, dribbling cunts you avoid at the pub. I bet you don't even know you keep rolling out the same old shit, you fucking bore.

penners28 10:40 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
When we move we’ll attract ANY PLAYER IN THE WORLD

Wonder if the lapdogs know they have been conned yet, or they giving the owners ONE MORE WINDOW before they judge them…

Sven Roeder 8:54 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
Ha ha, Moan-well, if I knew it annoyed you so much I'd say it every day.
26 years of incompetence.
How is the 10 point plan going?

I know your long term stint as a dildo tester in their factory means you feel a loyalty but you really need to show some ambition in what West Ham COULD achieve.

Bishopsfinger 6:46 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?
Looking forward to the season as are most but that’s different to not particularly liking the owners and doesn’t have to come hand in hand.

Manuel 5:52 Wed Aug 4
Re: Are our owners skint?

Sven Roeder 4:58 Mon Aug 2

''Ran Birmingham for 15 years and achieved nothing
11 more years with us and still achieved nothing. After 26 years its probably ok to give a verdict that they are incapable of running a football club successfully''

Do you keep this and just C&P it every time. We heard you the first hundred times. STOP fucking repeating yourself, it makes you look like some old crank desperate for attention. Besides, what exactly would be an 'achievement' for us? We have never ''achieved'' anything as a football club, or at least not since 1980.

And what exactly is running a football club 'successfully'?? Under this lot we have only been outside the top flight for one season, been in Europe a couple of times, have 50k plus fans at home game and have manageable debt. Like many on here your judgement is clouded and you are just ranting a load of old shit.

This non-stop slagging of the owners is fucking tiresome now, we must now be worse than the N17 mob. is there anyone on here who is actually looking forward to the season?

Full Claret Jacket 10:51 Tue Aug 3
Re: Are our owners skint?
Their wealth is mainly tied up in assets. I don't think any of them have a big wad of cash spare to buy players or make changes. Cashflow is based on buying and selling, match day and sponsorships. They have loaned some money and borrowed money from other sources secured against future income from TV and transfer money we are owed. There is only so much of that you can do before nobody will lend you any more.

I'm amazed at the transfer fees being talked about these days. We went a long time with transfer fees not being off the scale except for the World stars and now just good players are being touted at 50m plus with 300k salaries. It's not sustainable and ridiculous, especially as TV money is no longer growing.

The club needs investors with deep pockets to clear the debt and be able to support signings of better than good players. Money which they are happy is effectively thrown away.

Mad Dog 8:33 Mon Aug 2
Re: Are our owners skint?

They're billionaires.

There's a difference between skint and skinflint

rumford 8:31 Mon Aug 2
Re: Are our owners skint?
Most club owners dont spend their own money but the likes of Arsenal and Spurs are better run clubs with more revenue than us despite their debts.Still it was nice to finnish above both of them for a change.

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