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Leonard Hatred 4:35 Fri Oct 8
Sir Trev in the 13th minute

Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

Lennon getting shot

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WHU(Exeter) 8:27 Tue Oct 12
Re: 1980
Ted, it was white, I remember my parents arguing about getting white because any dirt would always show up.

Don't think either of them expected blood all over it within the first few days of purchase though.

ted fenton 7:53 Tue Oct 12
Re: 1980
WHU(Exeter) 5:04 Sun Oct 10

Amazing story what colour was the carpet.

Cabbage Savage 7:28 Tue Oct 12
Re: 1980
year little Pickle ayj 12 has larst vodka at Bench to go to UK.

panamahat 7:18 Tue Oct 12
Re: 1980
Saw the Clash for the second time at the Top Rank Brighton , first time was at Bath Pavillion with the Slits .

terry-h 10:37 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
Scottish Cup Final 1980. The captain of Cowdenbeath was holding the cup doing a lap of honour round Hampden Park. The cheers were ringing round the Blue Brazil after a stunning 4-1 victory over Glasgow Celtic.

After he woke up, he found himself in a gutter in the centre of the town covered in his own vomit and piss.

aldgate 9:03 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
Decorating your bedroom window on cup final day - shoot team pic and rosette

Claret Badger 8:53 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
9th birthday

starting supporting WHUFC

fairly sure last time I shit the bed

plankton 8:41 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
The closest I ever came to departing this mortal coil. Fell asleep at the wheel and drove a pickup off a 800' cliff close to Cape Town, SA. The angel on duty turned me away at the pearly gates and dumped me unconscious in a blackthorn bush several dozen yards down the cliff-face. I hadn't been wearing a seatbelt and came out through the windscreen as the car rotated over my head.

So don't believe all that crap that seat-belts save lives.

WHU(Exeter) 6:05 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
One of my local cafes near work had things like "Lasangar - £2.99" and "Boiled - £2.50" with no indication of what it was that had actually been boiled, liver, potatoes, who knows, presumably not the Lasangar.

There were cobwebs holding much of it together, in the case of one of the doors I think literally.

Was a little backroom where people of all ages seemed to be nursing a cup of tea for hours watching the likes of Topcat.

Went in there once and the woman my who ran the place sat us down and pulled out the last bit of cough lozenge she was sucking and put it on the top of a pyramid of cigarette ash, which sent some of the ash tumbling onto the the table. That was my abiding memory of the place.

That wasn't 1980 though so apologies to the OP.

Nurse Ratched 5:24 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
"their bacon and cabbage couldn't be rivalled!"


Hold my beer...

WHU(Exeter) 5:04 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
My Mum and Dad had just bought a brand new front room carpet, not the sort of thing they could stretch to normally, it was quite a big thing.

Say on the floor watching the game, so nervous that I kept running my hands/knuckles up and down the floor for most of the game, was only after the 90th minute that I noticed blood all over the brand new carpet.

RBshorty 4:54 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
“No, I am your father.!”

Aalborg Hammer 1:49 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
Went freelance -started in Lower Regent Street and discovered Wards Irish bar on Piccadilly Circus...what a great drinking hole that was -No longer there now ,their bacon and cabbage couldn't be rivalled!
Celebrated my new job by buying a brand new Honda 1000 and drove all the way down to Barcelona with my girlfriend- I still have the bike but not the girl
Trevor at Wembley and all the games up to the final,starting at Leyton Orient - Elland Road was the highlight

marty feldman 12:19 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
May 10 1980 what a day
The blues brothers
The brawl in Montreal / no mas
John Lennon assassination
Hagler minter.
Iranian embassy siege

ted fenton 11:58 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
Took a Severance deal from the PLA after 15 years in Millwall Dock.
Took my girlfriend now my wife to Tobago and got home in time to see Sir Trev's glancing header.
Bought a MK1 Granada Ghia.
All in all a happy time in my life.

lincslink 4:52 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980

lincslink 4:52 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
Left school and stared my apprenticeship.

zebthecat 12:38 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
This is the one that hooked me Swiss. John Peel was partially responsible for a whole bunch of bands getting wider recognition. KJ, the Cure, Joy Division etc. etc.


OccupyGreenStreet 12:16 Sun Oct 10
Re: 1980
Talking Heads - Remain in Light
A Certain Ratio - Shack Up, Flight

Swiss. 5:37 Sat Oct 9
Re: 1980
B52s - Wild Planet....fuck me what a year.

only1billybonds 5:29 Sat Oct 9
Re: 1980
Had one of THE days of my life at Wembley for a certain game of football.

Got my flat on the Isle of Dogs.

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