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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

LeroysBoots 12:34 Mon Nov 8
Gold on Talksport

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marty feldman 8:59 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
Anyone with a hole up there arse can see through gold . Complete spiv but a clever one .

Sir Alf 8:11 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
Yep just some of the bare faced lies in that list.

He and Sullivan are dishonest, untrustworthy, misogynistic narcissists. Other than that a better couple of lads you will never meet.

In the end though for all their wealth and ability to buy love ( aka brasses as wives ) they will die poor men in terms of what really matters which is how you are remembered, the good things you did, your family and friends who loved you.

As mentioned previously, Gold will bow out like a modern day scrooge with tens of thousands of people happy to see him in his grave. That money he has cannot rescue his reputation or integrity.

Rossal 5:22 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
Kaiser Zoso 10:28 Wed Nov 10

Wasnt one of the Europa qualis due to fair play league....i mean come on....and as said this season was our first appearance in the competition technically

What was i looking for exactly..... well as a starter point....

- A stadium move where what was promised was even half delivered
- A football stadium not an athletics arena
- Sufficient spending on the first team squad
- A premier league standard training ground
- Full away allocations too always be taken as promised
- Not charging the club high amount of interest on loans
- Not lying to fans
- Not having embarrassing PR constantly
- Not to bang the drum about affordable football and then charge adult prices to kids for cat A games

They are just off the top of my head, there's probably another 20/30 issues which have made their reign a shambles a quick google search can bring up. Dont let the on field success make us forget they are vermin who need to go.

ChesterRd 5:08 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
Any businessman that has an operational plan and infrastructure in place and can conduct themselves professionally is an upgrade on GSB. Just because Moyes has got the on field set up spot on does not mean the rest of the club has likewise transformed. It hasn't. We've got Sullivan sat in Theydon Towers in his fancy dress, Gold who wont know what day of the week it is and 2 day a week Brady. None of the senior executives at the club are top tier talent, most are lapdogs of Brady. None of this will change until the 3 clowns are sent packing, but at least there is light t the end of the tunnel.

goose 10:51 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
wd40 10:30 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport

is there a published list somewhere we get to pick from??

do they change their linkedin profile to say "looking to buy a football club"??

Side of Ham 10:38 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
We didn’t qualify for Europe 3 times, we got to be knocked out in the playoffs to get into it TWICE by some team in the Romanian league……

wd40 10:30 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
Again people giving it large on wanting new owners and never putting up names or who owners they admire in the top fight.
If you going to protest at least put up something in return .
But please feel free to still march with 300 others make a pretty banners to get on t.v

Kaiser Zoso 10:28 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport

They’ve qualified for Europe 3 times, had the highest two finishes in the Premier, broke the club transfer record numerous times, but had one relegation?

What was you looking for exactly?

Rossal 10:24 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
Kaiser Zoso 10:15 Wed Nov 10

I dont think they or anyone appointed him with the expectation that he would lead us to 6th spot and Europa and then this season

GSB have hit the jackpot. The success is in spite of their ability to run a football club, which for the majority of their ownership has been shocking. They dont deserve the success we are currently having.

threesixty 10:20 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport

You will never know the list of managers that wanted the job. Hardly anyone will. It’s not the civil service!

All you need to know is that BFS was one of the highest paid managers in world football at one point and West Ham is in the biggest league in the world. So to think that there is never a queue of people wanting the job is madness.

The reality is the best managers in the world are in jobs already. If your looking to entice the best managers in world football then yeah the list will be small unless you pay absolutely fuck loads of money.

But (as we now know) you don’t need to always go shopping at Waitrose to make a nice meal.. Aldi will do as well!

Kaiser Zoso 10:15 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
Rossal 9:52 Wed Nov 10

How does that work then?

Is he not doing the job they assessed he was worth giving the pivotal and well paid role at a football club to, to win football matches? Isn't that what they wanted?

How is it 'in spite of' anything?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:02 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
goose 10:51 Tue Nov 9

'They didn’t ‘save’ the club and he didn’t risk anything.'

If it was risk-free why weren't there a queue of potential buyers willing to offer more?

Incidentally, it's not 'risk-free' at any point. A somewhat fortunate win over Blackpool was the only thing between West Ham and being Portsmouth. And relegation next season would still see them fucked.

Rossal 9:52 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
We're doing well down to David Moyes and his coaching staff.

Bet GSB cant believe their luck on how its turned out, i think the appointment was a cheap option and in Moyes they knew they had a 'yes' man. He has then gone on to exceed expectations considerably.

We're doing well despite the owners, not because of them.

Mike Oxsaw 9:50 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
I didn't say nobody wants a job in the Premier League, I asked to be shown the list of applicants for this particular role.

Only the same thing in the mindset of an imbecile.

threesixty 9:39 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
I’m indifferent to any ownership really. Football is a hard place to make money and win at the same time. It’s an unusual business. Normal businesses men don’t buy clubs because it’s not a straightforward way to make money but an easy way to lose it.

So you’re always going to get fucked up ownership that generally doesn’t align with the fans. I don’t know of many clubs where the fans are happy with the owners all the time. Rather it’s ups and downs.

Right now the proof is in the pudding with them. Yes we can say it’s luck etc, but someone had to make decisions and they did. And that’s why we are here. You cant spin it any other way.

They got Moyes in the first time, they then acted as the fans wanted and brought in an “elite manager” with trophies and spent a lot on players and it fucked up. And they decided to end it and bring in Moyes again. That’s decision making, not really luck.

And the idea that no one wants a premier league job is silly. Everyone wants a job in this league. It pays pretty well. Moyes was not the only choice at all. It’s just that they liked him and trusted him, that’s all.

Mike Oxsaw 8:51 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
Show me the list of managers wanting to work with GSB after Pellers was released.

Now show me the list of (professional) football clubs asking David Moyes to become their next manager.

Organise the two into a Venn diagram and the area where the two sets overlap will contain only one name & one club.

He had no choice but to accept their offer (or remain out of the game) and they had no choice in employing anybody but him.

Let us not try and rewrite history to portray David Moyes' 2nd stint here as a decisive master-stroke by the board. Hobson had more options.

Steady 2:42 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
I don’t wish hate on Gold, however don’t doubt that they GSB are business people and have taken a lot of money out of the club.

The aim is to make money and keep us in the premier league. Moyes was their lottery win, a manager that not only kept us in this division but has turned us into a genuine top 8 club.

Manuel 2:39 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
They may not have 'saved us' as like 95% of clubs we would have found a buyer, BUT with another buyer we could have easily become another Forest/Leeds/Sheff Wed. The again. had we not beat Blackpool we could have been under these owners.

History will most likely judge them as having been okay for us, although the ground move will always be the big debate. Where we are now in terms of good side, league placings etc, I would only credit Moyes for that, the owners got lucky.

Alfs 2:21 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
I've been no fan of GSB over the years and wanted them gone - but I've reconsidered.

There aim was CL football within 5 years, which was an incredibly ambitious statement, yet here we are, in the last 16 of Europe, quarters in the Carabao, 3rd in the league, and beating the traditional top 6 clubs.

Okay, they're 2 or 3 years behind schedule but CL is becoming a real possibility. Not only that, but they have attracted a multi billionaire to invest in our club..

They've, like it or not, transformed West Ham into a club that has given me the best 18 months in the 52 years I've supported it.

Yes, they may have made a few million in interest, but why should that bother anyone? Do you boycott the supermarkets when they announce record profits? No, you fucking don't.

Look at the cold facts and give credit where credit is due.

Sydney_Iron 12:54 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
Agree with those who cant understand the hate towards him and would even wish death on him.

Says more about them than Gold.

But yeah I would like GSB gone and they have made some massive fuck ups and lied to the fans, but does that deserve death? Then you look at how we as a club are today, 3rd in the PL, into the knockout stages of the Europa, a team and club on the up as far as I can see, credit were its due to the club and board its not exclusively down to Moyes.

Some West Ham fans will never move on though, can understand it up to a point, but bottom line is you cant change the past and right now the future is looking as good as i can ever remember.

cartis 12:43 Wed Nov 10
Re: Gold on Talksport
ChesterRd 11:17 Tue Nov 9
Agree with every word.
He is rotten.

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