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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

Nutsin 12:24 Tue Sep 14
Boleyn Ground
Alright seeing as so many here are the sentimental type,

Which part of the stadium did u enjoy the most and why?

What was/is your favorite memory.

I use to go to the North bank most of the time.
Usually because I could bunk in by climbing up and walking along the wall after the turnstiles workers fucked off.
Best memory was when I was a kid and we were Next to the players tunnel. . Was about 9 years old at the time. Never forgot the atmosphere and some of the abuse hurled at the other teams players as they came off the pitch.

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oioi 5:54 Wed Sep 15
Re: Boleyn Ground
The middle of the north bank in the late ‘60s was mad. Both violent & hilarious, often at the same time. Never better.

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:39 Wed Sep 15
Re: Boleyn Ground
Sat or stood in every part of the ground as a kid before it was redeveloped. Nothing beat the old South Bank for me. My old man must have chosen it as the regular stand to go to, but I never felt truly comfortable or happy anywhere else after. Gave up on football for a few years after they knocked the SB down. Then sat everywhere but the TB stand once fully devoloped.

Fo the Communist 11:12 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
Funnily enough at the weekend I came across the certificate they issued to the Chicken Run ST holders at the end of the 1994 season before it went all seated. 27 fucking years ago!
No other part of the ground came close for me.

1964 10:58 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
Started in the North Bank to the Lower East to the Upper West to the Upper East to the Trevor Brooking Upper when the kids started going, also other areas for cup games. So I’ve been everywhere. Ended up in the BML till we all got chucked out after last last game v MU.

altyhammer 8:44 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
My old man took me in 1957, us v MU, we won! I remember being passed down over the heads of people so I could stand at the front. Monday night game and I think 19.00 or 19.30 kick off. As I got older me and mates used to like the South Bank to give some grief to the oppo fans. Had a spell under the main stand near the NB. For some reason I never took to the Chicken Run, too many old farts, says me😎😎

nychammer 8:26 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
BML - 3 rows back - great atmosphere but poor view. Switched to East Stand upper, near the away supporters, much preferred it there

pdbis 8:06 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
North Bank, then for the last 5 years West Side.

bruuuno 5:50 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
*wished I could join

bruuuno 5:48 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
Very good question. The north bank for me although as a nipper I could join everyone going mental on the south bank. Sadly by the time I was old enough the south bank was no more.

Have fantastic memories from every part of the old ground really though so hard to choose.

Of the new Boleyn probably chav corner but I found all of it a bit meh really.

Fwiw I love the new gaff - not a fan of the stadium but love the surrounding area, transport links etc. Nice to be able to have peaceful walk along the greenway watching mullet feeding in the Thames and all kinds of wildlife before heading over the cemetery to say hello to my nan and grandad .

West Ham United isn’t a place it’s about the people

goose 5:23 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
⚒️ 5:11 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
The only one being pegged is you, goose.

come on you can do better than that.
if you're gonna be a troll at least be a funny one.

Johnson 5:14 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
Hello, V for Vendetta.

⚒️ 5:11 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
The only one being pegged is you, goose.

⚒️ 5:11 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
Dry your eyes, boys.

We left there 5 years ago.

goose 5:11 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
I had you pegged as being older lol.

LeroysBoots 5:09 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
Oh where to begin !!

North Bank surge when TC scored against Spurs

West lower near South Bank corner for the banter with the away fans

Mainly South Bank in general though

Johnson 5:02 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
I did, but we used to get there very late as Dad worked Saturdays so it wasn't all that regular.

Would stand at the back of the stand with some other kids joining in with Billy Bonds Claret and Blue Army but not seeing a single thing. Didn't give a shit though, the atmosphere was enough.

goose 4:17 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
Johnson you never got the chance to stand at UP??

I missed out on the final day v Cambridge - queued for bloody ages.


Johnson 4:07 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
Chav Corner
then finally back to Chav Corner for the last season.

Iron Duke 3:52 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
I started off in the South Bank, then spent most of my time in the North Bank. I remember during a midweek cup game v Portsmouth, Martin Alen scored a couple of screamers and I went from the back to the front and the back without my feet touching the floor.

Last day of the season v Cambridge all on the pitch at the end celebrating promotion.

Although I couldn’t get into the game, the match v Wolves after Bobby Moore died. Walking around the ground reading all the tributes.

Irish Hammer 3:39 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground

Had my ST in the East Upper, it was all very well to do, and gentlemanly at times, but the view was outrageously good.

I used buy the chicken baltic pie before kickoff and leave it under my seat until halftime so that its wasn't molten hot, and was edible (in the loosest form of the word of course)

Great times

Lato 3:35 Tue Sep 14
Re: Boleyn Ground
My first game October 1971 1-1 draw with Leicester. Pushed my way down to the front of the South Bank I was only 9 Mum would have killed me if she found out. Started going regularly with my Uncle and Cousin 1976ish, always went in the West Side Lower. A couple of years later started going with my mates in the North Bank then moved to the South Bank until its last day. Always seemed more raucous in there with the abuse hurled at the opposition fans. The Hokey Cokey, Knees up Mother Brown, fantastic memories. Also stood and sat in every stand pre Hillsborough.After redevelopment got a season ticket in the Bobby Moore Upper, sat in every tier of all the other stands except the Trevor Brooking Upper. Regret that to this day, a magical place the Boleyn Ground with so many happy memories (and a few bad ones). I will never forgive those greedy b@stards for taking it away from us!

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