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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Crassus 10:50 Tue Nov 9
Advice Required - Televisions
Had the kitchen ripped out, wall down, proper job
Mojave Desert dust storms are clearing and as it approaches completion I want a television out there

Problem being, I don't have a Scoobie or inclination to read spec's which I won't understand - in my day things plugged in the wall were turned off, not 'powered down'

So I consult the wisdom of WHO - what do you blokes recommend?

So, what I need

1/Something that works off the wi fi to pick up BT Sport, to which we subscribe, and streams to which I don't
2/Reasonable picture quality
3/Ability to connect to X Box for when my lad comes over and wants to run his games through and his Sky 'access'
4/Ability to connect to a lap top
5/Sound system connectivity

And of sound systems, is Sonos the wireless way forward?

Apologies for being a Luddite, but in my childhood TV's had push buttons, three channels and the leap of technology was colour, Channel 4 and teletext

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ChesterRd 8:34 Fri Nov 19
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
I've got an LG, decent TVs. You made the right choice Crassy, well done.

joe royal 11:14 Fri Nov 19
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
Uncle joe sorts your problems.

joe royal 11:30 Tue Nov 9
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
Thought the general opinion on sound n vision stuff was to wobble off to Ritcher Sounds and ask there.

chim chim cha boo 6:35 Thu Nov 18
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
madeeasy 5:57 Thu Nov

I forgot that so thanks for reminding me.

I've had a four slot Dualit with with 2 toasted sandwich holders for about 20 years now. What do you think I am, an amateur!

Crassus 6:34 Thu Nov 18
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
I remember that Sir Trev effort, stuck in the stanchion (tremendous long lost football word)

I saw Gazza score against THAT goal against the Scotchers on the banks of the Wye, 15th June, awaiting the midnight start to the season - watched upon a little pocket tv thing that I acquired a batch of

Life and tv's were a quite simple thing back then

Pentonville 6:31 Thu Nov 18
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
a little black and white portable will do the job mate ;-)

ludo21 6:28 Thu Nov 18
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
I remember watching Sir Trev score THAT goal for England in Hungary on a 6 inch b&w tv with manual tuning (like an old radio). Picture quality was crap, it was like there was a snow storm in Budapest, but it's one of my best remembered goals from watching on TV.

Mr Anon 6:09 Thu Nov 18
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
You bought from the right people. Richer Sounds have fantastic customer care

Crassus 6:06 Thu Nov 18
Re: Advice Required - Televisions

Funny you should say that Easy old son
What do you blokes think of Sonos?

And, more immediately, what about these Firesticks? Took a look and there are various, what do I need?

Don't need a kettle, just having a Quooker installed and the toaster is bought, a Zwilling

madeeasy 5:57 Thu Nov 18
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
Chim or toaster...

get a 4 slice dualit, you wont regret it

chim chim cha boo 5:54 Thu Nov 18
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
Well done Crass, you'll never regret it. Never go cheap on your TV, laptop (or PC) and your kettle. Buy cheap, buy twice.

SecondOpinion 5:35 Thu Nov 18
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
You'll be wanting a decent Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Sytsem next :-)

Crassus 5:12 Thu Nov 18
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
Many thanks, LG purchased from Richer Sounds
Always get an answer from WHO

chim chim cha boo 10:30 Thu Nov 11
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
Crass I've got a 65 inch Panasonic from a couple of years ago and it's a great TV. As I have to show clients their videos I edit for them in as high as possible quality I've also got a Naim and ATC surround setup that cost eighteen grand.

However, my brother bought a new telly this year and wanted me to hang it on the wall for him. LG make virtually all OLED screens (the best possible quality) and then sell them to rival companies that put their own electronics in them.

He got an


...and my jaw dropped straight from the box to the wall. You can't really tell how good a TV is until you get it home and it's not surrounded by other tellys but somehow LG have made a TV that's straight out of the box better than my calibrated Panasonic.

£1600 at Richer Sounds.

Auntie Thermite 4:05 Thu Nov 11
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
I went with my mate to visit his sister's place in peckham when I were a lad and they had one of those and shown us how placing tin foil on one side made the machine think it's a 50p coin.

One can only imagine the fun to be had each visit to that estate when the company came to collect the coins from the system.

The brother in law gave us the telly to take down the stairs and challenged us to smash the screen "bet you can't smash the screen" he told us offering no incentive whatsoever other than the pure bliss to be had from wanton destruction, which gave us much needed play in throwing rocks at it for a few hours.

The spiritual growth from this early life lesson was immense.

Anyway Crass, with all the confusing array of options kindly volunteered here, don't forget to specifically ask the man in the shop "for a telly, that can do stuff and things" and you shouldn't go too far wrong.

Stickleback 4:04 Thu Nov 11
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
Horizontal and vertical hold knobs to stop them rolling when the power was low.

Cony Tottee 3:40 Thu Nov 11
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
Razzman 3:29 Thu Nov 11

We had to put 10 pences in ours. When it was emptied we got half back and the other have went to Rumbelows!!!

Razzman 3:29 Thu Nov 11
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
I remember putting shillings in the tele!

BRANDED 3:21 Thu Nov 11
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
You not got a laptop and a clean surface or something?

mallard 3:11 Thu Nov 11
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
Sony, Samsung or LG

Steer clear of the rest

MaryMillingtonsGhost 8:23 Wed Nov 10
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
Far easier to c&p:


MaryMillingtonsGhost 8:21 Wed Nov 10
Re: Advice Required - Televisions
You don't specify a size, but Hisense do differing sizes:


Perfect for the kitchen.

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