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Pentonville 5:31 Thu Sep 2
Eddie Hearn
Says the right things and as a promoter I guess u are gonna get flack (was my old Job) but the measure of the man is when u delve a bit deeper.
When he was FUCK ALL and representing low level golf events, Kell Brook stood up and backed him. He went against the grain and allowed Eddie to promote him.
Kell is now on his arse and desperate for the Amir Khan fight for a last pay day and that barrow boy cunt is having none of it and pushing for his other fighter Conor Benn to get the fight.
It really fucks me off and I feel that this shows him for what he is?
Game changer? Are u joking, this Saturday aside, his cards are a joke.

No I'm not on gear and it's not a rant. I know a few of you like boxing and interested in ur thoughts.

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Pentonville 11:51 Tue Sep 7
Re: Eddie Hearn
What was it that Johnny Rotten said?ever felt like u been conned.

Look at the vaseline on Warrington head before fight.

Boxing Is the most corrupt sport on this planet.

Pentonville 10:50 Sun Sep 5
Re: Eddie Hearn
Deano it's defiantly a different fight when u watch it without biased commentary. I agree Lara would have smoked him eventually

WHUDeano 9:46 Sun Sep 5
Re: Eddie Hearn
Was the last night of a local holiday and the net was terrible for genuine paid packages, but randomly managed to get a Mexican stream for Warringtons fight. I'd say I'm somewhere between a casual and a proper boxing fan, I follow boxing news pretty closely, but my knowledge of the actual sport when it comes to the fights is definitely a standard casual.

I had Spanish commentary so was judging it for myself, I definitely noticed Lara touching his head quite a few times before the cut. I was staring to think it meant he was feeling uncomfortable and looking to the ref to help him out. BUT when he hit Warrington, he really shook him to his boots, a couple of those body shots genuinely lifted Warrington of his feet and moved him a few inches.

Would have been a great fight, but I think Lara would have done him in the end. Also - Lara is supposed to be 23? He is an absolute beast, Warrington should now move on and fight someone with less power, let someone else deal with Lara and come back to him later if need be.

Pentonville 8:29 Sun Sep 5
Re: Eddie Hearn
Possibly the most interesting thing to come out of boxing is the IFL TV interview between Benn and his opponent.
Seeing boxing from different angles. Really good for u officinados

mulle91 12:58 Sun Sep 5
Re: Eddie Hearn
Maxi Hughes boxed an excellent fight, very intelligent. One of the better boxing performances of the year.
And Bridges got beat.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 12:45 Sun Sep 5
Re: Eddie Hearn
Managed to get the broadcast back in time for the Benn, Taylor and Warrington fights.
To be fair Pentonville, I don't think the clash of heads was intentional.
It'd be a bit stupid to do it within the first 4 rounds as it'll always result in a technical draw. You'd try something like that in the later rounds (if you felt you were comfortably ahead on points) imo. A draw doesn't enhance Warringtons record and he needed the win to get a potential world title shot.
Agree re. Benn. Shame, as I think he'd be an absolute monster at welterweight if he could bang like his old man.

Pentonville 10:02 Sun Sep 5
Re: Eddie Hearn
So in essence, Bridges lost. She is hot but she got a lucky decision. Benn hasn't got his dad's punch power and I find him boring to watch cos there is no end product and as for that Leeds scum. Headbutting is his forte and I feel he knew the Mexican could starch him and so went dirty to either gain unfair advantage or get an ending like we saw......

Pentonville 1:57 Sun Sep 5
Re: Eddie Hearn
Didn't get it sorted mate. They had no idea either. I think these companies are becoming wide to wise to it

MaryMillingtonsGhost 8:48 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
Think it may be/also be a DAZN problem fella. Was watching the prelim fights, and am now only getting the DAZN logo across the screen-no transmission (anyone else on here having the same problem?)
No error message though.
Fucking bollocks, was looking forward to this one.

Pentonville 8:28 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
on windows. im onto the help desk now at surf shark. useless. it just isnt working....it used to. seems like dazn have worked out how to block vpns

MaryMillingtonsGhost 8:23 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
Do you watch DAZN through your PC?
Have you tried logging off-back in to your DAZN account, or unplugging-plugging back in again your device (if not a PC)?

Pentonville 8:07 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
It just keeps giving me a "our technical team is working on it" most annoying mate

MaryMillingtonsGhost 8:06 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
Pentonville 7:03

I know you're not an idiot fella, but I'm assuming you've watched DAZN over there before via VPN?
Are you sure your VPN is set correctly, as I've checked and it's defo not PPV over there so don't know why it might suddenly not work.
Hope you get it working-should be a cracker.

Pentonville 7:03 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
Can anyone help me. Not very computer savvy. How best to watch tonight's match room show in France. I have a vpn (surfshark) but the dazn app not having it. I'm not being lazy, honest, I just don't know how I can watch it. Any help much appreciated

Pentonville 3:45 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
Cheers Mike, will watch now.
Mary Millington- yeah a lot of pattaacake punching in the end

Sad when u see his old man too

MaryMillingtonsGhost 3:26 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
Pentonville 2:31

Agreed fella.
Shame he never got to challenge for a 'proper' world title at light heavyweight.
Seemed to lose a little punch potency against the better opponents, but a great fighter nonetheless.

Takashi Miike 3:24 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
pentonville, did you see the video when calzaghe turned up on a danish tv show to pay respect to kessler? he made out he'd recorded the message but crept in to the boxing ring to surprise him. two brilliant champs showing class


Stubbo 3:11 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
Played cricket against a 13 year old Hearn against Brentwood school for whom he was captain (what a shock since his Dad was half-bank rolling the place).

In the lunch break before the game, it turns out Hearn wasn't happy that his mate was only 12th Man and some kid he didn't like was playing instead. So the story goes (our team didn't directly witness it happen) young Eddie raked his spikes down the Achilles of the kid he didn't want to play, so his mate would play instead as the other kid was then injured.

Nice guy, Eddie.

eusebiovic 2:54 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
Wouldn't it be great to stay at the MGM Las Vegas and take a shit in Eddie Hearn's shoes when he leaves them out?

Pentonville 2:47 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
There is a wonderful video going round at moment Miike of him discussing his fight with Roy Jknes. Toying with him.

Takashi Miike 2:42 Sat Sep 4
Re: Eddie Hearn
yes, in my top five ever. great boxer, tough as they come and had deceptive power even though haters said he slapped. best of all, the yanks never got/rated him

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