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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Mike Oxsaw 9:57 Mon Aug 16
Geneology - your/our ancestors.
This has probably been touched on before, but, fuck it. I've been casually digging into my ancestors.

I just found some people in our family tree that, had they been in London when they were alive they'd have witnessed the great fire of London (1666) and the St. Paul's we know being built.

No Tower Bridge, no Big Ben and what is now London Bridge would have been a narrow arched affair with houses hanging off each side.

No cunt even had a clue about gravity.

The Thames would have frozen over every winter such that village "fayres" would be held on it.

Of course no Thames Ironworks but we'd have still has shit owners whatever.

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riosleftsock 7:00 Wed Aug 18
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
I'm a very distant relative of the arsehat, scotch scribbler, Rabbie Burns.

Last Gasp 6:59 Wed Aug 18
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
Started the ancestor thing during lockdown as something to do. Great to find my ancestors were all from London and worked as boat builders on the Thames. Couldn't find any record to the Ironworks. They lived in poverty in places like Shadwell and Whtiechapel.

gph 5:12 Wed Aug 18
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
*proper WHO blue-bloods are Come On You Irons and BRANDED*

mashed in maryland 2:58 Wed Aug 18
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
Direct descendant of Charles I as well as an Italian painter who has work in the national portrait gallery amongst others (not saying who) and parents surnames are both Norman in origin

Basically blue blood aristocracy, me....

Mike Oxsaw 1:11 Wed Aug 18
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
Swiss. 1:07 Wed Aug 18

I've got you to deal with it.

You don't buy a dog and bark yourself.

Swiss. 1:07 Wed Aug 18
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
My Ass Is Saw

Why don't you deal with your present life, which is obviously as boring as fuck, as you are on here 24/7?.

gph 1:58 Tue Aug 17
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
Records never tell the whole story.

The fact that the grave next to one of my mother's ancestors was occupied by a Mr Shitler* worries me immensely...

*this isn't a joke - the Shitlers of Corfe Castle are in the 1901 censsus, which is online if you really want to check

ironsofcanada 1:58 Tue Aug 17
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
The DNA ethnicity stuff is interesting but where it really helped me was confirming or at least make it very likely a record was in fact my family.

If you construct a line and connection based on the records and another person gets to that ancestor a different way and you share a certain % of DNA is makes it far more likely that your lines are correct.

Mike Oxsaw 1:21 Tue Aug 17
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
zebthecat 1:06 Tue Aug 17

I don't do any DNA stuff - just hatch, match & dispatch records.

My daughters did a DNA search a few years ago and can safely say that I'm definitely NOT their father, y'am raas klaat an' t'ing.

the exile 1:12 Tue Aug 17
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
I had an old spinster aunt who was a bit obsessed with this stuff - not only going to records offices but travelling all over the place to look for the graves of ancestors. My sister took it over when the aunt died. My surname is Irish so it would be good to know when they came over but she can only trace them back to mid-19th century in London. But my mum's side goes right back to the Mayor of Doncaster in 1600. Quite interesting but I can't be bothered to do any research myself.

Hammer and Pickle 1:10 Tue Aug 17
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
You’re funny oicks.

ironsofcanada 1:07 Tue Aug 17
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
I also really enjoy it.

When I first came to England, my game days/night would be head into London really early, go to the British Library in the morning spend the afternoon looking at my ancestors' places/churches/cemeteries or where the used to be (and then the West Ham game at night) For instance, my great great grandfather had a store on the Old Ford Road but the building was destroyed in war and the last time I was up there, it was a Boris bike location.

I lose track of my East End people around the beginning of the 19th century ( their names are also quite common) but some other wealthier lines, I can go back a ways, if you can believe the records and people's own genealogies.

zebthecat 1:06 Tue Aug 17
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
I thought mine was relatively simple.
My Mum is Welsh and both of her parent families trace back to North Wales in Sowdonia.
My paternal Grandmother was French (family from Champagne) and Grandfather mostly English with the odd Scot thrown in way back.
Weirdly my Ancestry DNA test came back will all this but also 4% Bantu DNA - Colonial shennanigans I imagine.

Mike Oxsaw 12:55 Tue Aug 17
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
It can get obsessive,

I started out with a simple plan to chase down my ancestors by following first my father's line, then my mother's line, but fascinating branches kept popping out at every level that I just had to follow.

I've got over a thousand names in my "database", but if more than 150 of those are directly related to me I'd be surprised.

gph 12:32 Tue Aug 17
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
I've never got beyond 13/16 vanilla English, 1/16 Jewish English, 1/16 Irish and 1/16 Swedish, and the slight suspicion that one of the 13 might have been half Indian.

Too lazy to do my own research, I was relying on a second cousin who I've never met, and seems to have stopped telling intermediate relatives where her research is leading.

She's probably found something embarrasing, like we've only got 15 ancestors at a level when we should have 16, or a mass-murderer.

One of the earliest people with our name was the gaoler of Cardiff Castle, who ended up in his own dungeon for embezzlement. Not necessarily a relation, though.

madhammerette 12:27 Tue Aug 17
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
I get totally obsessed with this stuff. Been doing my family tree for years and got pretty good at it. To the extent I've even considered giving up the day job to become a genealogist. Once I get a lead, I don't sleep and think of nothing else.

Have reunited lost family a couple of times for friends and tracked down relatives to reclaim their ancestors war medals etc...

Here's a favourite of mine...

This lady is my Great Great Grandmother. Her name was Fanny Sedge. Born in 1869 in Gillingham, died in 1953. She had 17 kids all living in a tiny house in Creekmouth, Barking. Lived through 2 world wars and 30 years widowed before she died.
Once Creekmouth sank into the Thames they rebuilt the place and named one of the streets after the family, Sedge Gardens. :)

BRANDED 11:56 Mon Aug 16
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
My Dad did his side and and my great Uncle did my mums side. For the ancestors that had records I’m either celtic British back to the seventeenth century or home county British back to the sixteenth. However, my mum’s Dad was from an orphanage that likely had him come from the east end and he supported West Ham and went to the 1923 Cup final, aged 24. Ultimately you are probably more nurture than nature though.

riosleftsock 11:43 Mon Aug 16
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
I come from a long line of cunts.

Mike Oxsaw 11:26 Mon Aug 16
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
There's a lot online - just wack in a name in Google and quite often a useful link/site will pop up.

It's tedious, but not hard. I've got a program called Brother's Keeper where I save all the stuff and it will print out family trees and the like.

At the moment I've got a couple of names that are field related that keep popping up with marriage links.

When I sayl "field related" the two surnames have roots that can be traced back to either farming or other such activities, and every 2 or 3 generations there's a marriage between those clans, but no other obvious links.

2/3 generations ago, marriages were generally "in-village" and so plenty of cousins marrying.

Hasn't affected msbsaklfeklhfn'sllkhDN'saGL,AN'.

Mr. Burns 11:10 Mon Aug 16
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
How do you do the research? I used to be a genealogist and when I wasn’t in the office of national statistics it was all done on microfiche.

Iron Duke 10:57 Mon Aug 16
Re: Geneology - your/our ancestors.
Sorry mate, I don’t understand your question there.

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