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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Pub Bigot 11:40 Tue Nov 23
Away ticket ballot
Is it fixed? Put in for 5 away tickets this season and secured and grand total of zero.

Luckily folk I know have spares, so I've been okay, but either I'm incredibly unlucky or the ballot isn't as random as I've been lead to believe.

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Pub Bigot 10:09 Wed Jan 5
Re: Away ticket ballot
13 points to be precise. No points for Leeds.

ChesterRd 9:45 Wed Jan 5
Re: Away ticket ballot
Bearing in mind the club have been giving 2 points for a home cup games for a few seasons, their have been several opportunities to get tickets this season. Newcastle was general sale, Southampton only 7 points needed, Everton 6 points, Man Utd away in the cup no points needed. So if you did all those games acquiring the points as you go along plus add in the Europa home and Carabao home games you are already well into double figures as of now.

Rossal 6:40 Wed Jan 5
Re: Away ticket ballot
I must of gone in for 10+ ballots..... only got 1...... first game at new White Hart Lane

Think that is only one ive ever entered as a pair if that matters?

Pub Bigot 6:31 Wed Jan 5
Re: Away ticket ballot
I've managed to get Everton, Newcastle, Spurs, Man United (cup) and Man City on points, but missed out in the ballot to Burnley, Leeds, Arsenal, Man United, Villa, Wolves and Palace in the ballot.

Dan M 6:22 Wed Jan 5
Re: Away ticket ballot
Aw bless.

⚒️ 5:36 Wed Jan 5
Re: Away ticket ballot
I’ve got tickets for every away game this season. Probably to do with very few of them actually selling out.

On The Ball 5:33 Wed Jan 5
Re: Away ticket ballot
Pub Bigot 3:05 Wed Jan 5

It's not fixed, FFS!

Well, not for everyone

Pub Bigot 5:10 Wed Jan 5
Re: Away ticket ballot
Responded 👍

Fifth Column 4:13 Wed Jan 5
Re: Away ticket ballot
Pub Bigot - you have WHOMAIL

Pub Bigot 3:05 Wed Jan 5
Re: Away ticket ballot
Entered for the 7th time and shock of shocks, fuck all. I'm calling a fix. Cunts.

Fifth Column 3:23 Mon Dec 20
Re: Away ticket ballot

I hate you.


I'm like Pub bigot - never got one via the ballot ever.

Huffers 2:38 Mon Dec 20
Re: Away ticket ballot
Entered for the first time for my Dad for Palace. Got them.

RoyalDocksGK 2:36 Mon Dec 20
Re: Away ticket ballot
Just received the palace away tickets in the post this morning. That's the last two times I've applied and twice I've got them.

Pub Bigot 5:31 Wed Dec 15
Re: Away ticket ballot
No shock, didn't get one. I'm starting to think my name is blacklisted. Cunts.

Pub Bigot 11:53 Wed Dec 8
Re: Away ticket ballot
Entered my 6th ballot of the season. Fingers crossed.

Pub Bigot 5:40 Fri Dec 3
Re: Away ticket ballot
Another ballot, another missed ticket. 5 so far this season.

RoyalDocksGK 5:31 Fri Dec 3
Re: Away ticket ballot
Was going to say on here the other day how I've applied for loads of tickets and never had any luck. However I've just been told I've got two through from the ballot for Watford.

SDKFZ 222 10:08 Sat Nov 27
Re: Away ticket ballot
Upton Park Mark 12:21 Sat Nov 27

I bought my very first ‘half’ season ticket just before Christmas 1985 in the West Lower. The club was desperately trying to flog them, despite us having a very good season.

The old method of buying away tickets was first come, first served and it worked very well.

Anyway, I had the same seat, West Stand development notwithstanding, until we left in 2016.

I’ve also had the same seat at the LS ever since we moved there, but I realised quite early on that with an extra capacity that there would be greater demand for away tickets, as has been proved.

Over the years I have managed to go to most away matches that I have wanted to attend, but the more popular and close ones have proven to be a problem, like Watford, for instance. I managed to go to Watford every time I wanted to when we were at the Boleyn, but since we have moved I have never managed to get one, apart from this time.

Fifth Column 5:03 Sat Nov 27
Re: Away ticket ballot
That's interesting Mark that people put in to the ballot even if they have no intention of going. I've never entered the ballot unless I've actually wanted to go. It just takes tickets away from people who actually want to support the team.

Upton Park Mark 12:21 Sat Nov 27
Re: Away ticket ballot
Me and my son are only on 8 points, and so far have got tickets from the ballot for Newcastle, Everton and Man City.
Was speaking to someone at Everton who has access to 6 season tickets through friends/family and they put in 6 applications for every ballot whether they can go or not, and there must be a high volume that do the same.
I suppose the points system is the only fair way of doing things, but it's open to the 'I'll go in for it, and sell if need be' punter.
Back in 92 I bought a Chicken Run season ticket a couple of days before the season started, how times have changed.

Fifth Column 12:01 Sat Nov 27
Re: Away ticket ballot
Burnley went to high 20s, Watford to 33.

I've got mid twenties points and usually am fine but those two matches I've got nowhere near. But it's fair - people who've built up the points deserve to go.

Was a bit pissed off with Burnley as I'm up north and have never had any problems getting Burnley tickets before but I think a lot of people are buying to retain points and then selling on.

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