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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Gaffer58 1:21 Wed Dec 29
Rice & Bowen Values
So in the summer Liverpool come after Bowen and either Chelsea or Man U for Rice, what would be an acceptable valuation for each, for Rice £80 - £100 million and Bowen £40 - £50 million, should be enough to bring in at least 6 premiership level players.

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JayeMPee 11:49 Fri Dec 31
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
I thought the whole point of creating this Top Recruitment Team was to enable Sullivan to step back. If he is still going to screw everything up then what a waste of time and money, I can't believe our Czech investor would support that.

Rice £120m, Bowen over £60m but neither should be allowed to go.

pdbis 9:34 Fri Dec 31
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
Can see Rice going in the summer as we won't win anything, but we won't get anywhere near what he is worth(priceless to us). Wherever he goes he is a starter if fit. Bowen wouldn't be an automatic starter every game for one of the so called top 4.

Mike Oxsaw 9:14 Fri Dec 31
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
Is it the clubs or the media who decide where players take their careers?

Queens Fish Bar 11:34 Thu Dec 30
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
The OP is asking on behalf of GSB:

What price can we sell Bowen and Rice for and the fans will suck it up.

The bigger the price, the more the fans suck it up, the more the owners siphon out of the club.

Mr Kenzo 10:25 Thu Dec 30
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
Man Utd paid £80m for Maguire if thats the market price then Rice is worth much, much more

Jasnik 10:09 Thu Dec 30
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
I'm just glad some posters are coming around to what I said about 6 months ago. That 100m was way too low.

ludo21 9:49 Thu Dec 30
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
terry-h 4:19 Wed Dec 29

Show some fucking ambition and do everything to keep our best players... Rice has 2 years plus a one year option so three years. Keep him for as long as possible.

If he hasn't signed a new contact in two years extend and sell him then. If he carries on improving every top club would want him and we'd still get 80m++

He doesn't strike me as the sort of player / person to run down his contract and go on a free.

Bernie 6:57 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
Rice has 2yrs left at the end of the season, if he isn't going to renew then we need to sell him for the most we can get. Any time after the end of the season his value will start to drop

Hopefully Sullivan doesn't fuck it up

Side of Ham 6:48 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
The better discussion is what sorts of player need to be signed to make the likes of Rice & Bowen not stand out so much……

Gary Strodders shank 6:24 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
I wouldn't be surprised to see Billy Gilmour turn up at some point.
Not really cut it at Norwich but there style of play possibly accounts for some of that and a lack of confidence.
Good technically but whether he has what it takes to make a top top player remains to be seen, however he is still the type of player Moyes might be prepared to take a punt on and try to nurture if he is made available.

Eerie Descent 5:39 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
Can we all please stop discussing West Ham football matters on here, a West Ham football messageboard, as it's upsetting marlonsrightsock.

Maybe start a thread discussing your favourite soap opera.

marlonsrightsock 5:36 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
It's a great question, while we're at it lets flog Zouma, Johnson and Benrahma.

What shall we ask for those three?

Crassus 5:17 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
Whilst not wanting either to leave, it’s a fair question to ask given their technical appreciation this year
Of course something is worth what someone will pay and it’s not difficult to see Rice as an essential player type for both Mancs and arguably Chelsea come the summer

£120m plus and £50m for Bowen, not a penny less

threesixty 4:56 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
Bowen will end up in the same situation as Shakiri did at Liverpool. Unless Salah is injured or goes to another club Bowen isn’t really going to get many games there. He may play some unimportant CL games but that’s it. Expensive benchwarmer that adds to there homegrown numbers.

The reality is if we had Salah would we be playing Bowen? no. So why would Liverpool?

As for Rice. Yes he’d start at any team in the world right right now. However, he’s never really had to fight for his place at a big club. Subsequently he’s become good because he’s been used constantly here. The issue for Rice is has he got more learning to do here rather than go to a big team where he can’t make mistakes at all?

It’s the gamble. Many players have looked amazing without the pressure (Grealish, Stones, Ake etc) and gone to City and it’s hard to be perfect there.

If it’s about money then both players will go asap. But if it’s about football there are many great footballing reasons to stay at West Ham a couple more seasons.

I think this transfer window is so important because staying in Europe (CL/europa) will keep our best players here for a while.
It will also attract better players. No point in getting 150m if we can’t attract great players because we aren’t in any top competitions.

Pagey 4:56 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values

bruuuno 4:55 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
It’s like saying ‘if your wife was a prostitute how much could she cost’ . An answer exists but I’d rather not think about it

El Scorchio 4:52 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
Who is encouraging it? I doubt anyone wants either player to leave at all. I certainly don’t.

But the way football is these days, it’s inevitable Rice will leave sooner or later- probably sooner rather than later, regardless of our opinion personally on selling him. It isn’t taboo to talk about it.

nychammer 4:52 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
Losing your talismanic players, no matter the price, more often than not does more harm than good. Leicester got away with it but only because they had the likes of Barnes and Vardy stay and did spend the proceeds well. But I don't see it ending positively for us; they are simply too integral to our side go out and just replace over a summer.

Our hand may be forced, but id like the club to see the club make an effort to keep the best players and try and build around them. Imagine if we had Newcastle's resources, that may then be a realistic ambition, but we dont. Wishful thinking of course.

AKA ERNIE 4:47 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
Solid yeah youre right cs we can offer him 400k a week and a cup or league every year so why should rice go

Pagey 4:44 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
You’re right. Let’s all be ‘true’ West Ham. Rice is going to play for us forever.

Manuel 4:40 Wed Dec 29
Re: Rice & Bowen Values
It's hard to say as there are just too many variables that I can't be arsed to list, but one would be the price could be pushed up if more than one club are interested, but your valuations are probably not too far off the mark.

Would probably agree that with ED that Bowen isn't at the Liverpool level and don't see him leaving.

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