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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Sydney_Iron 3:31 Sat Oct 23
COP26, UN climate conference
World leaders, celebrities, business leaders and scientists flying in on private jets from all over the world! Up to 25000 of them expected when you add in the family, friends, servants and personal staff and security, all being ferried around in electric (climate friendly) limousines that don’t have enough charging station so Diesel generators being brought in to create extra…...LOL

Will it achieve anything, how many anarchist types turn up to demonstrate, will insulate Briton have a sit down on any of Glasgow’s major roads?

Personally im expecting fuck all to be achieved, and lots of unwashed and middle class lefty types to cause chaos, but not expecting the old bill to be quite as passive with them as we have been seeing with the insulate Briton types, may see a few cracked heads……….

Let the Games begin.

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Mike Oxsaw 5:39 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
Given the way that some go on about solar panels saving the world it's almost as if they believe that these panels actually soak up greenhouse gasses whilst giving off loads of free electricity.

goose 5:16 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
"falling prices in that sector"

have you looked at the price of solar panels and the metals that go into it?

roughly +20% vs 2020.

Mike Oxsaw 4:45 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
That article did say that recycling solar panels costs between $20 & $30 each without taking into account and local restrictions on dealing with the potential toxic waste they contain.

It went on to say that disposing them in a landfill site costs about $1-$2.

Equally important, the original data assumed those who have already installed solar panels will leave them in place for 30 years, whereas in reality, it's now far more beneficial beneficial to replace them after just 10 - energy price hikes will only reduce that figure further. That's just domestic users; factor in commercial users and the world will soon have a massive used solar panel mountain to deal with.

A solar panel is almost entirely made of glass that has so little reuse potential that even the users (such as beer spirits & wine producers) don't bother reusing it.

Any way this is spun, moving to "renewables" will create an enormous spike in fossil fuel use. One that is likely to be a climate doom-merchant's wet dream.

Is virtual signalling THAT important to them that they are prepared to wreck the climate for that brief "look at GREEN me", warm fuzzy feeling?

Hammer and Pickle 4:28 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference

The Harvard Business Review article talks about the as yet massively unfulfilled market for disposal and recycling of renewable tech like solar panels given the massive increase in generation capacity and falling prices in that sector. This is hardly a surprise for anyone who has even a passing interest in the matter and is capable of reading an article. No wonder the resident fossil fuel gimp hasn't really presented the link he has posted.

Lee Trundle 1:54 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
Hammer and Pickle 12:43 Fri Nov 19
"I’m suggesting AC use is restricted"

Good luck with that one.

It'll be like telling you to restrict your alcohol consumption.

Mike Oxsaw 1:50 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
I spent 4 years working in Oman. In that time it rained/was overcast (in Muscat) 3 days - Three. Days. It gets shit loads of sunshine (during the day).

Some of the mobile phone base stations we installed were inaccessible by road because there were no roads to where they were required - everything was shipped in (and out) by helicopter on flights lasting up to 4 hours.

You would have thought that such sites were ideal candidates for solar power but the government insisted that they be powered by 2 diesel generators (one a back-up) each with a 1,000 litre tank in addition to the on-gen 100 litre tank.

These were to be replenished every 2 weeks (or sooner, depending on use), again by helicopter.

If a country that is basically bathed in eternal sunlight has no interest in (free (just like social media)) solar energy, it can't be that much of a saviour.

goose 1:37 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
oh yeh the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW is a well known to the fossil fuel lobby.

Mike Oxsaw 1:18 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
How DO you dispose of a solar panel that has reached the end of it's usefulness?

Hammer and Pickle 1:10 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
Ha ha ha!

The fossil fuel lobby gimp wants to talk about the dark side of solar panels.

Fucking priceless.

goose 1:02 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
Fast growing sector?? its one tiny company you've found that costs an absolute fucking bomb to process solar panels.

lets see what the Harvard Business Review has to say on the matter:


Mike Oxsaw 12:58 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
There might well be a bell-end to his knowledge, though.

Block 12:56 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
Pickled should be the president of the UN, NATO and WHO.

There's no end to his knowledge.

Mike Oxsaw 12:49 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
None of which, of course, suggests that in the 2 weeks out of the last 5 years that pickled has holidayed in Spain (on the coast with cooling sea breezes, no doubt) he actually stayed in accommodation where the a/c was 100% and solely powered by solar energy.

Must have been fun between dusk & dawn though, if it was.

Block 12:47 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
Is there an end to your wisdom, Pickled?

Hammer and Pickle 12:43 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
I’m suggesting AC use is restricted to the electricity generated in one’s personal solar panel system as a broad standard. This tends to work quite well in my experience of hot climes like Spain.

Block 12:37 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
So we all need to stop breathing, and now also not use AC to keep us from sweating our bollocks off.

What sort of parallel universe do you live in?

Hammer and Pickle 12:32 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
California needs to get used to using less AC in the summer. Consumers have to become far more energy-use conscious in general.

Oh and as for the recycling of solar panels, this is another fast growing segment in an already massive sector

Mike Oxsaw 12:29 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
The debate has fuck all to do with "cost structure" - it's about greenhouse gas emission.

The argument for California is that, despite it's huge solar panel farms (and seasonal droughts) it still needs to burn (vast amounts of) fossil fuel just to maintain a degree of civilisation.

goose 12:26 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
California spend billions of dollar implementing solar energy.

and still - even during the summer it needed to rely upon surrounding states for energy.

shall we talk about solar waste next?? do you think those solar panels can be recycled??

Hammer and Pickle 12:16 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
California is getting by?
How much more carbon is it emitting thanks to all those solar panels, what is the scale of energy use and what is its energy cost structure? I ask because you seem to think California is a suburb full of fat, divorced old pricks.

Mike Oxsaw 12:14 Fri Nov 19
Re: COP26, UN climate conference
"the share of renewables in the energy mix is rapidly rising"...

...but not where it is being used to create the number of wind turbines and solar panels needed.

Borneo could go 100% renewable but as it has a minimal industrial footprint it makes fuck-all difference to greenhouse gas production.

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