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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Irish Hammer 2:50 Thu Nov 11
Interview with Hayden Mullins.

Bit of light reading, nice West Ham mentions, I always thought he was a player that was a good member of that newly promoted/FA Cup side

My Best: Hayden Mullins

Hornets coach talks through his best players, matches and more in a quick-fire interview...

Best player you have played with?

“I always say Teddy Sheringham when people ask me this one. He was that good he could play in any era. His technique was fantastic and he had an unbelievable football brain. He didn't have any pace but he was so sharp, scored goals and passed it so well. I played with him at West Ham when he was 40 and he was still in great nick then, a true pro. I learnt so much from him.”

Best player you have played against?

“It has to be Cristiano Ronaldo. I played against him for West Ham at Old Trafford [in 2008] and he got both that day in a 2-0 win. I think he got 40 goals that season and he had everything. His size and strength is unreal and you only really appreciate it when you get close to him. I have to give Gerrard a mention here, though. He was a top, top player.”

Best player you have seen live?

“I've seen Messi live but I'm going to say Ronaldinho. I was very fortunate to watch him play for AC Milan against Real Madrid in a Champions League game as my friend [Kevin-Prince Boateng] got me a couple of tickets. I went with my son and some of the things Ronaldinho did that night were unreal.”

Best captain you’ve played under?

“I've played under some fantastic ones, including Sol Campbell at Portsmouth, but the best one for me was Lucas Neill at West Ham. He was brilliant in getting everyone together. He'd arrange nights out and go above and beyond with the wives and girlfriends, arranging meals and keeping them involved. He created a really good team spirit and we were a close unit.”

Best character in the dressing room?

“Wow, there have been loads over the years, some brilliant ones. Peter Crouch, who I played with at Portsmouth, is a hilarious guy, but I'm going to have to say Anton Ferdinand. He is the loudest character you'll come across. He's the first voice you hear when you walk into training and the last voice when you leave. He is talking constantly, always messing around and getting on people. He was so good to have in the dressing room.”

Best game you've played in?

“The FA Cup Final in 2010 when Chelsea beat Portsmouth 1-0. I'd missed the one in 2006 against Liverpool because I was suspended so I was fortunate to get another crack as I thought I had missed my chance.”

Best coach you've worked under?

“It has to be Terry Venables. He gave me my professional debut when I was at Palace and I'll be forever grateful for that. He is an absolute legend, a great guy and his man-management was second to none. He was a great coach and taught me so much.”

Best friend in football?

“Clinton Morrison. We met at 15 or 16 at Palace and came through together. We played in the same youth team, played in the first team for many years and then ended up rooming together at Palace. We still speak now and get on really well.”

Best game you've been to?

"I went to a Clasico with my son not long after I retired as a player and the atmosphere was brilliant. I think Barca won 1-0 and to get up close to Messi and see him live was a real treat.”

Best atmosphere you've been involved in?

“I'd say the play-off semi-final for West Ham against Ipswich at Upton Park in 2004. I couldn't hear a thing all night and then when we scored, the roof nearly came off. We came from one down after the first leg to win 2-0. It was a brilliant night at the old ground.”

Best game involving the team you support?

“I was a Spurs fan as a kid when they had Lineker and Gascoigne. The game that sticks in my mind is the FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal when Gascoigne stuck that free-kick in the top corner. That was magic from him.

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riosleftsock 10:13 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
I spent an unusual evening in the company of Sheringham when he was at spurs. I was a regular invite to their box because they couldn't get enough people to attend and I had a tie up through my company with a good supplier with a box there (I also had 4 holidays in their swiss villa so I wasn't going to upset them).

He had his leg in plaster and had pissed off Sugar again (I think it was Sugar) who had told him that if he couldn't play then he had to turn up and entertain the guests. So, he turned up and had a beer or three but nobody was interested in what he had to say, I'd had quite a few wines and beers by then so was quite talkative.

He fucking hated Sugar and quite a few others at spurs, can't remember who else, but he was fucking funny and a decent bloke.

chim chim cha boo 9:06 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
Cheers as usual Irish and I hope you are relatively well.

I was enjoying reading that interview until the last sentence.

Side of Ham 9:04 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
The one thing that team had in it was goals Sold, so there was no going there and 'hoping to celebrate a goal' for me........

arsene york-hunt 8:49 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
Wasn't it a Liverpool player cheating that caused his sending off that cost him a place in the cup final?

Plus ca change....

Sarge 7:47 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
Or just let it run out of play....

Lily Hammer 6:29 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
We’ll never know, Sold, but I did say “might just” and not “definitely would.”

I will say “probably would have made the difference,” if Lionel had booted the ball out over the half way line.

Northern Sold 6:12 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
I doubt it Lily… I mean he was hardly Duncan Edwards eh??

We all went to Cardiff in the hope/dream that we would have a GOAL to at least celebrate… we had THREE… more than e could have wished for… would Mullins have stopped the scouse three?? I doubt it…

Mr Kenzo 6:10 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
Best player you have seen live?

No mention of Javier Mascherano

Northern Sold 6:08 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
Too be fair Fletcher had a decent game in the final... but yeah 2005/6 was Hayden's best year... very under rated player... interesting what he said about Ted... for an old cunt he was fucking mustard for us...

Lily Hammer 3:28 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
At first I wasn’t impressed by Mullins, but he really grew as a player and his best form was in the lead up to the 2006 final. Was it Garcia who was the dick who got him sent off in the league match, meaning he missed the final?

We did indeed miss him that day. He might just have made the difference.

Chinkey Weasel 3:15 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
*chicken run

Chinkey Weasel 3:14 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
There was a geezer called Tim that used to sit near us in the back row of the chicken and every week he used to call him Muggins and shout it at him at the top of his voice.

A tad harsh I feel but he properly had it in for him every home game

gph 3:09 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
If Sol Campbell was as nuts then as he is now, surely there would have been some good anecdotes about playing with him as captain.

mallard 3:08 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
I always felt he was sorely missed in that Cup Final

Cheers Irish

Hermit Road 3:04 Thu Nov 11
Re: Interview with Hayden Mullins.
If the last question had been the first one I wouldn’t have read any further.

I’m off to wash with some bleach.

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