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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

toadinthehole 10:21 Mon Dec 20
Team vs Spuds
We won't finish top 4 or 6 this season given our paper thin squad, but we have a really good chance in the cups. How good will it feel to actually win a trophy?

I fully expect Moyes to play his strongest team given the 1 week rest, and that upcoming PL matches are likely to be called off after.

Coufal Dawson Diop Cresswell
Soucek Rice
Bowen Lanzini Fornals

Subs: Fabianski, Alese, Masuaku, Noble, Benrahma, Vlasic, Yarmolenko.

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daveyg 5:55 Wed Dec 22
Re: Team vs Spuds
2 Left 12:49 Wed
I think the wanker brought it with him when he went home 2 yes ago. He's always played like he on one lung.

twoleftfeet 12:56 Wed Dec 22
Re: Team vs Spuds
Guaranteed if it was Kane then the game would have been postponed.

Bernie 12:54 Wed Dec 22
Re: Team vs Spuds
Moyes said himself in the presser a couple have covid.

Could be more by tomorrow

pdbis 12:52 Wed Dec 22
Re: Team vs Spuds
Sods law it is Rice

twoleftfeet 12:49 Wed Dec 22
Re: Team vs Spuds
Let’s hope its Masuaku 🙏🙏

Norflundon 12:37 Wed Dec 22
Re: Team vs Spuds
Been told one of the first team has covid

Eindhoven Hammer 9:55 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds

Surely you know Coufal is suspended as the Norwich game was postponed?! 🙄

PastyTime 9:54 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
I’m torn on this. Before we qualified in Europe I wasn’t keen on us prioritising this competition. Saw it as a good chance to play people like noble, yarmelenko and Arthur etc. But now we are here, and through to last 16 in EL part of me thinks we should give it a go, even though it holds little credence and doesn’t get you in Europe anymore. But I also think we should let the players who got us here in previous rounds carry on. It’s always felt a cheap when teams play b sides and then change once they get into final stages of cups.
I’m stuck on the fence.

Hammer and Pickle 9:39 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
Can’t believe he’ll play Masuaku and be crucified in the media for losing when he can play a young lad.

⚒️ 9:38 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
Moyes will go full strength. Anything less is a disgrace.

Full Claret Jacket 9:21 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
Sorry I can't see it, the Cardboard cup or whatever it's called has zero prestige or financial value attached to it compared with league position or Europe. I can't see us risking key players and this cup is what the likes of Noble and co have been promised game time in.

Nothing to suggest that we can't still beat them but we need to play better, defend better, finish better than the last few matches.

Huffers 8:58 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
Well Moyes sacrificed a 1/4 final in the past…

Pedro 8:40 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
It will be a pretty much league side.

Noble has said himself he thinks line up will be different now we had rest at the weekend.

Maybe Areola in goal but other than that a league side rather than Europa side

dealcanvey 8:33 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
Could be just 2 from Wembley.

Talk of the semi final being 1 leg.

Lato 8:11 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
Yes we are out of form and they maybe rested. However, if our players can't get up to play a big game like this 3 from Wembley against those slags then they aren't fit to wear the shirt. I am sure Nobes starting or not will be geeing the boys up as will Psycho and Nolan to get at them. No surrender COYI ⚒

stepney hammer 7:06 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
Three games from a trophy so I hope he doesn't go along with that 'keep faith in those who got us this far' nonsense.

Spurs are well rested and have some piss easy fixtures coming up. They'll play their strongest side I reckon.

If were starting with the likes of Noble and Yarmolenko we might as well forfeit and save ourselves the embarrassment.

british is best 6:59 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
I can't see Moyes going that weak . Masuaku at left back against son would be suicidal . He must know he can't go weak against this mob the fans will never forgive him .

Full Claret Jacket 6:51 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
Well we are playing awful and from what I've seen they aren't great either but are better than they were.

I just hope we do ourselves justice. If we go down tamely to a Kane hatrick or Son brace then I'll be pretty disappointed.
A month or so ago I would have fancied us but we look tired and lacking depth. Hopefully the cancelled fixture at the weekend works in our favour.

RM10 6:46 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
I already sense it’s not going to be a good night.

Full Claret Jacket 6:42 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
It's 100% going to be a largely second string side as Moyes will want to use his squad and keep faith in those that got us this far. That means we are not going to start some of our more regular. Noble will definitely start.

So my predicted team goes like this;

Ashby Dawson Diop Masuaku
Noble Soucek
Yarmalenko Vlasic Benrahma

Bowen, Lanzini, Fornals and Rice to come on if needed in second half.

Whats happened to Fredericks? Is he injured, COVID or what? Not heard anything.

stepney hammer 6:33 Tue Dec 21
Re: Team vs Spuds
pdbis 4:20 Mon Dec 20

And our first trophy in 42 years.

We can always get ourselves thrown out of it like Spurs did.

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