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Cor Blimey 12:29 Tue Aug 24
Jesse Who?
Beni is a revelation. Lets hope he keeps it up.

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Mike Oxsaw 5:18 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Does he elect to go for a bit-part at a possible league winning side or a slightly bigger bit-part at a team who hope (HOPE) to be playing CL football next season.

Moncurs Putting Iron 5:12 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Johnson 2:05 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?

I know I do!

Jim79 4:49 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
I would suggest that an improvement on Yarmolenko as a striker shouldn't be difficult. Oscar Pistorius has a better right peg than our beloved Ukrainian.

New Jersey 2:13 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
I agree, I think there's a player in there with Diop. I wouldn't mind him replacing Dawson who has looked a bit shaky of late.

We do need cover at CF for Antonio but like Moyes has said he's only going to buy if its an improvement on what we've got. Both Bowen and Yamolenko can do the forward role so a new CF has got to be better than that.

BRANDED 2:11 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
I would say fit multi millionaire players not playing who are well paid and keen to play could be a problem at most clubs. It would be better to have really hungry youngsters backing up the main players. To be honest I think players not playing at a club that can afford them could prove difficult to manage. That's where a lot of the rot sets in.

Johnson 2:05 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Moncurs Putting Iron 1:58 Tue Aug 24

I wish West Ham had actually bothered to make a serious bid for me?

Johnson 2:04 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Rossal 12:49 Tue Aug 24

Since Moyes has been back the club has sold 3 forwards and signed none.

It is already fucking ridiculous we haven't signed any forwards since Moyes returned to the club.

The issue is either Moyes or Sullivan. I'm inclined to believe it is Sullivan, but Moyes is doing a very good job of making it seem like it is him.

Pearce was on Talksport saying if we spend a few million on a player they have to be pushing for a first team spot or what's the point.

Very strange turn of phrase that isn't it? Everyone knows football is a squad game.

Everyone except Moyes and Pearce it seems. Are we really buying that?

Moncurs Putting Iron 1:58 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Patson Daka (STR)

Wonder what he was thinking last night?

Jim79 1:58 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Diop needs game time and confidence, it was only 18months to 2 yrs ago he was being lorded as a £50 CB wanted by the likes of ManU, Arsenal and PSG. Agreed he can be a bit of a calamity at times but there is a player there.

Johnson 1:55 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
What have I made up, Rossal?

Antonio does want to go and play for Jamaica, he IS injury prone and he will need to quarantine when he's back.

If you could tell me which bits are factually incorrect I'd be much obliged.

fraser 1:07 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Yes I think he will which is why I agree with you and a CB is a priority.. But I thought when he played last season towards the end he was good.

Manuel 1:04 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
fraser - And Diop won't cost us goals if he plays regular? He's like a rabbit in the headlights half the time. You can spin it how you want backing your man but the fact is Dawson IS better than Diop. You can have your opinion of course, but think you will be in a small minority.

gph 12:55 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
So, who could we have dropped last night and brought in instead, and hoped to have had a similar performance?

Fabianski and Areola are possibly near-interchangeable. Lanzini on top form might have replaced someone.

We are good, but fragile.

fraser 12:52 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Rossal - I hope so, but we needed two in January

Rossal 12:49 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
He must be planning to unleash David Martin as a striker and Darren Randolph on the wing

Moyes is smart, id be amazed if we dont have at least 2 forward acquisitions come the end of the window. Anything other than that is fucking ridiculous

fraser 12:48 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
I hadn't forgot Diop and I like him. But even with him still leaves a massive hole.

Dawson will cost us goals if he's a regular and his passing out from the back is awful.. At least twice he gave the ball away in terrible positions last night. I don't trust him and wouid prefer to see Diop get a run out.

But Moyes doesn't trust Diop clearly so I would prefer someone else.

southbankbornnbred 12:43 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Still, as some have pointed out, it's all irrelevent what we think: Moyes looks likely to go for a CB soon. I just worry that will limit our spending on other key positions, such as a new striker. Very worried that we'll end up with a poor alternative to Antonio.

southbankbornnbred 12:41 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Yep, turns 18 in November.

But you're conveniently leaving Diop's age (24) out of that equation. He is precisely the sort of mid-20s footballer you're referring to.

Besides, Rio, Rice and others all started in our side at young ages. Baptiste could end up saving us a lot of cash for other positions.

Rossal 12:40 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
There is also Ajese who has done well on loan, ive no problem with another CB coming in.....all good for competition and Dawson has looked a little shaky. I also rate Diop....certainly think start him in Europe and let him try push Dawson out the team

But im only ok with a CB coming in if we get the depth needed in the forward areas and CM......Coventry should be above Noble for me.......with a new guy coming in on loan to push Soucek and Rice and start in Europe

fraser 12:37 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Isn't Baptiste only 17?

Dawson 31 and Ogbonna 34... That leaves a massive hole.

We've bid for Zouma and Milenkovic we'll be buying a CB and not one to sit on the bench, well that's the plan anyway

Charoo 12:36 Tue Aug 24
Re: Jesse Who?
Our full backs are also integral to how we play, Coufal of Cresswell get injured we are a severely weakened team.

But then you can say that all round the park.

Look at our bench last night, fuck all on it.

There are 38 league games, FA cup, League cup and Europa league - we need 4 or 5.

CB, CF, number 10, LB and holding midfield (let Coventry go on loan).

We would have a proper chance to compete in the league and give at least one cup competition a go then.

As soon as we get one or 2 injuries, a bit of fatigue then we will be struggling - plus we need to be able to change a game from the bench. We have no plan B.

This is a real opportunity for us and I think anything less than 3 signings before the deadline shuts is fucking disgraceful.

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