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the peckham cod 7:33 Fri Nov 26
Fan-Led Review of Football Governance
Anyone actually read the Fan-Led Review of Football Governance: securing the games future report that was published recently?

Lots in it but what are the implications for a club like ours (i've not read it yet myself) so hoping the bright sparks on here will digest it and share wisdom.


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bigfrank 3:44 Wed Dec 1
Re: Fan-Led Review of Football Governance

Well explained mate 👍🏻⚒🇬🇧

BRANDED 12:18 Wed Dec 1
Re: Fan-Led Review of Football Governance
Does this work anywhere else?

tnb 11:41 Tue Nov 30
Re: Fan-Led Review of Football Governance
Ultimately, if implemented (and it won’t be, except maybe a couple of token points) this would make investing huge sums in football clubs less attractive to potentially irresponsible investors - through redistribution of wealth, through tougher checks prior to takeovers being approved, and through the ‘golden share’ making it less attractive to take over a club if you’re looking to make massive changes like selling the ground or rebranding.

All of that would be great for ‘football’ in a bigger picture sense. It wouldn’t be great in the short term for individual clubs who are already at the top, relatively speaking - or who have ambitions to be so, although it might also stop some of them crashing and burning if those ambitions don’t come off. But on a selfish level, those fans won’t go for it - if you’re a Newcastle fan who doesn’t care where the money comes from then you want to be able to spend it without worrying about what might happen to a Bury or a Wigan. If you’re a Palace or a Brighton fan then you want to imagine that your club has the chance of a similar injection of wealth.

Fans are selfish, and those macro interests will take over against those of the sport as a whole because those clubs bring in the most money in sponsorship and TV deals and those fans spend the most on subscriptions and the like. Look at us - we are all hoping for a decent option to take over from GSB. Why would we sign up for something that would make us a less attractive option to a Kretinsky and Smith or whoever?

There are 20 premier league clubs and maybe half of those in the Championship who would fight tooth and nail against these measures. 62 or so other clubs would be all for them and would realise that they may go to the wall without them. The former group will have all the decision making power. And therein lies the real problem. When we allowed leagues to become companies in their own right and to make the FA dance to their tune, the die was cast. Worrying about some of the stuff in this report, whilst thoroughly well intentioned, is the very definition of window dressing sadly.

bigfrank 4:17 Tue Nov 30
Re: Fan-Led Review of Football Governance
Anyone seen Gary "I speak for everyone else" Neville input

bigfrank 9:28 Sun Nov 28
Re: Fan-Led Review of Football Governance
How the fuck is Richard Burnham involved

the peckham cod 8:04 Fri Nov 26
Re: Fan-Led Review of Football Governance
Apparently there is a recommendation to have democratic, fan-controlled community benefit societies holding 'golden shares' in clubs.

As only a recommendation I don't know how likely this is to happen. It's a govt commissioned report. So not like the govt to be incompetent or act against the interest of the peoople is it (sniggers).

Mex Martillo 8:04 Fri Nov 26
Re: Fan-Led Review of Football Governance
Some good stuff in there, hope they do it.

WHU(Exeter) 7:38 Fri Nov 26
Re: Fan-Led Review of Football Governance
I'd imagine that as it's fan led then not a blind bit of difference will be paid to it aside of obligatory niceties.

And then in 10, 15, 20 years there will be a host of 'lessons learnt' meetings on the then equivalent of zoom meetings.

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