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riosleftsock 11:57 Sun Oct 31
Professor David Starkey
Now has his own YT channel after being deplatformed (partly his own fault)

Just been watching for a couple of hours covering the history of Parliament, Magna Carta from 1215 to 1225 as well as the monarchy (recent).

He truly is a national treasure. Treat yourself to some free genius if you have time.

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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:47 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey

Dunno about the men thing - he's as bent as a nine bob note, if that has any relevance.

The reason I choose the Bill of Rights (1689) and the industrial revolution is precisely because the effects were so far reaching. The Bill of Rights did enshrine freedom of religious thought and the industrial revolution (1760 ish) led to huge changes in the environment, a diaspora of working class people from countryside to city and consequent huge realignment of economic resources. Now, England was was perhaps lucky to be in possession of enough educated minds, labour and economic resources to bring about the industrial revolution, but we weren't the only ones.

I think he's bang on right about this one, though you might argue the printing press or even the stirrup.

frank marker 9:43 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
Your superior knowledge has me there, Nurse. Is it any good or am I missing some irony?

Nurse Ratched 9:35 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
Read Guns, Germs and Steel, have you Frank? 😉

frank marker 9:33 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
Mr Surface

Thanks for the reply. I'd like to take an example. Mr Starkey lists a long line of important inventions which he credits to British men (he seemed to enjoy stressing it was men, and it was, but a bit weird stressing it so much). And on the face of it, he's right. Would you agree that he implies that it was because of their genius / talent / greatness that the rest of the world moved into the modern era? That's one way of looking at it.

But you can also analyse such developments from the point of view of the environment, economic resources, changes in population, even such things as freedom of religious thought, all of which may have had just as significant an impact as the individual. Take any invention such as the car or the steam engine and you'll find more than one claimant to its provenance. My point is, we can celebrate in wonder the individuals who appear to have shaped our world or ask ourselves why their achievements were possible at a particular place and time.

Nurse Ratched 8:36 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
Arf! @ Savage

only1billybonds 7:43 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
Ok soppy bollox,I'll play.

Please show where i have EVER referred to British soldiers murdering darkies in Africa or anywhere else?

Do you really not know how much of a cunt you make of yourself on here? You should have a slight idea,enough people tell you daily.

Swiss. 7:34 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
only1billybonds 7:03 Mon Nov 1

I thought the only history you like is watching British soldiers murdering "darkies" in Africa?

only1billybonds 7:03 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
Russ,here ya go. Enjoy.


Swiss. 6:35 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
Starkey is grammar school, wannabe posh cunt who likes cock.

A. J. P. Taylor is the daddy.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:18 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey

I think the Bill of Rights combined with the industrial revolution are pretty good arguments in his favour, although I haven't seen his full argument.

I accept what you say about not over-emphasising Britain's achievements, but it's also important not to ignore the things it has achieved. I sispect that one of Starkey's failings is that while emphasising the latter, he sometimes, though over-enthusiasm (and ego) over-steps into the former.

In Starkey's defence, from about 1930 until the Berlin Wall came down, almost every other historian in the country was a Marxist.

frank marker 5:27 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
And I forgot to mention, he never got over his brother playing drums in the Beatles.

frank marker 5:23 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
In response to the clip posted by wd40

So I watched about half of the clip and a couple of things occur to me. He draws a really amusing analogy of Greta Thunberg as a medieval child saint and Attenborough as Saint Simeon Stylites but then gets carried away with his analogy rather than actually addressing the issue. In short, it's more important to him to show how clever he is than to engage in a detailed argument. This isn't exactly uncommon, I know. He comes out with grand statements which are massive unqualified generalisations, something most historians would take him to pieces for. For instance the claim that Britain invented modernity is a comforting thought... if you're British, ... and if the only evidence you can find comes from Britain... and you ignore all the contributions of all the other countries in the world throughout history... I mean, seriously?

I hope this thread doesn't descend into a right v left / woke v unwoke(?), insult hurling extravaganza. That would be too easy. But I don't think his approach to analysing history is one I can subscribe to. If in his latter years he chooses to earn a few bob providing content for GBN then that's his prerogative. But I hope people will listen to him politely and critically, asking why he is saying what he says and what evidence he has for it.

Cabbage Savage 5:01 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
He was best 1 in Starkey & Huch

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:50 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey

Blimey! If you think Starkey is all about himself, you haven't studied AJP very closely.

I like them both

Chigwell 3:21 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
frank marker 12:24

My thoughts exactly.

Russ of the BML 1:52 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
only1billybonds 12:10 Mon Nov 1

Be good if you could find it mate. I like Starkey but am also a fan of Dale. He is a sensible and rational head in the ocean of nutters.

only1billybonds 12:10 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
He gave a really good interview with Iain Dale at the Edinburgh fringe a couple of years ago,i'll post the link later if i can find it.

wd40 11:45 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey

, 10:56 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
Starkey is good but for me too much of what he produces seems to be about him.

I think that personally Starkey, as a historian, cannot hold a candle to A.J. P Taylor.

only1billybonds 10:50 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
He only has to wake up in the morning to upset the bedwetters so yes, I'm a fan. He really does know his stuff,gave some great interviews during the Brexit campaign.

muskie 9:53 Mon Nov 1
Re: Professor David Starkey
I agree with Frank, I always saw him as a Tudor apologist. The Tudors were animals in my opinion.

However I respect Starkey for standing up to the woke nazis so have subscribed to his channel.

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