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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

Anxious Dave 11:05 Tue Sep 28
Spying apps
No, you massive perverts. Not for the missus. I’m wanting to keep the daughter safe. Coming up to 13 years of age.

What app can I put on her phone (iPhone 8 because I’m poor) to monitor her WhatsApp messages mainly. Not bothered about texts…., and she doesn’t have social media.


Ps, no I haven’t wiped my nob on her you utter cunts

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Stubbo 5:44 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Google has revealed an app called 'PanSpy' is probably what you're looking for.


100USD per year subscription.

Mike Oxsaw 5:35 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Manuel 5:08 Wed Sep 29

Shouldn't you be down the Ping-Pong Bar, making sure your Mrs. isn't handing it out to all and sundry too cheaply?

Hammer and Pickle 5:15 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
How could I be defending Polański when I assume he is guilty and it is my clearly articulated position that he needs a proper trail where justice is seen to be done? You call that a defence mimmler?

I’d say your resentment and frustration has sent you over the edge into the arena of the unwell. And we’d all be in trouble if you were in the position to pass judgment on anyone.

WHU(Exeter) 5:10 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
If ever I wanted a CV again I'd ask Manuel to knock one up.

Manuel 5:08 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Oxsaw - You are one tragic human being. Fuck me. I almost feel sorry for you theses days. Ex-successful globe trotting businessman becomes an online bully in his retirement. FMOB.

Mike Oxsaw 5:00 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Start a DOSSIER, Bolty. That'll fucking learn him.

He's spent his whole life on WHO trying (and failing) to give the impression that he's a cut above everybody else on here, so he can't complain when the on-line persona he's created comes back and bites him on the arse.

Virtually everybody else on here could have passed that post off as a joke - because they understand how the site works. He's been so concerned with his image that he didn't bother to learn the basics.

Takashi Miike 5:00 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
not seen it done much in regards to a kid that young, but he's not alone. there are a few other jimmy saville types on here who often show their true side

Hammer and Pickle 4:59 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Ah, that was also very easy.

mashed in maryland 4:57 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
To be absolutely god-honest fair to H&P, and give him the benefit of the doubt, his joke has been done countless times on here by others. Most others it wouldn't get the blowback he's got, because no one else really has the form he does (his defence of Polanski etc). Only got himself to blame really, though he probably just loves the attention

Anyway, im more surprised no one else has noticed how fitting it is someone with the username "Anxious Dave" has posted this thread...!!

Block 4:57 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Pickled, You'll soon see.

billybubble 4:55 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Hammer and Pickle 4:41 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps

????? If this was a response to me, it makes absolutely no sense

I will engage with you no further on this subject SEXCASE

Hammer and Pickle 4:54 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
“You're a nonce, plain and simple.”

If that’s what you really believe, you’re gonna have to do something about it.

So what is it Blot?

What are you going to do?

Block 4:42 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Pickled, you can try keep lying to yourself to convince yourself you wasn't doing anything sinister.

But we all saw it, we all knew what you meant.

You're a nonce, plain and simple.

Hammer and Pickle 4:41 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
I made no request and I’m only interested in what I look like to you to get you to reveal the state you’re really in.

Why aren’t you posting under your usual username by the way? Do you really want to create the impression this site is populated entirely by mirthless, reactive semi-illiterates?

I.want.that.one 4:24 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Won’t bother reading the whole thread but you can mirror iPhones so you can keep up to date with children’s phone contracts

billybubble 4:19 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Hammer and Pickle 4:10 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps

I'd say its more about perception than taste H&P, look you have either:

a) Requested a link to the 12 year old daughter of one of the posters on this site


b) In your narcissistic impatience to reply to the original post, not read the OP in full (maybe because you were pissed)

Only you will know, either way, you've made yourself look like a SEXCASE

Block 4:13 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Says the bloke who trolls people on here, and lets his mrs get fucked by his mates.

⚒️ 4:11 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
“I'll ask you again, do you want to test the theory I couldn't open up a letter”

Don’t you have a little kid?

Maybe time to grow up?

Hammer and Pickle 4:10 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
billybubble 3:47 Wed Sep 29

My post was a joke about whether the OP really wanted to talk about his daughter on here given the practices prevailing on this site. That ought to be perfectly obvious as you clearly can read even it might not have been to your taste.

There was also the element of provocation, which we’re exploring now. So who do you think you are telling me what to do with my time, you pompous tit?

Block 4:06 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
I help people out when the need it, and change my attitude towards people who are nonce cunts.

I'll ask you again, do you want to test the theory I couldn't open up a letter, Faux?

You can keep changing your username to try remain under the radar, but it's plain as day who you are.

You and Pickled have 1 thing in common, you're a pair of cuckold pricks who can't satisfy their wives.

⚒️ 4:04 Wed Sep 29
Re: Spying apps
Isn’t it funny how on the anxiety/depression thread Block is roving around acting all concerned for anyone who has any troubles, yet he’s on this thread threatening to open people up.

It’s like he suffers from BPD.

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