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Gruesome Dump 3:16 Thu Oct 7
Yorkshire tea
What a load of bollocks. Pale, insipid nonsense. My teabag currently sat in a mug of hot water…bereft. Like an untouched sandwich at a sad buffet.

All fur coat and no knickers. Shambolic tea shithousery.

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munkyfunk 10:21 Tue Oct 12
Re: Yorkshire tea
Tetley extra strong is the way forward.
Yorkshire tea is vile…..

Hammer and Pickle 10:36 Sun Oct 10
Re: Yorkshire tea
Normal fresh pasteurised milk is the same as in the UK. You're probably talking about the UHT stuff sold in cartons, which doesn't need refrigeration. Never have anything to do with that.

riosleftsock 10:32 Sun Oct 10
Re: Yorkshire tea
Pickle, useful to know, but the milk is very different in Europe and makes tea taste shit. Unless you live near a farm and can get fresh milk.

Hammer and Pickle 9:59 Sun Oct 10
Re: Yorkshire tea
You can get the Taj Mahal Brooke Bond brand in the Indian food shops round here. This, together with PG Tips, makes for a perfectly good cuppa.

By the way, I've noticed the French like to drink Earl Grey at breakfast. Oh the horror!

riosleftsock 9:32 Sun Oct 10
Re: Yorkshire tea
When I visited certain countries, the tea has been shit (particularly israel), and the local milk in most of europe is inappropriate for making normal tea. The nearest you could get was yellow label lipton, which I don't think I've seen here. You need at least two tea bags for a decent brew.

Then I started trying local teas, especially in eastern europe and israel - very nice, but completely different to our tea.

Mex Martillo 9:27 Sun Oct 10
Re: Yorkshire tea
Only Tetley and PG tips available here, both make a good brew if you leave for a while and mash the bag a bit.
I miss Nambarrie, is that still a good brew?

Claret Badger 8:52 Sun Oct 10
Re: Yorkshire tea


smasher. 11:27 Sat Oct 9
Re: Yorkshire tea
I'm using your mums cup Manuel you fucking ball bag.

Manuel 5:12 Sat Oct 9
Re: Yorkshire tea
I don't think there is much difference between the top brands, and how you make it goes a long way to how it tastes, regardless of the brand. I'm using Typhoo one cup these days and they're fine.

jinksy 5:30 Fri Oct 8
Re: Yorkshire tea
Yorkshire tea has gone down in quality now and a poor brew - cutting costs - Barry Gold if you can fine it is superb - for run of the mill I like PG Tips

Coffee 3:11 Fri Oct 8
Re: Yorkshire tea
Hermit old boy, leave out the milk and sugar and you have a broth fit for your worst enemy.

Hermit Road 2:30 Fri Oct 8
Re: Yorkshire tea
Coffee 1:16 Fri Oct 8

Leave out the milk and sugar and that sounds pretty good

Sir Alf 2:29 Fri Oct 8
Re: Lancashire/Yorkshire tea
This Lancashire tea... infused with the subtle aroma of a Whippets nether regions? Best drunk while wearing a flat cap etc. ?

GSCS 2:25 Fri Oct 8
Lancashire/Yorkshire tea
The Lancashire tea is not the same as Yorkshire tea, it's a far better brew. Best drunk in area with soft water. It's well tasty...

Sir Alf 2:19 Fri Oct 8
Re: Yorkshire tea
I must admit to being a tea addict. Love the stuff and coffee too but tea with a sugar and a nice pack of hobnobs, dead fly biscuits or golden crunch. Life doesn't get much better aside from a lovely pint of Guinness and a pack of pork scratchings.

Must admit PG is my "go to" tea of the main brands.

Being ancient I still reminisce about the days of the tea trolley at work, an old Doris with half smoked fab pushing the tea urn around each office or factory floor. Before globalisation and being competitive mattered. All part of cost cutting and the modernisation of the work place I suppose? It's not like the tea urn and hygiene measures of Doris were a problem?

Hmmm... thinking about it and the stains on both the Urn and Doris....

Coffee 1:16 Fri Oct 8
Re: Yorkshire tea
The way tea stalls make tea in India (at least, in eastern India) is this:

Put tea leaves, milk, water, sugar, ginger, cardamon and a little black pepper in a saucepan. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 10-15 minutes. Pur through a sieve to serve. Charge 10 rupees a cup.

Bungo 1:15 Fri Oct 8
Re: Yorkshire tea
Annoyed by the success of their rivals, apparently you can now buy Lancashire Tea.

Presumably it'll be the same stuff as Yorkshire?

eusebiovic 1:08 Fri Oct 8
Re: Yorkshire tea
I prefer the Clipper Breakfast Tea...Yorkshire Tea is decent if you get the gold blend.

I used to love PG Tips but since they made the bags triangular I'm sure the quality is worse than it used to be.

Alfs 2:41 Fri Oct 8
Re: Yorkshire tea
I love a mug/cup/pot of tea but it has to be strong, as in Tea flavoured. YT isn't as good as PG tips, and is seriously overpriced.

Loose tea made in a pot is probably the best way but if going the bag route leave the bags (I always use two) for 4-5 minutes and use water straight from the boil.

nychammer 2:26 Fri Oct 8
Re: Yorkshire tea
Sorry maybe ignorant but WTF is Yorkshire Tea? Unless "Yorkshire" is a tea producing region in India it can fuck right off.

bruuuno 11:59 Thu Oct 7
Re: Yorkshire tea
Mugs game

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