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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

chav_corner 2:28 Thu Aug 19
Ticketing meeting with the Club.
On Wednesday evening Hammers United attended a meeting between the ISC and the club. Prior to this meeting we collated a set of questions that have come in from our members and those of our ISC colleagues in relation to digital tickets and covid protocols. These questions were presented to the Club.

We have asked the Club to provide answers to these questions and make them available across all of their communications channels as soon as possible.

We expressed the need for these questions to be answered in a timely fashion and the Club said that they will ensure information is published and that Season Ticket holders will receive direct communication.

Please note that some of these questions have already been answered by the Club in recent communications.

Why Digital Tickets?

Is the move to Digital Tickets a plan to stop ticket sharing?

Why replace ST cards if “the digital pass will only need to be downloaded once for 21/22”?

Are there plans for digital tickets for away games?

What is the anticipated impact of digital tickets on ticket touts?

What does a digital ticket do that a photocard doesn’t do?

What does a photocard do that a ST card doesn’t do?

Photocards Instead Of Digital Tickets

What are the criteria for a Photocard?

Will a Photocard be made available for fans with reading/writing difficulties?

Will Photocards be made available to anyone that wants one?

How does the photo get on the card?

When does a request for a Photocard need to be made by?

How long does it take to process a Photocard?

Does the club have a facility to create photos for a Photocard?

Is there a charge for a Photocard?


Can ST holders get a full refund if they don’t want to attend under new protocols?

Can a ST holder get a game by game refund if they don’t want to attend a game?

ST Sharing, Forwarding & Exchange

Can ST holders share/forward a ST to another person(s) on a game by game basis?

What is the process?

Will the club publish clear instructions on how to do this?

Only Ticket Exchange seems to be available - why?

Can Ticket Exchange be used if a game is NOT sold out?

How can the functioning of ticket exchange be opened up to be more flexible given the Covid protocols and ongoing infections?

Getting A Digital Ticket

For children that don’t have mobile phones or email (13 years and under) - can tickets be sent to a parent's email account?

Can multiple digital tickets be stored on one phone?

How do they all get into the stadium?

Disabled supporters with multiple carers - how will this work?

(short notice is often required)

Corporate Tickets

How will corporate digital tickets be tied to an individual?

Corporate tickets are often given to someone else (clients/entertaining) - how will that work?

Logistics On Match Days Including Covid Strategy

What provisions are in place for when QR codes don’t scan properly?

Are fans advised to print a ticket as back up?

Getting to the Ticket Office at 6.30pm for an 8pm KO - difficult for those working. What provisions are in place to ensure everyone gets into the stadium before KO?

A4 bag limits - As Leicester is an 8pm KO and lots of people will be coming from work with larger bags, what is the provision for this?

If any form of Covid check is required, where and how will this be carried out and by whom?

How will personal medical data be protected (GDPR).

Will a Covid check be cross referenced with a ticket?

Does a Digital Ticket and Covid Passport require a live 4g signal?


Information and comms is lost on the Club website.

The expectation seems to be on Supporters to “seek out” information rather than clear communication from the club.

Update on Club London reallocations and Red and Purple zones?

When will information for ST holders for the women’s team go out and is this all digital?

What is the Covid policy for all stadium staff?

Linked tickets - are these being sent to 1 person or individuals - or notifying the others?

How will fans be stopped from wandering around the ground - colour coding?


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Mex Martillo 1:10 Sun Aug 22
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
To tell the truth, I consider myself good on computers and I had trouble buying 2 tickets on the web. Took me a few goes, had to change from an old ipad (seat selection didn’t work) to a new one. I haven’t even got the tickets yet. I thought I’d get them straight away, but I guess they will email them before the game.

chav_corner 1:04 Sun Aug 22
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Yes,there is a sizable majority that just cannot cope with technology.there has to be a viable alterntive for them.I run coach trips to the theatre and many of my elderly customers are cancelling cos they simply cant cope with it.

Full Claret Jacket 11:59 Sat Aug 21
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
I know plenty of older fans who can't cope with Smartphones, apps and anything online. It does alienate and frustrate them or mean they need help to sort stuff out.
I don't agree with this view we have to do what the digital world want to do for their convenience and data collection at the expense of those who don't use tech. Football used to be for everyone.

oioi 12:13 Sat Aug 21
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
I'm 69. I have downloaded my ticket onto my phone and printed it as well just in case. I really can't see the problem. It's only a ticket to a football match.

chav_corner 9:46 Sat Aug 21
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Dicko..To a lot of people,especially the older ones,it is a big deal mate.we have to try and look after everyone..Lets see how it pans out on Monday night.

Dicko75 11:05 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
What a load of fucking fuss about nothing.

Think we ought to be more focussed on not being able to field a first team come December.

Vexed 6:32 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Stepney.Ammer 3:31 Fri Aug 20

You wont be saying that when I've got my cock in your eye socket.

⚒️ 6:04 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Stepney.Ammer 3:31 Fri Aug 20

Do you reckon you can wait till 2053?

oioi 5:57 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Just had a thought. If you know how to use photoshop you could buy a cheap band 5 ticket to get into the ground then use a screen grab that has been retouched to get past the stewards & into level 1. Find a row where they’re all standing & slip in. Piece of cake.

Stepney.Ammer 3:31 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Vexed 2:53 Fri Aug 20

Let's me know when you go to your next game. Will be good to meet up

oioi 3:29 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
A lot of fuss about nothing. Stick it in your wallet, print a back up just in case, bowl up as usual. If the bloke next to you is having trouble help him sort it out. It’ll be fine. Got a spare? Email it to a mate.

RichyP 3:15 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Johnson 2:47 Fri Aug 20

I agree that they have had enough time to decide on how ST's will be managed this year and the whole 'we'll do it this way for the first 2-3 games while we figure out what to do for the rest of the season' is piss poor management.

However, the process they have in place for the first 2-3 games., to be fair, is not confusing, You get e-mailed e-mailed your ticket which you can either print out or put into a digital wallet on your phone, Then the paper or digital ticket scans at the turnstile in the same way as the old cards.

Now whether or not people have access to printers/smartphones is a different question and has nothing to do with anything being confusing

RichyP 3:06 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Give it 5 years and paper tickets for most events will be a thing of the past

There will always be luddites, my old man for example who still writes cheques on a regular basis, which is fine but at some point you need to move with the times.

Vexed 2:53 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Johnson 2:47 Fri Aug 20

You're obviously having trouble with reading those questions JohnSON. Contrary to popular belief I occasionally attend games when I feel I need a bit of eye strain in my life. Good luck to all you folk that want to go to that toilet every game though. You heroes.

RM10 2:50 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Just a sign of the times with everything in this country at present,

Johnson 2:47 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
If you actually went to games Vexed, you'd know that the questions are primarily driven buy the absolute fucking cock up the club is making over it.

The cunts have only had a 6 month run up with no fans attending at all but are handling this with as much skill, urgency and investment as they are the transfer market.

wd40 2:43 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Just turn up give a the bloke a £5 and he will let you jump the turnstile with out it clicking .

Far Cough 1:55 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Definitive answer to the, can I give my ticket to a mate?


Full Claret Jacket 1:45 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
As long as I can print a ticket that can be scanned and they accept my LFT text message from the NHS that says I'm COVID free then that seems reasonable.

I've borrowed friends season tickets in the past when they are away and this seems reasonable to me. The seat is paid for and it should be acceptable for others to use it as long as the season ticket owner is responsible for the behaviour of anyone using it.

On electronic ticketing - It failed massively at the O2 when I went there for a test event. They had a code which regenerated every so many minutes and you had to use their app on a smartphone with mobile data live. I could barely get a signal so tried using their Wifi which had collapsed over the demand from the spectators. Ended up having to queue and wait at customer services where they also struggled to get it to work and ended up having to connect to a private wifi network.

My point is if this is a technology solution, it's going to discriminate against those who struggle with tech or can't afford up to date smartphones with mobile data contracts and its likely to be shambolic or fail at times. Tech can be an option but shouldn't be the only one.

Vexed 1:10 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
Seems like a lot of questions about something as small as digital ticketing. The rest of the wold has been doing this for ages. It makes some sense. It's not 1983 anymore.

Alex Bunbury 1:05 Fri Aug 20
Re: Ticketing meeting with the Club.
I bought tickets for the Palace game. Not clear at all how I get access to the ground. Do I assume that a Digital ticket will be emailed to me in the next week? Information on the club website is non existent!

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