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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Dicko75 12:30 Sat Dec 18
Seen some stuff over past couple of days from the gooners game. Couple of young lads giving the black players abuse - rather than front them up and tell them to stop being cunts, their fellow Hammer decided to film it and stick it on internet. No doubt the two young lads will now be fucked, police involved, season ticket ban and job loss.

Now… I don’t like racism at all. It’s bang out of order and for those without a brain cell.

But I can’t help thinking the geezer is a cunt doing this and plenty of others jumping on to give seat numbers, names etc. Maybe I would feel different if I’d lived my life being on the end of that shit but surely you front the young lads and tell them to shut it rather than be a snide.

What’s your view??

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mashed in maryland 7:36 Mon Dec 20
Re: Grassing
I think Fifth is a social worker. Its likely he sees the world differently from most of us.

Not a dig at you btw Fifth, just an observation based on people I've known who do that sort of work.

FWIW in some cultures all drug dealers are seen as literal mass murderers. Its all relative init.

Fifth Column 3:25 Mon Dec 20
Re: Grassing
Yes, grass

"Stepney has laid it out bare"... whatever you say Manuel.

Manuel 10:44 Mon Dec 20
Re: Grassing
Fifth - Your credibility on said topic has been shot to pieces, Stepney has laid it out bare. You should quit while you're (not) ahead.

martyboy 10:40 Mon Dec 20
Re: Grassing
Fifth, how about drugged up/coked up drivers? Grass or not grass them up?

Fifth Column 10:22 Mon Dec 20
Re: Grassing
Eerie and Manuel

Glad to see my greatness is recognised


People drink driving and being stabby are a direct, immediate threat to other completely innocent people.

Someone selling drugs who is not tooled up is not an immediate threat to anyone. Drug use is predominantly voluntary - no-one makes you go to the dealer. And I have no issue with anyone grassing up the dealers either.

What I have learnt from Googling is the large number of people dying after taking coke and the tiny number dying after taking MDMA.

And that most people dying of drug overdoses are men in their 40s. So that's a lot of people on this website may have to worry.

wd40 9:36 Mon Dec 20
Re: Grassing
Not reporting drink drivers this day and age?

Strange lot you lot can be .

yngwies Cat 9:15 Mon Dec 20
Re: Grassing
Dash Cams.

Manuel 2:33 Mon Dec 20
Re: Grassing
Firth's shit doesn't stink.

Woodford Green 1:43 Mon Dec 20
Re: Grassing
I’ve been reliably informed that they were told to shut the fk up (bit by the tweeter but someone else) but they continued

Also for the poster who said you can’t see a face in the video, you don’t need to be Hercule Poirot to see the clothes worn by the abuser and the people in the background match up with one of the photos.

Mace66 10:26 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing
Drink divers are fair game, cunts the lot of them

A lad I used to work with when I was a kid, he was slightly special needs, socially awkward and never had a girlfriend. When he reached 25 he met a girl and they became an item, the sort of couple everyone thought “ ah bless them how lovely “

Anyway, some cunt decided to spend an afternoon in my local and after 8 or so pints decided to drive home. He hit the two of them on a jump back bridge and they were found on the railway lines. Fucking oxygen thiefs the lot of them

Mike Oxsaw 10:00 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing
Many years ago - it's ALWAYS many years ago for me now - when I worked in the village pub, if someone had driven in and was clearly on a session, one of the staff would ask if they wanted us to book them a taxi and they would like us to look after their keys (the manager would loch them in the pub safe).

A few people were compliant but more than half saw it as an affront to their masculinity that they couldn't neck 10 pints of wife-beater and a few chasers and not drive home after; and that was before they passed from "happy" to "pissed" status.

Thankfully, there were no (reported) incidents, but that never meant I felt any easier serving these people; quite often they were in large rounds - pub football team after training, for instance.

A few were picked up trying to drive out of the pub car park should the local plod happen to be around (they weren't - most were down the masons' lodge on the sauce themselves).

Never, ever thought of grassing them though - a word of advice when they were still in a fit state was the limit of my responsibility.

Alfs 9:42 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing

You say "Drug dealers" in a general sense are a different thing. I've known loads of people who sell a bit of weed or whatever and are not tooled up. There's a massive difference.

You're right there. In 2020 there were approximately 230 deaths caused by drink driving, but over 1000 deaths connected to coke and MDMA or 'whatever' as you call it. A further 36 deaths were cannabis related.

Eerie Descent 6:20 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing
I think the main thing we've learned here is that Fifth is a perfect human being.

Stepney.Ammer 5:19 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing

So you grass when it suits but won't when it don't. And you yet think you somehow have the right to call out others who won't grass just because it's doesn't meet your ideology?


Pee Wee 4:00 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing
Spot on 5th

You’re definitely not as bad as everyone says 😋

Fifth Column 3:22 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing
Alfs "I just can't" grass someone up for drink driving. Yes you can. You just choose not to do so.

In answer to your question I have never known anyone who whilst with me attempted to get in a car and drive drunk so I've never been in that position. But I would not think twice. The first thing I'd do if they were my mates would be to get their keys off them even if it meant getting into a fight with them. I would not want to grass on them. But if they totally refused then fuck them - most people don't drink drive. If you do then it's not because you've been drinking, it's because you're basically a cunt and when you're pissed you still know it's wrong but do it anyway. I don't mean you as in you personally Alfs, I mean anyone who does it.

Same with people carrying knives - yes I'd grass them up. If you don't then again you're no different to all the little rats running around stabbing people for lack of "respect" shown by random people on the street.

People who drive drunk or carry knives are threats to the safety of all of us and I owe no allegiance to them.

"Drug dealers" in a general sense are a different thing. I've known loads of people who sell a bit of weed or whatever and are not tooled up. There's a massive difference.

WHUDeano 12:04 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing
We do have some absolute wankers following us these days. I remember Cardiff away a few years back (terrible, 2-0 defeat and bloody freezing). Hardly any cabs around from the pub so me and one of my dads pals ended up jumping in a cab with two young West Ham boys. Probably early 20s, we were well pissed up, but immediately I could see they were on the gear and being stupidly lairy. My dads mate is old school and has been involved since the late 60s. He’s also now a bit of a fat bastard. Anyways cut a long story short, one of the young lads who obviously thought he was top man, immediately started cracking jokes about his size, nothing worth getting upset about but enough to start winding me up. Then he noticed that the cab driver was black, and started pulling out the old n word when talking about it to him. I didn’t lose it, but given the lad was sporting an interesting quiffed hairstyle and was wearing a very tight fitting muscle shirt, I proceeded to take the piss out of him to the point where he either fronted me and we had a row, or he would have to get out. He shouted out to the cabbie to pull over, “cheers n”gger” then him and his mate run off laughing in the opposite direction of the ground towards an alleyway.

Thankfully mugs like that are few and far between among our support, but they are basically bullies who will do fuck all when fronted up to or having the piss taken out of them.

Pee Wee 11:32 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing
I’d have said something to their face, but can understand those that don’t. Wouldn’t post it on social media but have no sympathy for them.

It was at Arsenal a number of years back when a bloke was being racist against our own player (Pantsil) and told him to pack it in. He said “or what” and I stupidly (I’m a lover not a fighter) said ‘or I’ll make you’.

Thankfully when he came back with ‘you and whose army’ a bloke and a few of his mates next to me said ‘us’.

As for not grassing in general. That’s a pathetic rule to live by. There are plenty of things I’d ‘grass’ on

Huffers 11:23 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing
Personally I would grass someone carrying a knife. I read below somewhere that someone wouldn’t. Anyone carrying a knife is prepared to kill as far as I’m concerned.

Manuel 5:26 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing
Again, well done on not being a grass, amazing! Next you'll be boasting that you've spent 23 years on here :-)

Alfs 5:22 Sun Dec 19
Re: Grassing
Manuel, read the responses that I was replying to, before you come back with your continually tedious rhetoric.

You seem to have a bit of an obsession with me. Why is that, I'm genuinely curious to know?

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