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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Coffee 9:52 Fri Aug 13
Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
The fans are back, the grass courts of Wimbledon are a distant memory and the Olympics are done and dusted. Through fog and ice and snow and face masks, nine months of elation and pain lie ahead. Let us hope that for the Irons, there will be more of the former than the other. It’s good to dream.


For Mikel Arteta, the coming months could be pivotal to his managerial career. A poor start to the campaign may hasten application of the boot, while a strong opening few months could well prove the springboard to show that he has the credentials to be a top class boss. There are no such concerns for opposite number Thomas Frank, who everyone expects to be guiding his brave Bees back to the Championship next May. Frank has promised to “attack the Premier League” and there will certainly be some sides that come a cropper to that promise. Let’s hope we’re not among them. This should be an interesting watch, the more so as the first day has a history of producing upsets. There may be more comfort in being a Brentford fan as kick-off nears than a Gooner. Draw.


A traditional classic of English football gets the new season proper off to a mouthwatering start. The Mancs have shown intent by wielding the cheque book big time in recent months, while Leeds will be pleased to have tied Bielsa down for another year. But they haven’t won at Old Trafford for 40 years, and there’s little – if any – sign that that will change today. Home win.

Could this be the first six-pointer of the season? These disciplined yet thoroughly dull sides will know that every point they gain will be priceless, as will every point they can deny their rivals. This one’s unlikely to top the bill on Match of the Day. Draw.

Patrick Viera is an interesting – some would say risky – choice to succeed Roy Hodgson at Selhurst Park. He’s developed some pedigree as manager, but still has to prove himself at the top level. Although he still has Wilfried Zaha on his books, a daunting task lies ahead. Chelsea, on the other hand, will be challenging for the title and have the rocket boosters ready to fire. Pity Palace. Home win.

The Saints lie in sixteenth spot with no games yet played. They may come to wish that the alphabet assists again before the season’s up. They go into the new campaign weaker than they left the last, without Danny Ings and, probably, Jannik Westergaard: significant holes at both ends of the field. But Ralph Hassenhutl is a good manager and will seek to plug those gaps with quality at the earliest opportunity (which means, as it does for us, in the window’s final 48 hours). Rafa Benitez, surprisingly back in Liverpool, has added modestly to his squad and will be another Premier League boss with an awful lot to prove. Home win.

The Foxes fell away towards the end of last season, which again cost them Champions League qualification. Brendan Rogers has added strength to his squad, while Premier League rookie Bruno Lage has Raul Jimenez back fit for Wolves. There will be much learning ahead for Lage, but this fixture will offer a useful early opportunity to gauge where he and his side stand compared to the type of team that his board of directors will expect to be rivals. Draw.

Awash with cash Villa have still to determine how they will use the Grealish proceeds to strengthen the side. There’s talk of a bid for James Ward-Prowse, but it would be surprising if they did land the Saints’ most influential and loyal player. For Watford, this season is all about survival, which many would consider a huge achievement – and probably beyond their capacity. But they’ll be pumped up for this return to the top flight against a side that’s been quite ordinary without young Jack. Draw.

There are plenty – including several outside Merseyside – who will fancy Liverpool for the title this year. Particularly with the return of the disproportionately influential Virgil van Dyke. For the Canaries, this is one of those games that even they will not expect to win, although their reserve side did put eventual champions Man City to the sword two seasons ago. Little hope of a repeat today, though. Away win.


There’s a whiff of unwelcome familiarity about this opening fixture of the new season. But let’s not dwell on that. We are yet to strengthen substantially, while the Magpies have made Joe Willock’s move from Arsenal permanent. A decent signing, but – like us – the first team remains largely unchanged from last season. Home advantage comes back into play, and could offer a substantial boost. We’ll do well to keep the Geordies at bay for as long as possible in the hope of tickling the home fans’ tendency to voice discontent. We’re good at the back and in midfield. The major concern is in attack. We’re heavily dependent on Antonio and Bowen, although a couple of the youngsters could support that role from the bench – particularly if Moyes plans to play Antonio for the first hour or so only. Are we good enough to win? Yes. Will we win? That’s less certain. Away win.

It will be interesting to see how the zen-like influence of Nuno Espirito Santo impacts a Man City side boosted by the arrival of you-know-who. Pep also has a good line in zen, when so inclined. City will want to prove that they have it in their locker to retake the Premier League title, although they’re up against arguably the strongest set of competitors for some years. All the more reason to get off to a barnstorming start. Away win.

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, 11:19 Mon Aug 16
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
When was the last time, prior to this weekend, that the opening round of EPL games had none that were drawn?

threesixty 11:04 Mon Aug 16
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
To me it didn't look right with Grealish. City are not dribblers they are passers.
It was telling how more effective they were when DeBruyne came on.
I'm just not sure what problem Grealish solves for Man City at 100m?
In fact they seemed to lose that intricate possession based football with Grealish running around and falling over.
I just dont get it.

Manuel 4:56 Mon Aug 16
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
Yep, was good to see City lose. A lot of neutrals seem to like them, but I can't stand the cunts.

As for Grealish, going down easily aside (he won't get as many free kicks with the refs now letting a lot more go) I do like him and he can drift past players for fun, but still a way to go to be a world class player, seems to run into brick walls a lot.

Hermit Road 2:46 Mon Aug 16
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
Grealishis not worth that money.

Man City’s defence remains weak and is only protected by the considerable amount of possession City have.

They can spend whatever they want on a squad but it is still 11 against 11 good players every week

factory seconds 1:06 Mon Aug 16
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
i've cunted of refs for as long as i can remember, so credit to them for this weekend. most i've enjoyed a set of prem fixtures in a while. soft cunts getting bundled over time and again and just told to get up and get on with it, as it should be.

yngwies Cat 11:28 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football

Grelish! As much as a lover of the socks rolled down. You roll em down for a reason. Not being a cunt rolling on the floor.

yngwies Cat 11:25 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
Hate to say it, but I'm glad the yids won and that's after getting dogs from those cunts. I rose the better man, not in errection .

City despite the West ham connection are Chelsea.

Hate them

Any Old Iron 10:50 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
Kaiser, well said.

Man City these days are Chelsea MKII. Both of them have bought all their success and somehow managed to get around FFP rules, despite spending £BILLIONS that they haven't earned. I've always wondered why the authorities have turned a blind eye to such blatant cheating and have to come to only one conclusion - they's as bent as these two clubs.

Kaiser Zoso 8:44 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
Being honest, that yiddo game was fucking tragic.

You’ve got such a huge imbalance between two teams, it’s one side clinging on and scoring with one of their few shots. Compare that to even our game, six goals, the lead changing hands, both sides trying to go forward and attack. And this is a team supposedly also in the 'big six' and fairly wealthy in their own right.

Sky have willed on this ManCity rape of the English game. It’s just shameful how it’s presented and encouraged. Man City are stifling competition through money first and foremost and not through sporting achievement. Where’s the thrill in seeing a 70/30 possession game every week, 20 shots against a handful of attempts on the break?

nychammer 8:29 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
Nice to see City lose but have to deal with the smugness that will spurs fans tomorrow. They’ve no doubt got themselves pegged to win the title after that.

goose 8:28 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
City have lost CL final, charity shield and today without scoring a goal.

They need a striker more than we do!!

Iron Duke 8:18 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
A part of me is glad that Man City look like losing.

threesixty 8:17 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
Not sure about this Grealish at Man U thing. The team just doesn’t look right with him at all. He runs with the ball too much for city. Weird.

Mad Dog 8:16 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
Grealish complaining about someone diving. Wow the hypocrisy

Kaiser Zoso 8:14 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
Are you watching, Harry Kane


master 7:58 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
If Mendy and Ake are every deployed against us, we must constantly try to expose them, for they are abject shite.

Hermit Road 7:56 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
Time to have a few quid on City @ 7/1 now Sterling is off

fraser 7:54 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
I see Grealish has been diving all over the place

nychammer 7:15 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
yep spurs look pretty toothless. Bore Fest

kylay 7:03 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
For being the featured match this week, this is tearfully boring.

Think spurs are pretty well fucked this season.

nychammer 6:46 Sun Aug 15
Re: Friday, Saturday, Sunday football
"Fuck me. Citeh's bench cost 347m"

Yes unfortunately their owners just need to sell Oil to Joe Biden to raise some funds for transfers. We've just got a cardboard box of frillies and dildos in the boot of Dave's Bentley.

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