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c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

Far Cough 11:39 Tue Jan 11
Djokovic is

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NPCMeMe 3:21 Wed Mar 23
Re: Djokovic is
Which came first, the painful crippling palpitations or the doctor crushing his ribs?

Someone should have told his doctor about that before he started treating him with a recovery method that would have only exacerbated such an injury.

2 years of every single trusted media outlet and celebrity lying to you so brazenly and openly to your faces, and still the drones put all their blind faith in these notorious lying toerags.

It's quite possible Nadal's injury was totally unrelated to the experimental gene therapy, just as it it quite likely the lying media wouldn't tell you if it was...

Sven Roeder 3:06 Wed Mar 23
Re: Djokovic is
Is this the Nadal who will miss 4-6 weeks as he has been diagnosed with a stress fracture of a rib?
The injury that caused breathing difficulties.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:25 Wed Mar 23
Re: Djokovic is
gph 12:07 Sat Jan 29

I think I see a flaw in your argument right here:

'unless they are pre-printed'

Quite likely to have occurred to even the dimmest office manager, a couple of days into a global pandemic that was going to last for years.

NPCMeMe 12:15 Wed Mar 23
Re: Djokovic is ...
...considerably less likely to be complaining of chest pains and heart problems than others in his field...

"I felt pain even when I tried to breathe"

Mike Oxsaw 7:37 Sun Jan 30
Re: Djokovic is
Two (maybe more) basic errors of judgement here (being generous to both main parties involved).

People seem to be using the error of judgement they disapprove of most to some how justify the error of judgement they disapprove of least.

Where does that come from?

Robson 2:50 Sun Jan 30
Re: Djokovic is a heretic!
FFS get a grip you prick.

NPCMeMe 12:50 Sat Jan 29
Djokovic is a heretic!
I too find it incredibly upsetting that a grown man and supreme athlete in his field, refused to cow and bow to an insane illogical medical tyranny to undergo a completely unnecessary medical experiment to make all the well behaved compliant ones, even those residing in another continent, feel so much safer in their homes, especially when driving alone in their cars.

As rage against the machine might sing these days
"Fuck you, and just do what Big Gov tells you!"

To think that even Right Said Fred are legitimately more rebellious rock and rollers than those dripping fannies.

Fifth Column 10:29 Sat Jan 29
Re: Djokovic is
If you look at the original digital forensics investigation into this by Der Spiegel the German newspaper which was published a couple of weeks ago they managed to use the testing certificates in question to log into the test results function on the Serbian website. They logged in on the morning and it showed one result then logged in on the afternoon and the result had been changed ie from positive to negative or vice versa. Bbc didn't report this for some reason.

There is no plausible explanation for that than he provided fraudulent documents and someone on the inside of the testing regime was in on it. The Aussie government weren't competent but he's clearly provided fraudulent documents in order to enter the country.

Mike Oxsaw 8:34 Sat Jan 29
Re: Djokovic is
Taxpayers money so I suspect that the many printers option is the preferred choice.

They're not using ERNIE to generate the numbers - an entry-level laptop or even a basic smart-phone has easily that capability.

gph 12:07 Sat Jan 29
Re: Djokovic is
If you have 200 tests in your centre, you have to print out 200 forms unless they are pre-printed. If these 200 hundred are uneven, so you have 100 in a single hour, you have to either have many printers in your centre, or tester 1 prints off a test form, and tester 2 has to wait. then tester 3 has to wait for tester 2, then tester 3 for two, then maybe tester 1 for 3, then perhaps tester 4 for 3, but tester 2 is also waiting...

I can't believe I'm having to spell this out.

zebthecat 10:21 Fri Jan 28
Re: Djokovic is
Ceating pdfs programmatically is a doddle.
Even I've done it.

gph 10:00 Fri Jan 28
Re: Djokovic is
I don't know whether a computer system centrally assigns a number to each Serbian test in order, so that a pdf can be printed off for each test individually.

But that would be a logistically stupid way to do it - every test requiring a pdf edit?

Even if the process were maximally automated, you'd still have to initiate it for each form, and wait for it to be printed.

Mike Oxsaw 8:26 Fri Jan 28
Re: Djokovic is
Were these forms from boxes (hard copies) held locally or created from a template and presented to users as an editable pdf file that could either be printed out, completed and mailed in of filled in on-line and submitted by email?

gph 7:33 Fri Jan 28
Re: Djokovic is
Djokovic was ONLY ONE out of sequence - out of how many?

You tell people to use boxes of forms in order, then they will mostly use boxes of forms in order.


But they're not going to bust a gut to put things right if they use box B before box A. Because, at the time, it will look like it makes fuck all difference.

Sven Roeder 7:10 Fri Jan 28
Re: Djokovic is
I saw somewhere where some testing had been done and the Djokovic one was the ONLY ONE out of sequence as regards number & expected date

Mike Oxsaw 6:41 Fri Jan 28
Re: Djokovic is
The organisation responsible for creating, distributing & managing the collection of the forms could quickly clear the numbering discrepancy up.

What have they said on the matter?

Lee Trundle 6:29 Fri Jan 28
Re: Djokovic is
A few people look very very silly attacking him now.

gph 6:22 Fri Jan 28
Re: Djokovic is
Unless the forms were printed off as the tests were taken, using centrally generated identification numbers (a logistically inefficient procedure), an out-of-sequence number may only show that pre-printed forms were occasionally used in the wrong order.

It would take lot of resource to prove this wasn't the case here. Can't really see the point, as the thing's done and dusted anyway.

Robson 5:00 Fri Jan 28
Re: Djokovic is
gph 11:59 Fri Jan 28

The implication is not that the results were reversed, but that the positive test was actually taken on or around the 26th December, 11 days before he travelled to Australia. There doesn't seem to be any dispute about the negative result on the 22nd. I don't know if there was a negative result recorded after the 26th.

But agreed there may be a simple explanation. It is likely the Serbian government may have intervened to ensure he got a test result in a timely manner, so this could possibly have resulted in an out-of-sequence number being allocated.

BRANDED 1:41 Fri Jan 28
Re: Djokovic is
Djokovich was never a risk to anyone. The government of Australia however.....

gph 11:59 Fri Jan 28
Re: Djokovic is
This serial number thing COULD have a simple explanation.

A box of forms opened out of order.

And, if the two tests were taken the opposite way around, wouldn't that clear Djokovic of breaking Serbian law by socialising after a positive test? Unless, of course, he socialised after both.

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