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northbankboy68 11:45 Tue Jan 11
Our Great Leader
...has to ask a woman he was going to sack to do an investigation to tell him whether he was at a party. You couldn't make this shit up.

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Mike Oxsaw 1:48 Thu Jan 20
Re: Our Great Leader
Manchester United taking the North Bank back in the day was "a large incursion".


LeroysBoots 1:41 Thu Jan 20
Re: Our Great Leader

Nutsin 6:34 Thu Jan 20
Re: Our Great Leader
A simple question to all the raging liberals who like to get salty when anybody points out the obvious on how retarded their leaders and their policies are.

What constitutes a small incursion as opposed to a large incursion?

Nutsin 6:04 Thu Jan 20
Re: Our Great Leader
Perhaps the most startling comment of the evening was Biden's response to a question about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Biden said that while he believes an invasion is imminent, the United States is prepared to impose significant economic consequences should Russia move forward. But, he clarified, a "minor incursion" by the Russians would elicit a softer response from the U.S. than that of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Biden is attacking the legitimacy of American elections while signaling Putin to try a "minor incursion" in Ukraine. None of this is normal. None of this is OK," National Review senior writer Dan McLaughlin responded.

Biden’s comments suggesting that a "minor incursion" of Ukraine might not draw as vigorous a response as a full-scale invasion will trigger a lot of angst in the region, particularly in Kyiv," New York Times Chief White House correspondent Peter Baker wrote at the time.

I wonder if the Ukraine army are thankful for Obama’s blankets more than Trumps Javelin missiles?

Nutsin 5:39 Thu Jan 20
Re: Our Great Leader
Oh look here comes the cavalry.

Mong you are not gonna try to defend Biden are you?

The cunt gave his approval on the Russian gas pipeline into Germany as soon as he got into office and now he is practically giving Putin a green light to invade Ukraine…. Maybe that’s why his son Hunter was paid all that money by the Mayor of Moscow’s wife eh?

Capitol Man 5:29 Thu Jan 20
Re: Our Great Leader
The gimp is back. If only Biden sucked off putin like the fat orange fucker did none of this would be necessary.

Nutsin 5:11 Thu Jan 20
Re: Our Great Leader
Fuck off Collyrob,

Biden is an absolute joke and you know it! We all know it!

collyrob 4:50 Thu Jan 20
Re: Our Great Leader
You’re obsessed with Biden ye fucking headbanger.

Nutsin 4:43 Thu Jan 20
Re: Our Great Leader
I’ll take Boris over Joke Biden.

Biden had a press conference today, was asked about Putin building his military along the Ukraine border… Biden said it depends on the size of the invasion, apparently if it’s only a small invasion then he will react accordingly…..

I wonder what Putin thinks about that?

What a dangerous idiot Joke Biden is!

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:05 Thu Jan 20
Re: Our Great Leader
On a more general note, you have to admire the integrity of a bloke, a Tory with one of the smallest majorities in the country, who has publicly called for defectors to seek re-election, who has swapped sides for NO OTHER REASON than, um, something or other he's been mulling over for, ooh, ages. And inflation. Or something.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:58 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
chim chim cha boo 6:22 Wed Jan 19

Nobody said anything about loving Cummings. I just asked how Cummings has gone from being, in the eyes of Labour, a serial liar to being a totally reliable source.

Far Cough 6:43 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
Must have been a hell of a fucking party if you need an inquiry to find out if you had one

chim chim cha boo 6:33 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
John Paints Pants 3:12 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
Ray - how many times do you reckon you've cracked one out over Angela Rayner?

Four times. Theresa May was a much tougher wank.

chim chim cha boo 6:22 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:58 Wed Jan 19

You do know that hating Johnson, the biggest bullshiting liar of a Prime Minister ever doesn't automatically make you love Cummings right?

It's not a fucking seesaw.

master 4:45 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
Quite amusing when some thick people don't understand the callers to a radio show are deliberately chosen...

Alwaysaniron 4:44 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
ray winstone 4:33 Wed Jan 19

Have they banned stoning in the same centre?

Side of Ham 4:41 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
Where we're at Raaaaaaaaaaaaay is that you are one of the few idiots in this country still stuck in a 2 dimensional world of red vs blue............

Lee Trundle 4:36 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
*Labour's future support

Lee Trundle 4:34 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
You're putting down Labour's support there, ray.

Have you not learnt anything?

ray winstone 4:33 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
Bloke on LBC today saying he voted for Boris 'because they stopped serving bacon in a multicultural day centre', thats where we are at.....

Side of Ham 4:28 Wed Jan 19
Re: Our Great Leader
Surf, this is where party politics fails us, you've assumed because goose doesn't like Tory politics that he must like Labours politics....when the truth is a vast amount of this country's population think they are ALL useless and neither represents their views and when they actually do once every now and again come slightly close to representing it they renege on their promises during their term in power......in the meantime we bicker amongst ourselves presuming we all like one or the other when the truth is they rely on this assumption so they can go round & round swapping the power to their fellow privileged mates.

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