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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Steady 3:21 Mon Sep 6
Winston Reid
Just seen this article, surely at 33 years of age he doesn’t still have another 2 years to run on his contract at £70k per week?


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Johnson 5:32 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
⚒️ 4:02 Mon Sep 6

He hasn't played for us and featuring about 25 times for other teams over 3 years is sufficient for my point.

You didn't make me look a fool at all, bit desperate trying to claim so.

dealcanvey 5:04 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
Not kicked a ball for us in 3 years. Earnt a fortune in that time.

Maybe with just a couple years of a career left he will want to go and play some football?

Would not surprise me if the club and him come to some arrangement where he is paid off majority of his contract but not the full amount.

Alwaysaniron 4:10 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
⚒️ 4:02 Mon Sep 6

If you're hankering after the job as his agent you're not currently doing a very good job!

fraser 4:08 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
"Maori people are notoriously honourable"

Most of the one's I've met are piss heads and wannabe gangsters, who wouldn't think twice about stitching each other up..

⚒️ 4:02 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
Turn it in.

You said he ain’t played in 3 years and were made to look a fool.

Now fuck off.

On The Ball 4:01 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
⚒️ 3:48 Mon Sep 6

And the Club won't let him?

Not even a good attempt.

Johnson 4:00 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
Why has Moyes been persisted with Diop and Dawson and just bought Zouma then?

Sounds about as fit as Wilshere is claiming to be. Or he's just gone shit.

⚒️ 3:59 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
He played for Brentford in the Championship play-off final, followed by representing New Zealand at the Olympics.

He’s as fit as a flea.

Johnson 3:55 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
⚒️ 3:48 Mon Sep 6

Honourable, but very slow on the uptake?

He hasn't played for 3 years.

collyrob 3:54 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
I was actually talking to Winston the other day and he said that you are in fact a div.

goose 3:54 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
You dont half go to some lengths to try and cover your idiocy.

Fair play.

⚒️ 3:48 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
Maori people are notoriously honourable and I’ve been told ‘he feels he owes the club’ and would therefore waive the rest of his contract or take a pay cut.

That’s from what I’ve heard from a person very close to Winston.

DukeofDevo 3:42 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
Nobody is so ‘honourable’ that they would waive 2 years of £70k a week! That’s over £7m He might take a reduced lump sum say £5.5 straight in his bin. Then he could go to where ever and get game time if he still wants to

goose 3:37 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
If that were true (it isn't) then he would be an even bigger div than you are.

⚒️ 3:35 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
I know someone very close to Reid and from what I’ve heard, Reid is willing to waive the rest of his contract.

Block 3:34 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
Not me.

As the stupid salary would continue when they are older and more injury prone.

~* shrugs *

Manuel 3:33 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
Block 3:23 Mon Sep 6

''Just goes to show how great our "businessman" chairman are''

The vast majority on here were happy when he got that new deal, same as when Lanzini got his.

goose 3:30 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
you cannot just terminate someones contract without paying it up in full.

so you want us to pay up his current contract and then give him another one on top of that??

you div.

Block 3:27 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
"you div"


⚒️ 3:26 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
I’m sure he’d rather sign a PAYP deal than have his contract terminated and be without a club.

Moronic wop.

goose 3:24 Mon Sep 6
Re: Winston Reid
Yeh i'm sure he'll willingly tear up his current (lucrative) contract for a 'pay-as-you-play' deal.

you div.

he's finished, get used to it.

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