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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Cilla_ Black A1 6:55 Tue Sep 28
When can we expect a TV dramatisation of Lee Rigby I wonder?

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goose 10:44 Tue Sep 28
Re: Lawrence
yeh there deffo hasn't been any shows about that.

twoleftfeet 10:42 Tue Sep 28
Re: Lawrence
PC Keith Blakelock.

His killers are still out there.

wansteadman 9:36 Tue Sep 28
Re: Lawrence
Richard everitt

mallard 9:22 Tue Sep 28
Re: Lawrence
Yet another fucking race-baiting post….

Side of Ham 9:22 Tue Sep 28
Re: Lawrence
This is a sad story that needs to be told but what irks me is that these rare standout stories get priority over the wall of silence that goes on in the black community consistently for decades that prevents any sort of investigation and justice for many, many more black people.
And to be honest Mrs Lawrence is now in a position to at least get the ball rolling on that injustice as well as what happened to her son.

goose 8:57 Tue Sep 28
Re: Lawrence
The Lee Rigby one won’t be much of a drama will it??

Darby_ 8:51 Tue Sep 28
Re: Lawrence
Why are right wingers so defensive about the murder of Stephen Lawrence? He was demonized on here by right wingers as a drug dealer. Why are they so eager to believe that sort of thing?

Corrupt cops trying to protect racist murderers is a pretty serious issue. Yet talking about it inspires defensive whataboutism.

Darby_ 8:42 Tue Sep 28
Re: Lawrence
I reckon the question has been keeping us all up at night.

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