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meat curtains 5:14 Sun Dec 12
Busy Cunt.. or crusader..?


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Davenport 6:21 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
Upminster, the place where people go to die.

Mike Oxsaw 6:16 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
joyo 3:54 Fri Oct 14

Indeed, nothing wrong with Upminster while people like you are cycling around, and not within, it.

I went somewhere more up market for my first house purchase - Radlett.

ironsofcanada 5:34 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey

It is not a stupid question when you said a person doing it is your hero.

It's is actually stupid (or feigning ignorance) to pretend you can say that and then have any kind of conversation concerning the issue with out addressing it.

joyo 5:29 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
Ah Lee the liar my favourite stalker

Lee Trundle 5:28 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey

joyo 5:27 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
Your correct l haven't said whether and why it is ok to endanger others,nor am l going to,stupid question
Grassing up arrogant scum is safe,easy and pleasurable

ironsofcanada 5:00 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey


Those are beside the point. Ie. Do not address the critical idea here.

Grassing is one thing, endangering others another.

Also having a death wish yourself is easily solved, endangering others while doing it is wholly different.

You still haven't said whether and why is it okay to endanger others when you are, in theory, trying to prevent people being endangered on the roads.

joyo 4:48 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
I personally think 50% of cyclists have a death wish,especially the deliveroo cunts,but l think anyone using a phone illegally is a danger to everyone and deserve to be grassed up

ironsofcanada 4:06 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey

You are avoiding a point again.

Think of your hero as a kangaroo then ( though a cyclist's profile is more like a small deer to me).

Do you appreciate them darting into your path?

Are there potentially deadly consequences when other cars, cyclists and pedestrians are around?

Is potentially causing deadly accidents alright if you are trying to prevent them?

joyo 3:54 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
Oxbore nothing wrong with Upminster,chavs like you can't afford to live there.

⚒️ 3:48 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
Grass cunt needs a good beating.

Just a shame the geezer’s motor didn’t go over him.

Mike Oxsaw 3:44 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
joyo 11:28 Fri Oct 14

I think we'd all like you to ride around Upminster...and then keep going.

joyo 3:41 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
Try driving in Oz,the roos are a nightmare

joyo 3:40 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
Rossal it's 6 points not 3
ioc of course,cant you see I'm driving the nutjobs on here crazy

ironsofcanada 2:35 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
joyo 11:58 Fri Oct 14

Do you drive at all?

I have come kind of close to hitting a deer a couple times since I have been back in Canada.

They are stupid and dart onto the highway. I pretty regularly see them dead on the side of the rode. Your natural instict is to slam on the brakes or if they are closer swerve. Now you are going around 70mph but they usually do it at night and there is no one around.

Your hero is doing similar random movements (to a following driver) with a bunch of other cars and pedestrians around.

Watch people with your gopro if you want to but trying to prevent accidents by swerving into traffic is risking more accidents. Pretty anti-heroic to me.

Niblets 1:44 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
kch 11:08 Fri Oct 14

That's literally the same video as in the opening post you minge.

BRANDED 1:24 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
A vigilante cyclist who “jumped” on the bonnet of a Range Rover before accusing the driver of assault lost his case after a jury cleared the driver of all charges.

Michael Van Erp, 50, known for his YouTube channel CyclingMikey, told jurors at Southwark Crown Court he fell on to the vehicle "like a crash test dummy" when he claimed celebrity agent Paul Lyon-Maris drove at him during the incident in central London.

The cyclist recorded the incident on the morning of September 9 on a GoPro camera that showed him coming down on the bonnet of the car.

Mr Lyon-Maris, 60, who has represented Colin Firth, Sir Ian McKellen and Alan Rickman, had been attempting to avoid a queue of traffic at the junction dubbed Gandalf Corner when he took an illegal right turn and encountered the activist.

Mr Van Erp said he had already stopped two drivers who had performed the same manoeuvre that morning.

Footage of the incident showed the moment the cyclist came down onto the bonnet of his Range Rover, which continued to drive forward and turned the corner before coming to a stop after around 20 yards.

Placeholder image for youtube video: eZMaxLG-Lpk
Prosecutor James Dean said Mr Lyon-Maris "used his car as a weapon" in an act of "road rage" against Mr Van Erp, who could be heard in the footage yelling: “Why are you driving into me?”.

Mr Lyon-Maris can be heard yelling back: “I've got an appointment at half past eight. Get out of the way!”

Mr van Erp is then heard saying, “Hey Siri, call 999” before officers arrived at the scene.

Mr Lyon-Maris said he felt “surprised and a little intimidated” when the cyclist jumped on his bonnet holding a selfie stick.

He told jurors it was simply not true that he drove purposely at Mr van Erp, insisting: "I'm not a person who becomes enraged."

He added: "It was a potentially aggressive and dangerous man on my bonnet, and I thought the safest option was to move slowly forward into a road which had plenty of space and try to avoid anything else that might occur."

A jury at Southwark Crown Court took three hours and 51 minutes to clear the agent of dangerous driving and common assault, which he had denied.

He had previously pleaded guilty to ignoring a Keep Left sign to make a right turn and was fined at the magistrates' court, the jury was told.

The judge, Recorder Jonathan Bellamy, said: "I wish Mr Lyon-Maris luck in his profession and elsewhere."

Rossal 12:15 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
Youre contemplating spending £400 to slyly film people queuing in the shit loads of traffic around Upminster to grass them up and get them 3 points?

Give your head a wobble!

joyo 11:58 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
Hermit l ain't going to be pulling up anyone just filming/grassing them up.
Anyone who chins me will be chinned back,I'm fitter than the vast majority of slob car drivers.

Hermit Road 11:35 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
Upminster isn’t Regent’s Park. You’re going to get chinned a lot if you pull that round there.

joyo 11:28 Fri Oct 14
Re: Cycling-mikey
I don't understand the arrogance of using phone while driving risking £200 fine and 6 points,and in some cases your livelihood when phone cradles only cost £8
I'm thinking of spending £400 on Go Pro camera and being a busy cunt myself,so be careful when I'm on my bike riding around Upminster

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