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d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Manuel 9:01 Wed Aug 25
Kurt Zouma - Signed

Kurt Zouma joins West Ham United

West Ham United is delighted to announce the signing of France international Kurt Zouma until the summer of 2025.

The 26-year-old central defender joins for an undisclosed fee from Chelsea, where he accumulated two Premier League titles, one UEFA Champions’ League winner's medal and one EFL Cup winner's medal during a seven-year career.

A prodigious talent who boasts great pace, strength, technical proficiency and the experience of 165 Premier League and 27 top-level European appearances, Zouma further strengthens manager David Moyes’ top-of-the-table West Ham team ahead of their first-ever venture into the Europa League group stages.

He currently holds eight full international caps with France, having progressed through all junior levels with the national team since the Under-16 age group, and will this week again join up with Didier Deschamps’s squad for their World Cup qualifiers against Bosnia, Ukraine and Finland.

“I’m very happy and very proud,” Zouma said on signing for West Ham.

“My conversation with the manager went very fast. I just felt like he really wanted me to come and join the team, especially a good team that’s started the season very, very well.

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Eerie Descent 11:05 Sun Sep 19
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
Failing injuries, Zouma and Diop won't play more than 10 games next to each other this season. Zouma will be 1st choice, Diop 4th choice.

Hammer and Pickle 10:28 Sun Sep 19
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
I think he's excellent and certainly puts the fear into the opposition. Very much look forward to seeing the Zouma/Diop pairing flourish.

Eerie Descent 10:13 Sun Sep 19
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
It's the excuses made for him for his nearly 3 years of poor form that are ironically the most worrying.

If he needs a certain player playing next to him before he can perform well himself, that's not ideal. Moyes seems to like players that take responsibility for themselves, hence why the lad is 4th choice currently, and was last season.

He'll never have an easier game than Thursday nights. Let's wait and see how he performs when we're under the cosh and he's not next to someone who he relies on for his own performance.

Manuel 10:01 Sun Sep 19
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
Problem with Diop also is he has gone backwards. Young players need to keep improving. How many start well, drop off, then come back? Not many. He will get games this season, so it's down to him to step up.

Eerie Descent 9:53 Sun Sep 19
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
I reckon the same conversation about Diop will be had in 2 years time if he's still with us and still 4th choice. Especially after a Cup game where he was ropey in the 1st half and had nothing to do in the 2nd.

He's 25 soon. And 4 months older than Ruben Diaz, the centre half & current Premier League player of the year.

Westham67 5:21 Sun Sep 19
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
Diop is young in centre back years,

Darby_ 5:09 Sun Sep 19
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
Of course he was. Even Mourinho called him a monster.

He seems to have lost confidence since then, but he has a massive amount of potential.

solidbond 5:00 Sun Sep 19
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
Mad dog 12:21 .Diop has never been a beast.

Manuel 4:10 Sun Sep 19
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
There were quiet a few on here that didn't want Zouma, and/or didn't want to pay his high wages ''it will upset the camp'' they cried. But now after just the ONE game, not only is he the best thing since sliced bread, he is ALSO going to make Diop better! Wow, just wow! I bet ya glad we signed him now! Fickle, not.

Mad Dog 12:21 Sun Sep 19
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
Crassus. Correct. Diop was a beast in the first year. Both he and balbuena dipped In form as oggy recovered his.

I think he'll.come good either under zouma's tutelage or if he ever moves on. We've not seen the beSt of him

jack flash 11:49 Sat Sep 18
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
Crassus ~ Exactly right. I see Zouma and Diop as our central defensive pairing for years to come
Diop has plenty of potential yet to be released and will learn off Zouma. Not only are they both French speaking but seem to have a similar style
Both are dominant and intimidating and both have the pace and ability to bomb forward when the opportunity arises
Ogbonna is still a class player but he can't go on forever and surely his age will catch up with him at some point
Dawson seems to have been our weakest link so far this season and he just doesn't seem to have captured last seasons form
I think Zouma is going to be a brilliant signing

Crassus 11:30 Sat Sep 18
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
I like Diop, CB's need time and maturity to develop into the complexity of the role
His performances, initially full of promise have shown lapses of understanding
Undeniably he has been at his best with a 'General' along side - Zuoma looks to be potentially that man
And as my lad said, they are both French and speak the same vernacular
Zouma may well prove to have been the provision of two CB's by signing one

Nutsin 10:57 Sat Sep 18
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
After watching the game on Thursday I came away impressed with Zoumas performance and presence.
There have been a few center halves over the years that always made their team better, Tony Adams at Arsenal, Vincent Kompany at Man City and Van Dijk at Liverpool. They were all on a different level when they played.

My first impression is that Zouma can be that type of player for us.
I know It’s only his first performance for us but his class stood out and long May it continue.

Got a good feeling he will be remembered as a great signing for us.

scott_d 1:48 Fri Sep 17
Re: Kurt Zouma - Signed
I think we need to appreciate that we are a completely different team under Moyes than we have been, probably ever.

We don't just have a first 11 now which picks itself, bar one or two players. We seem to have a group of about 20 players who are all capable of coming in and doing a job when called upon.

That was unthinkable a few years go and still hard for some of us to grasp when we don't field what we believe to be our strongest 11.

Moyes has also proved that he does have the tactical nouse to change things up for different opposition so when he makes a few changes, I expect he has looked at the opposition and the playings coming in to see if we still have a team capable of winning.

He did that last night, we thought it was a weakened team and it looked like it was just Moyes making calculated changes that will give some players a rest, others an opportunity to get minutes and to impress, but trusting that all the players involved are able to understand a game plan and execute.

It's not something I thought I would see at West Ham for a very long time.

Side of Ham 1:41 Fri Sep 17
Re: Kurt Zouma Signed
vexty for me I now have the lovely feeling that we are going to bounce back quickly, it would take a few runs of bad results to get me back to the old way of thinking......this is what I think is pleasing a lot of us.......surely you feel some of that optimism without being unrealistic that it can go bad for West Ham, we know this we've all had good experience in fact the only experience in the main.

I had raised eyebrows myself last night at the selection, but then thought he has them well drilled and he has them hungry to play, he also played most of the players that drive us playing except for maybe Coufal?

Vexed 1:35 Fri Sep 17
Re: Kurt Zouma Signed
BRANDED 1:01 Fri Sep 17

But you'd have no doubt been singing another tune had we been turned over. I thought to play a weakened side was disrespectful to the opposition and was inviting an egg on face situation. Turns out it was a pretty comfortable win and all the 'I always knew we'd win easily' types are out in force.

⚒️ 1:27 Fri Sep 17
Re: Kurt Zouma Signed
Bex in knowing nothing about football shocker.

Side of Ham 1:20 Fri Sep 17
Re: Kurt Zouma Signed
I don't think vexty is grasping that under Moyes now we don't put out 'weak teams'. It's a team that has players who are competing well to play in the side in any circumstances.....he's created team competition without disturbing the spirit and togetherness.

We have backbone now........

BRANDED 1:01 Fri Sep 17
Re: Kurt Zouma Signed
At the time I thought it was a good selection and a little bit brave but I’m not seeing the players day in day out. I was excited to see how it panned out and then I saw your post and couldn't stop laughing. It’ll be the first and last time I’ll post a stupid comment from another poster on here.

Vexed 12:58 Fri Sep 17
Re: Kurt Zouma Signed
BRANDED 12:53 Fri Sep 17

We couldn't have had any complaints if we got turned over putting out a weakened side in what was supposed to be our toughest game on paper. I thought he should have gone with a best side and made sure of it.

Turns out it wasn't necessary. Bravo Moyes. Do you have any further questions or any other posts you'd like to dig up from the past?

BRANDED 12:53 Fri Sep 17
Re: Kurt Zouma Signed
Some people were wetting their nickers. What was the issue for you that made you believe we would bd so bad?

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