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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Alfs 3:07 Fri Oct 8
We're in for a hard year or two. Gas prices rising at the rate of knots, food prices rocketing, shortages of CO2, many industries struggling due to lack of qualified staff, taxes rising, GP appointments harder to get than full blown Aids. Oh, and climate change is causing havoc.

It's a fucking mess.

Did Boris mention that Brexit would mean that we're all going to find an extra 2 or 3 grand per year to simply sustain the way we presently live?

The Pandemic is responsible for a some of it, but utter incompetence by our Government is responsible for the rest.

What's frightening is that we don't have a party that I, or much of the nation, believe can make things better. I'm moderate left wing but don't have any confidence in Labour, either.

The members of WHO would make a better government than what's available at the moment.

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riosleftsock 12:22 Sun Oct 17
Re: Inflation
Capitol Man 6:07 Sat Oct 16
Re: Inflation
With supply chain costs going through the roof you’d have hoped it changes the economics to produce more domestically.

If only you had a president that pushed a "make america great again, repatriation of manufacturing" policy in charge.

Another example of why drugs and marxism are not good for you kids.

daveyg 12:19 Sun Oct 17
Re: Inflation
agreed. I was in Coimbra state in Portugal fo 10 weeks house hunting. Went into various supermarkets,grocery and vegetable prices are MORE expensive there. The choice and range is far greater here. The LIDL store is the same size but is emptier with less choice.

Capitol Man 6:07 Sat Oct 16
Re: Inflation
With supply chain costs going through the roof you’d have hoped it changes the economics to produce more domestically.

Could be a painful shift though.

LAF 5:53 Sat Oct 16
Re: Inflation
The UK’s business model, mirroring all Capitalist states’ models, is all wrong and ready to burst. We can’t keep relying on cheap labour to keep profit margins healthy and the purchasing power of shoppers attractive. Primark prices for clothes and heavily subsidised state/cartel supermarket funding of farming is a fragile position that is not sustainable. Coupled with just-in-time manufacturing to storage to point of sale, we’ve created a house of cards system.
For too long rich nations - not just the West - have been lured into the must have of material wealth and, perhaps, we need to pull back from this.
Aside from clothes and food, look how we are in a state of crisis with our public services caused by cheap labour. NHS, care homes, education, police, fire service, social services- all terribly underfunded and suffering under the weight of being understaffed and poorly trained.
Ultimately, we pay for what we get…..or don’t get.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:30 Sat Oct 16
Re: Inflation
Apart from the job vacancies, the Bank of England has suggested that inflation isn't a problem (though it needs to have an eye kept on it).

So, yes, stagflation here we come.

BRANDED 11:34 Sat Oct 16
Re: Inflation
There are now 2.3 million job vacancies in the UK

Kaiser Zoso 11:33 Sat Oct 16
Re: Inflation
It seems the ingredients are present for a period of stagflation, led by the US economy

Rapidly rising prices, poor job numbers, sluggish growth

Let's hope it doesn't spiral into a full blown recession.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:42 Sat Oct 16
Re: Inflation
Yes. It was a fucking shit response as Russ has pointed out.

ray winstone 4:35 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation
Russ of the BML 3:52 Fri Oct 15

It was in response to Trundle's puerile 'blatant upside' comment but if you don't wish to read the whole thread then you're going to make yourself look stupid I guess....

Mike Oxsaw 4:31 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation
I think we may finally be on the path to realising that those who actually do productive work are more important/valuable than those who manage/administer them.

Now, we're clearly quite a way from that because I can clearly hear the spluttering of "important" people choking on their G&Ts (with Peruvian lemon, naturally) at the thought of people working "under" them regularly earning more than they do.

RM10 4:16 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation
When people are treated like shit and not listened to while those above just milk it, then you get wat you are getting at present, with people making life choices not to do them anymore, hence haulage drivers treated like shit is just one example of nobody listening.

logo 4:14 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation
Mike Oxsaw 4:04 Fri Oct 15

Apologies, took this as a statement.

RM10 4:10 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation
Branded- higher wages does mean higher prices on certain goods but we then have the choice wat to spend on

Mike Oxsaw 4:04 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation
logo 3:48 Fri Oct 15

That was a slightly tongue-in-cheek comment.

I lived and worked in mainland Europe from 1996 until 2006, my now adult but fully linkless daughters still do, so am aware of the cost of living there.

I did notice that certain trades & occupations that "we" look down upon almost with disgust here in the UK fare much better in mainland European society.

Russ of the BML 3:52 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation
ray winstone 12:05 Thu Oct 14

Fuck me, Ray.

That's a bit like saying you had a better firework display but it took you until Christmas Eve to do it.

logo 3:48 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation
After living in Toulouse for the last 5 years I can tell you this in totally incorrect.

Food prices are considerably higher along with every day items from garden, home and clothing and phone contracts.

The only notable cheaper items are tobacco and alcohol in pubs / restaurants (supermarket prices for alcohol are high), transport and water rates and rent.

Gas electricity and fuel are more or less what we pay here.

Mike Oxsaw 3:15 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation
Prices are cheaper in the EU.

BRANDED 3:03 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation
If the socialist Brexiters want higher wages they'll get higher prices.

eusebiovic 3:01 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation
Boris this, Boris that, Boris means inflation...

mashed in maryland 2:58 Fri Oct 15
Re: Inflation

The era of cheap food is over, apparently.

We're seeing more and more of this sort of talk....

Every single politician, businessman and media talking head is gonna give their own reasons for this, which coincidentally align perfectly with whatever agenda they're pushing.

Nurse Ratched 12:11 Thu Oct 14
Re: Inflation
Ray, why do you think it is that the UK still has lots of adults unvaccinated? Think about it reeeeeally carefully before you respond. Even if you don't respond, have a bit of a think anyway. Treat yourself for once.

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