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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 8:39 Sat Dec 11
Saturday football
A late Brentford win last night pushes them three more points towards unlikely safety, and within spitting distance of Man U and Arsenal. It also drags Watford perilously close to the drop zone – will Ranieri survive the season? There’s a hectic week of Premier League football ahead, as bells and tills continue their seasonal jingle.

City are in their stride, top of the league thanks to an excellent cross by Arthur Masuaka. Wolves have had trouble finding the net and would have preferred different opponents in an attempt to put that right. Little hope for them today. Home win.

It’s getting tight in the league’s lower reaches and the Saints are as close to the drop zone as they are to knocking on Europe’s door. Arsenal continue their delightfully inconsistent season, but will expect to capitalise on home advantage to see off today’s opponents, for whom old timer Wille Caballero will debut in goal. Home win.

Chelsea have conceded six goals in their last two games, which will cheer Marcelo Bielsa no end. But that’s probably the only thing that will cheer him today. Home win.

No prizes for guessing what the pre-match headlines will be all about. The Reds will hope for a slip-up by Man City in the early game, but either way will likely end the day still snapping at Citeh’s heels. Home win.

Has Norwich’s new manager bounce now bumped? Probably. Man U are just too good for the league’s bottom side. Away win.


Spurs will have a good deal of catching up to do, particularly if enough of their players don’t recover from Covid in time for their next game at Leicester on Thursday.

Burnley are three points adrift of safety having won just once this season, but have two games in hand over those above the line. This is one of those frustrating fixtures that you wish just didn’t have to be played. But it does and Moyes plus staff will have to motivate what should be a well-rested side to take the game to Burnley. Our tactics in many games have relied on a solid defence and a fast break. That’s worked well against some of the top sides, but it’s an approach that’s struggled to get past the lines of Brighton, Brentford and Palace. We can expect a cautious strategy from Burnley, but if our heads and hearts are in it, we should emerge with all three points. Away win.

Eddie Howe’s picked a tough old gig, but will have to make the most of away days like today to collect the points that will see his side to safety. The Foxes have been painfully inconsistent this season, and have an onslaught of the Covid to contend with as well. Still, they should be too strong for their visitors. Home win.

Speaking of inconsistent, Everton managed to beat Arsenal on Monday following a nasty winless run since September. They’re still ahead on points of their hosts today and will want to turbocharge their Christmas fixtures with a win today. Viera’s Palace will have other ideas. Draw.

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Mike Oxsaw 9:38 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football
Authorities just helping ensure that the best (brand names) in English football are/will be on display in Europe next season - all helps with the balance of payments, innit?

While those brands pull in most advertising revenue, "trickle down" ensures nothing must/can/will change.

RM10 8:28 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football
Shocking reffing with free kicks, palace goal shouldn’t have been allowed,

Iron Duke 8:26 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football
I think Dawson threw himself in front of McNeill and was still in the air when the contact was made, so for me not a penalty. Then again, I don’t think Salah, Ronaldo or Rudiger should have been given penalties. All three were dives. The Man City penalty was the worse though. I don’t think it even hit him on the arm. The referee gave it without hesitation. To me it looks like the ref took a bung, especially with the ridiculous first yellow card for Jiminez.

Sir Alf 7:46 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football
Moss on VAR completed the stitch up by not giving us a penalty that was soft but compared to those yesterday was clearer.

U try not to be a conspiracy theory type but let’s say there is zero consistency one day to the next. We all knew little old West Ham wouldn’t get anything and they didn’t even ask the ref to check it. McNeill swings his boot and catches Dawson. Sure Dawson was going nowhere but not was Rudiger etc yesterday.

At best it’s subconscious bias . If Klopp or Pep were on the sidelines it probably gets given as their voices are listened to.

meat curtains 7:53 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football

on a lighter note, does it ever stop raining in the UK?? Fucking sithole.

Manuel - lite

Manuel 5:49 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football
When you get into a position. like we have, to start to challenge the top clubs the pure hate and resentment you have for these disgusting cunts goes up a few notches. You can throw in the scum in N17 too. Vile to the core.

On a lighter note, does it ever stop raining in the UK?? Fucking shithole.

meat curtains 4:57 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football
Imagine klopp without his veeners😳

meat curtains 4:51 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football
Notice its the 'top three' right now.. If the Red Mancs were sitting 4th.. It would be just that.

NO disrespect to Burnley, but I hope we stuff Burnley tomorrow and continue to be a thorn in the side of these CUNTS.

billywhitehorse 2:33 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football
And these very generous penalties come just a few days after the same clubs getting very generous FA Cup draws.

master 1:52 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football
So is that another professional athlete having strange chest issues?

meat curtains 1:40 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football
Fuckin Mancs.

Actually felt gutted for the farmers.. put everything into that.

Vexed 1:13 Sun Dec 12
Re: Saturday football
Fucking hell watching MOTD.

Manc Utd - not a pen
Liverpool - a dive for a pen
Manc City - not a pen

Haven't seen the Chelsea ones but I hear they're dodgy too.

No big club bias here.

ludo21 10:07 Sat Dec 11
Re: Saturday football
* Chris Sutton I mean (obviously) Sherwood would obviously tow the big six line!

ludo21 10:03 Sat Dec 11
Re: Saturday football
Gaffer - both savage and Sherwood on BT weren’t having it today. Chris Sherwood actually said it’s fixed in favour of big six, or words to that effect.

ludo21 9:51 Sat Dec 11
Re: Saturday football
As said earlier the new VAR rules make it even easier to favour the top teams… referee gives on field decision and as long as there is the slightest touch VAR won’t overturn. Fucking ridiculous… this weekend has just taken it to the next level.

Gaffer58 9:51 Sat Dec 11
Re: Saturday football
And don’t forget as all the pundits on Sky, BT Sport etc are all ex big 6, so no way they are going to question how the system always seems to favour a certain few.

Side of Ham 9:37 Sat Dec 11
Re: Saturday football
What we are seeing now is the mid table teams are able to do a regular job on the blue chip brands regardless of what they can spend so other things have to be implemented….

GreenStreetPlayer 9:28 Sat Dec 11
Re: Saturday football
The bent Chinese gambling racketeering is in full force today.

Mike Oxsaw 9:27 Sat Dec 11
Re: Saturday football
So the golden boys all get gifted each a victory by the authorities. Are no alarm bells ringing?

Spurs would have got 3 points too, had they been arsed to turn up.

Side of Ham 9:26 Sat Dec 11
Re: Saturday football
I thought Arnie had it tough in The Running Man…..and they were more subtle in his film…..

pdbis 9:24 Sat Dec 11
Re: Saturday football
The so called top 6 will continue to get the run of the green even with VAR. The league don't the likes of us near the top.

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