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Pentonville 12:17 Mon Sep 6
Sarah Harding
Forgive me gents. A young lady passed today. I have been fortunate in life to not lose my life or parents but I've lost too many young females.
Amy W (my sister from another mister) being the main one. Now Sarah. Share a drink. She took on breast cancer and she couldn't beat it. In sure we have all lost someone to the big C. Can we have a drink for all of them this evening.

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zico 4:13 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Mad Dog 1:39 Mon Sep 6

Absolutely right. I went to have a mole checked and it turned out to be nothing, but while I was there I asked if the dermatologist could check my back (as obviously you can't see that yourself very easily!) Turned out I had a dysplastic nevus which they whipped out there and then. Turned out ok but had potential to turn nasty so glad I asked!

Anything out of the ordinary get it looked at if for peace of mind if nothing else!

Mad Dog 1:39 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
From experience I can tell you, if you even get a hint of something that might be cancerous. You get it checked and insist it's checked properly. I was told "it's probably nothing do you want a scan". Good thing I did. Caught it very early and sorted it very quickly.

Pentonville 11:59 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Trust me more lol

SecondOpinion 11:56 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Sarah explained her difficult choice in an excerpt of her new book published by The Times Magazine on Saturday, saying she knew not everyone would agree.

The 39-year-old wrote: "Theres an option for radiotherapy on my skull but I dont want to go through that and lose my hair at this stage, especially with no guarantees at the end of it."

While Sarah said some might think she is being 'vain', she doesn't think losing her hair is worth it when it wouldn't make a big difference to her prospects.

I stand corrected. Brave lady

Sniper 11:54 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Horrible news, may she rest in piece.

I always find it sickening how the tabloids will reel out all the sympathetic headlines in these situations having spent years trying to make money berating the poor girl for her party behaviour and buying paparazzi snaps from scumbags lying on the pavement as her and her band mates got out of cars

She was a very brave and courageous lady. Cancer is just horrendous

Pentonville 11:49 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
As always W4Hammer. Ur a proper gent 👏

w4hammer 11:45 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
there was an article with her in the times earlier in the summer- around june- she'd had it, had it treated, came back . treated it and then got the news that it was terminal - she was spening the rest of her time saying goodbyes and was expecting september at best. A brave and lovely lady by all accounts. May she rest in peace.,

zico 10:19 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
SecondOpinion 9:48 Mon Sep 6

I read that it was more of a case of she was told it might give her a few more weeks but the effects of the radiotherapy may have made her feel more ill in the months she had left. So if that's correct she may well have chosen quality of life rather than quantity. Regardless Hobson's choice for the poor girl.

As I said on other thread a bastard of a disease. Far too young and RIP.

Wils 10:16 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Never heard of her or Gils Aloud. But looking at her picture she was a good-looking girl. I have a good few family members went via the big C and it's probably coming to most of us. Hopefully not as early as this poor girl. RIP.

Pentonville 10:14 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Miike. Yes she was and there will be thousands today who are also brave as fuck who pass from it.
Lemmings we all are.

Mike Oxsaw 10:09 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Brave girl.

Not much older than my first born.

The world needs more with her sort of courage.


Pentonville 9:54 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Mate it was more that they said we can try radiotherapy but it prob won't work and u will look horrific towards the end or don't have it and keep ur dignity till the very end. I obvs said don't be so silly and take all help but some people have more pride and dignity than life itself x

cholo 9:53 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
*sort of understandable

cholo 9:53 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding

Maybe terrified a pap would take a photo of her at some point and would be plastered all over The Sun the next day with sensationalism disguised as sympathy.

Sorry if understandable.

Mad Dog 9:53 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Wd40. You've never heard of girls aloud?

SecondOpinion 9:48 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Cancer is a fucker, I know that from personal experience, but it saddened me to read she did not want to have radiotherapy because she might lose her hair, even though that was offered her.
Whether she would have survived if she did have the treatment is impossible to say, but to be fearful of losing one's hair is pure vanity and sends out a message to other women, especially young girls.

Pentonville 9:42 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
She was a lovely girl and faced this head on. Like I'm sure many of our families.
It's a fucker of a disease and COVID has nothing on this. Remember that.
Love one another. We are here by the grace of God.
We all argue but we all love each other as west ham xxxx

wd40 9:18 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Never heard of her til today but it might shut up some of these called stars who talk about mental health 24/7 when promoting something and think how lucky they are.

Mad Dog 1:39 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
Why on earth was it deleted?

Fuck cancer. Absolute cunt of a disease.

39 is no age

Takashi Miike 1:29 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding
there was a thread previous to this, some cunt deleted it

Irish Hammer 1:12 Mon Sep 6
Re: Sarah Harding

Seen this news earlier. Tragic, Requiescat in pace.

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