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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

the exile 10:37 Sat Aug 21
Team for Leicester.
As far as I am aware there are no new injuries so I can't see any reason to change the side. You could say it's a bit worrying that the team picks itself so easily with nobody in any position making an obvious challenge to get into the first team. On the other hand, a settled team is a very good thing, so we can let Leicester worry about us, having done the double over them last season.

For me, the only debate is which of Fornals and Benrahma plays left or central. Benrahma can be equally effective in both positions but Fornals, although he does a decent job on the left, is not a natural winger and his defense-splitting passes can be so much more effective from a central position.

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DukeofDevo 1:29 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
Nailed on PATSON DAKA to score!

⚒️ 1:27 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.




Mex Martillo 1:13 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
Yep same again.
Big win for the Hammers and back up to 4th.

theaxeman 12:28 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
Same team as last week, only change id consider is Diop for Dawson but not confident of him either. I do think with a rynnif games there is a player in there.

Sajmo1 11:43 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
People keep making these threads as we have any depth to choose from

Manuel 11:28 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
i'd say Benrahama is way more talented than Fornals. Yea would definitely play him as a no 10, a central playmaker in that role can be a big asset to a team, not many like that about.

fraser 11:23 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
I think Benrahma is definitely better playing as a 10, yes Fornals can deliver a great pass but so can Benrahma.

It's quite fluid anyway they can switch all through the game.

Will he go to 5, he has form for it.. But I can't see it. Wouldn't want to see it either. The front 4 were all good and want to see them build on that.

Nagel 10:25 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
Last year we matched their formation in both games: 541 away and 352 at home. Masuaku played both games though and he's not available so I expect we'll stick with 4 at the back.

BRANDED 10:18 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
We beat them twice last year. We should beat them again.

Nagel 10:09 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
I agree on the Fornals and Benrahma debate. Been impressed with Fornals' passing in recent games and would be more of an attacking benefit to have him in the central role. I think Moyes prefers him on the left over Benrahma just because he tracks back and defends more, but last season Moyes kept changing things around so maybe it depends on the opposition.

Darby_ 5:28 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
Rice and Soucek are going to have to be at the top of their game to shield our defensive weak links, Dawson or Diop.

We haven’t really been great in defence since Dawson’s purple patch ended, so it might be another case of having to outscore the opposition.

Manuel 5:17 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
Clearly it will be the same side. A draw would be okay with some winnable games coming up. Can see a few goals in this one.

Capitol Man 2:39 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
Should be an interesting test of where we are. Dawson probably earned a continued starting spot.

We’ve done ok against them recently too.

daveyg 12:29 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
Dawson plays well when the the whole team plays to the plan.
First half last week we didn't .
Leicester are a much better team than Newcastle,can change their plan quite easily.
Vardy will make Dawson look like he has concrete legs if given half a yard.
Moyes has used Diop in certain games instead of Dawson.
Hopefully Moyes gets this right.

RM10 12:11 Sun Aug 22
Re: Team for Leicester.
No changes, keep a winning team

the exile 11:55 Sat Aug 21
Re: Team for Leicester.
daveyg - that's not a bad shout. The way I see it, both of these players originally got into the first team by being aggressive and proactive; both seem to have lost those qualities. Diop wasn't bad in the preseason games, but even though Dawson has had a few sticky moments, I'm not sure that Diop has done enough to claim the shirt. We'll see.

daveyg 11:00 Sat Aug 21
Re: Team for Leicester.
I'm going to counter your argument.
Diop to replace Dawson to give us some pace at the back.

gph 10:57 Sat Aug 21
Re: Team for Leicester.
Not really.

He just forgot to make easy for those with the memory of a goldfish.

I was confused for while by Coucal, though, when he tried to put that right...

Irish Hammer 10:52 Sat Aug 21
Re: Team for Leicester.
you've had a mare here exile son x

the exile 10:39 Sat Aug 21
Re: Team for Leicester.
Forgot to post the team, but even though it's unchanged, here goes:

Coucal Dawson. Ogbonna. Cresswell
Rice. Soucek
Bowen. Fornals. Benrahma

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