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devonhammer 6:32 Thu Nov 18
So me and my lovely lady ( no link) are off to New York in February - courtesy of some very cheap deals with BA.
I want to take in some good ol` American sport at Madison Square Garden.....but I`m unsure between the NY KNicks or the NY Rangers.
The ticket prices are roughly the same ( and not exactly cheap) so I`m wondering which would provide the best entertainment/atmosphere/ bang for my bucks??
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El Scorchio 7:10 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
ironsofcanada 5:18

Looks great! If only the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville had had such luxuries :)

Block 5:40 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
I bet you bought a foam finger, the hats with the beer can holders and popcorn, you fat cunt.

JustAFatKevinDavies 5:31 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
went to the knicks when I was in NY. Never really been into NBA at all but it was amazing, the yanks know how to do sport. We went up to the box office on the morning of the game and they had tickets available in good areas which were much cheaper then on the resale sites.

ironsofcanada 5:18 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
El Scorchio 4:52 Fri Nov 19

"If you do choose the hockey, wrap up warm though."

Unless headed to the Heritage Classic, proffessional stands are plenty heated.


Incidently, it was a little warmer (only - 10 to 15) when I watched the football in that stadium on Tuesday. A lot more snow though.

Bungo 4:56 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
Manuel 11:31 Fri Nov 19

Fair enough. I suppose what I mean is that the hockey element was probably only 30 odd percent of the total 'experience'.

El Scorchio 4:52 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
I'd pick hockey over basketball, but it's just personal preference as to which I prefer watching. Also the game will last longer.

If you do choose the hockey, wrap up warm though.

arsene york-hunt 4:49 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
They are both crap; find something else to do.

Far Cough 4:38 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
The bit I don't understand in NHL hockey is the icing rule, I guess it's a bit like offside in football?

Manuel 11:31 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
Bungo 9:58 Fri Nov 19

Yep, I hear what you are saying, it would be a 'fun' night out, no doubt, I get that. But in isolation, watching a game of Hockey? Not for me.

Block 11:23 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL

I'm very jealous, I love the KNICKS and would love to watch them live at the Garden.

Seen them over here when they were at the O2.

Much like West Ham, they've gone from being absolutely dogshit to actually a very good side.

MrSnoogans 11:22 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
*as you don't go into the dressing rooms or pre-game areas

MrSnoogans 11:21 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
NHL in my opinion. Hockey is pretty easy to understand and boils down to getting the puck in the net.

NBA just seems to have a bigger barrier to entry in regards to the rules. I still don't understand the whole fouling system. When I watched it, it was pretty hard to understand what was going on apart from the scoring.

also, don't do the MSG tour on game days. waste of time as you do go in the dressing rooms or the pre match areas.

Bungo 9:58 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
Manuel 6:46 Fri Nov 19

One of the things I found interesting about the Rangers game, was how co-ordinated all the elements were, presumably in an attempt to prevent the audience getting bored.

The moment play stopped, either the band started, the screen sprang into life or something else happened. It would carry on until the moment play restarted. I found it interesting as a whole 'show'.

Amazing production really.

Mr Kenzo 8:54 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
American Sports are shit, don't bother. Find a decent pub/restaurant instead

Manuel 6:46 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
Personally I wouldn't go to either, would bore the shit out of me, fuck watching a game of hockey, BUT I would love to go to NYC again, and as said below I'd go to see Billy Joel.

Sydney_Iron 6:31 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
NHL by a country mile! And odds on you will see a decent fight and plenty of dirty play, tripping slamming of players into the side of the rink etc

The NBA is a freak show, 7 foot plus players, its like ping pong back and forth scoring on just about every attack, turnover to the other side and repeat, every so often the ball hits the rim of the hoop and no goal, lots of ho ha, popocrn and lard arse supporters, the cheerleaders were nice but i think in this modern era that sort of stuff doesnt happen any more, sexist etc.

Nutsin 5:11 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
Ice hockey is better live…. So fast and amazing how quick the players are on the ice.

I’d say NHL over NBA.

Besides the knicks suck.

Capitol Man 4:56 Fri Nov 19
Re: NBA or NHL
I went a few times to Caps games in DC as my wife at the time’s law firm had free tickets there. I watched them win the Stanley Cup recently.

Strangely enough the Stanley cup ended up in my neighbour’s garden in Maine, I lived next door to Kevin Dineen at the time and he was being interviewed with it in his garden.

Pee Wee 11:42 Thu Nov 18
Re: NBA or NHL
NHL is excellent

Not a great TV sport sadly as it’s so fast and puck is small, but live matches are superb.

Worth looking at rules before you go (assume YouTube will have a good video) as you’ll then enjoy it a lot better.

Basketball bores the hell out of me.

epsom 11:27 Thu Nov 18
Re: NBA or NHL

If you are going early feb, get tickets to Billy Joel playing at the garden rather than the basketball or hockey.

He plays once a month, its great and is very NYC...

Bungo 11:22 Thu Nov 18
Re: NBA or NHL
Haven't seen the Knicks but went to a Rangers game a couple of years ago.

Great fun. Proper American entertainment in its proper place, unlike the uncomfortable feeling when they try to introduce US tackiness to sport over here.

Hadn't a clue what was happening but still really enjoyed it. House band up in the Gods (who even played some RUSH!). At half-time, reuniting kids with their military parents that they thought were overseas. All US hoopla was there.

Probably the most enjoyable part of that trip to NY.

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