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Hammer and Pickle 8:07 Wed Sep 15
So two weeks in and the four small blue discus (two different suppliers) are have settled very well in the 100 gallon tank. When the water was down to 8 drops on the GH test, I took the plunge and introduced them among the large Severum, Festuvum and Angels (there are also some Rams), not without some trepidation. I need not have been concerned - the hold their own remarkably well among the bigger fish and really are hardy little fellows; the other day one seemed to be a gonner having gone down with a case of dropsy, and it was as right as rain again once I’d administered the old garlic mash cure. So what I’m saying is, if you have an established tank and have got the water right, never mind the bollocks and enjoy your discus - what a lovely fish.

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Crassus 2:59 Fri Sep 17
Re: Javelin

The problem with angels and discus are various, although with care it can be achieved.

For starters you are correct, angels are notorious nippers, they occupy similar tank areas so you will need space

The bigger issue is disease and from where the fish are sourced. Discus are sold as wild or more likely farmed.

There comes the problem of compatibility. A single strain could originate from Singapore, the US, Germany or local and be used to differing water chemistry and resistance
Randomly chucking in fish from various sources is not a good idea. Akin to taking measles to the eskimos

Of angels, I came across Altum Angels a few years back, the size of dinner plate, outrageous fish. Hugely difficult then and wild. more recently there has been some breeding success. I have seen these with discus but managed by expert hands

Recently I came across Peruvian Altum Angels, now these are different gravy. Not true Altums, but with great similarity, hence the name, but altogether easier to keep

Take a Google of both - well worth a look, just stunning fish mate

For a retailer, follow the link below, its from Practical Fish Keeping, they have a list, if that does not work just Google and add your area - worked for me


Deanooooo 11:28 Fri Sep 17
Re: Discus

Summerhills garden centre on the A127 (towards Southend direction) has a massive aquatics shop.

gph 1:20 Fri Sep 17
Re: Discus
I used to be a regular of Wet Pets before they were Wet Pets (Victoria Road Aquatics).

Can't say much about them now, but I was impressed by the crossover between bikers and fishkeepers being so large.

Would say people with tatoos too, but I don't think I've ever seen a tattooless biker.

bruuuno 1:17 Fri Sep 17
Re: Javelin
I’ve always found angels to be lairy little cunts. Maybe when kept with discus they know their place ?

bruuuno 1:14 Fri Sep 17
Re: Discus
I’m setting up a community tank next to the carsey in the coming weeks. Does anyone know of anywhere that has a good selection of aquariums on display around east London or in the south west? I know of wet pets in Romford and believe there used to be a place off the a 4119 near Swindon but can’t think of the name

gph 12:52 Fri Sep 17
Re: Discus
Discus slightly unnerve me.

They look like the disconnected heads of a colourful primate.

Side of Ham 3:23 Thu Sep 16
Re: Discus
Larry is a lamb.......this is worrying......

Hammer and Pickle 3:20 Thu Sep 16
Re: Discus
It is true we once, many, many moons ago, had a goldfish in the rainwater barrel to keep the mosquitos in check. That was found tits-up by the mother in law when we were on holiday. My younger son was upset about it so I promised him a proper aquarium - the passion has evolved from there.

No worries Stickleback, my Discus are as happy as Larry.

Stickleback 3:14 Thu Sep 16
Re: Discus
As someone who once admitted to killing his goldfish, should you be allowed to keep these beautiful creatures

Rights for fishes!

Eerie Descent 12:43 Thu Sep 16
Re: Discus
You are a cunt. 400m Hurdles.

Lee Trundle 11:36 Thu Sep 16
Re: Discus
You should get yourself some SEAHORSES.

Pets that look like their owners and all that.

Hammer and Pickle 10:43 Thu Sep 16
Re: Discus
Shrimp are fun, especially if you can get them breeding as they command a good retail price. I had Amanos and Blues until I made the mistake of getting in a pair of Fests - that was a turning point because all the shrimp were dinner and there was nothing for it but to go all-out Amazon cichlid.

No shrimp possible with any larger New World cichlid (or any cichlid for the matter).

Stubbo 10:16 Thu Sep 16
Re: Discus
Currently looking to get back into the hobby...33gallon tank for Rams, Corys, and Ember Tetras to setup.

After that, rebuild the dart frog tank into a Paludarium, with White Cloud Minnows and Cherry Shrimp in the water and the dart frogs roaming the land area.

Hammer and Pickle 9:59 Thu Sep 16
Re: Discus
No Hammer?

Oh dear oh dear!

147man 9:56 Thu Sep 16
Re: Discus
Shot Putt or Javelin?


joyo 1:26 Thu Sep 16
Re: Javelin
Would have thought clown fish would suit Thickle

Side of Ham 9:03 Wed Sep 15
Re: Javelin
Don't tell him PIKE........

Irish Hammer 9:00 Wed Sep 15
Re: Javelin

Get some Carp in there H&P and you'll have Christmas/Wigilia sorted !

riosleftsock 8:54 Wed Sep 15
Re: Javelin
Does anybody else see these posts as some sort of secret code to blueeyed.wankstain thingy. Is he Gopnik's handler?

Nurse Ratched 8:36 Wed Sep 15
Re: Javelin
The POLE loves his pet fish: you can't VAULT him for that.

Hammer and Pickle 8:31 Wed Sep 15
Re: Javelin
Yes I love them to bits and I’m not JAVLIN a laugh.

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