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OneAll 5:01 Tue Jan 11
Is there a worse pain ?

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arsegrapes 12:13 Wed Jan 12
Re: Toothache
I was carrying 4 stackable metal chairs across the road in the morning rush hour a few months ago when I tripped on the pavement and lurched forward, I tried to hang onto the chairs so they wouldn't end up flying into passing cars and was successful, but my body fell down on top of the chairs and the full weight of body and 4 metal chair leg came down fracturing my big toe (now much bigger, but no complaints from the mrs), was wearing lightweight running shoes. Must have looked like something out of Laurel and Hardy, loads looking so tried to put on a stiff upper lip, sheepishly picked up the chairs and carried on. Never bothered with AandE, took months of pain to heal as had to keep walking on it.

SFA to do about toothache but thought id share, oh and bought some steel toe caps.

chim chim cha boo 10:50 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
Iron Duke, I'm totally with you.

3 years ago I got stomach pains so badly that I called for an ambulance.

The CUNT answering my 999 call said it would be a seven hour wait for an ambulance (I live virtually in central London).

I had to try and get off the sofa, struggle down the stairs and as I had to keep upright I couldn't get a taxy so had to get a bus to the hospital.

Once I got there another CUNT of a doctor who looked about twelve showed me my x-ray and said it was constipation. I said 'no it fucking isn't, I can take my medicine but this is the worst pain I've ever been in' but just like virtually every other doctor who doesn't know me absolutely didn't listen.

So they gave me a laxative and something to send my bowel into spasm.I remember thinking that I wish I could pass out but it got much, much worse.

I really felt that I needed a poo but someone was in the toilet in A&E so I screamed 'where is there another fucking toilet?' and a sheepish doctor pointed at a door that turned out to be the doctors private toilet, spotless and with a lovely shower.

I tried to make it, smashed through the door, shit myself, pissed myself and dragged the cistern off the wall so there was water everywhere. As I fell the canular in my arm ripped free and my blood was literally splattering against the wall.

I pulled the emergency cord as I was lying on the floor covered with shit, piss and blood and in the worst pain I've ever experienced and a Scottish sister opened the door and said 'who told you that could use this toilet'? Another CUNT.

MRI scan told them that they'd given me the worst medicine possible as I had a blood clot in my bowel. Emergency surgery but it still hurt so much that I'd sometimes get under my hospital bed to try and cool down.

The great bloke in the bed opposite was from northern Pakistan and had loads of family around his bed (I'm still in touch with him now) used to pull the curtain around his bed when I was groaning in pain and under the bed.

As the pain started to subside his missus used to bring me some of the loveliest curry I've ever had.

When it was time to go home I got into my regular clothes and Rafi's missus came onto the ward. She asked what I was doing and I said 'I'm going home darling, I'm all fixed',

She put her arms around me and started to cry and told me that when I was in such obvious pain the whole family closed the curtain and prayed for me.

I think it's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me even though I am Godless.

Iron Duke 9:33 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
Listen to them all on here.

Toothache? It would be a privilege. You lucky, lucky bastard.

cup of tea 9:03 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
I have had kidney stones, pain is excruciating

I have had wisdom tooth pain, also excruciating

Nothing (NOTHING) compared to the problem I had around 5 years ago. Started as a small ache in a tooth, started getting worse and was diagnosed by dentist with an abscess but could not be drained or tooth pulled at the time so was given Metronidazole to take infection away ....

That did not work, face started to swell. Within 24 hours right hand side of face was like a boxer that had been badly beaten and right eye had closed and throbbing pain like nothing I had experienced.

Ened up at A&E in Colchester who put me on IV antibiotics and rushed me by ambulance to Broomfield (Chelmsford) for emergency surgery to remove tooth and abscess under general anaesthetic and then a further 2 days in hospital on IV drip

Consultant said another 12-24 hours I would have collapsed from infection and sepsis lost sight in my eye and possibly could have died

That was NOT fun

MaryMillingtonsGhost 8:48 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
Had years of grief with my wisdom teeth on one side. One was coming through at an unnatural angle and impacting on the adjacent tooth. Didn't hurt during the day but an absolute cunt when eating.
Finally got it ripped out after about 75mins in the chair. Geezer that did it almost had his arm ripped off a couple of years previously in a speedboat accident whilst on holiday, his son saving him iirc. Have a sneaking feeling that's why it took so long.

gph 8:44 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache

And yes, I have had a nasty toothache or two.

Mike Oxsaw 8:38 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
I had 4 root canals done when I had my crown fitted.

Only one was actually causing me discomfort, and that wasn't really that bad, but, from the x-rays, the dentist suggested I had them all done at the time - was about 3 sessions, if I remember.

No pain or discomfort, but that was probably due to the jabs she gave me (See, folks! Jabs DO work!!!).

Prevention rather than cure. Works for me.

Gary Strodders shank 8:19 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
Root canal work can be a long and painful process also expensive.
Dentists will normally go out of there way to save a tooth no matter what state its in or how itrelevant it is as once gone there is no more money to be made out of it.
They talk about bone loss & density a lot too & i once worked with a woman who spent a small fortune on a series of injections as the dentist told het that due to an early menopause she was in danger of all her teeth falling out
She was pissed off enough as it was without going through that malarkey°

Too Much Too Young 8:18 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
Had my 2nd case of an inflamed stomach lining just before Christmas. Not that painful, but cunt nasty and constant. lasted for 4 days.

You know that knotting feeling you get at the top of your guts just before you throw up?

Well, with every breath in, as your lungs fill up, they press against the top of your guts, which gives that knotting feeling, making you think you're gonna chuck and again when you breath out as the pressure is released...24/7..you can't sleep with it and can't hold down any food.

give me toothache over that any day of the week,

Lato 7:41 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
I broke one of my front teeth about 5 years ago in 3 places. Being a coward and having not been to a Dentist since 1986 this was somewhat of a dilemma for me. I eventually booked an emergency appointment at a Private Dentist in Docklands. After having countless x-rays and squirming in the chair for nearly 2 hours the Dentist said she was unable to remove the root. By this time my mouth and face felt like I had been 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. I was then referred to Guys Hospital, feckin brilliant they were the root was out within 15 minutes, they even removed a rotten tooth at the back at the same time and was all done in just over half an hour. Didn't feel a thing or cost a penny. God bless the NHS.

joyo 7:23 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
Leonard are you an unfit fat bastard then?

Leonard Hatred 7:00 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
Gout is worse than toothache.

Grumpster 6:37 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
Always been quite partial to tooth ache and can't stop myself from poking the surrounding gums whenever it happens.

Had an ear infection though and that cunt was annoying.

Good with pain, though never had anything worse than broken ankle and fingers and the ear infection was worse than them.

dm 6:21 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
When toothache really goes for it, you can be climbing the walls with the pain. I've been there. I've also had a kidney stone and that was just as bad. Just in a different place.
At least with toothache, unlike a kidney stone, it usually ( not always) comes on gradually over a period of weeks before it gets really bad. So if possible, it's a good idea to get it seen to before it gets bad.
Gastro entiritus must also run them close. I had that for about a month and it was shitty and nasty. Although I did come out of it a stone and a half lighter. Pity the weight crept back on.

Fifth Column 6:09 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
...both wisdom teeth

Fifth Column 6:09 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache

Different teeth can be harder to take out just because of their position.

I had one taken out in dental hospital 20 years ago that was basically absolutely fine. Never a nice experience but no problem. No real after affects,

Had a second one out with private dentist a couple of years back and it was not only a really horrible process to have it extracted but it remained painful for a full fortnight afterwards. Constant pain for 24 hours a day. for the three weeks prior and two weeks after. But the tooth was at a funny angle and was very near a nerve and so it was just much more difficult to deal with. I don't think it was the dentist's fault... though in your case it sounds grim.

Gary Strodders shank 5:50 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
I had some dodgy trainee dentist break one of my wisdom teeth trying in take it out about 10 years back.
There was very little tooth left bar the root but it exposed the nerve so every time i ate and drunk the pain was tremendous.
The practice tried to refer me elsewhere but no appointments available and it was a week bedore Christmas.
I ended up payng £500 to have it removed under sedation as they had to cut through the gum.
I tried to get the original dentist to cough up as i thoughr they were negligent but to no avail.
The other wisdom tooth that needed removing was done at the hospital and no sweat whatsoever to remove.
A clove of garlic or oil containing it can help for a temporary fix.

Northern Sold 5:50 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
Blocked bladder and then bladder spasms

Far Cough 5:47 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
The OP has obviously never trod on an upturned plug


Zipped up his bellend

Moncurs Putting Iron 5:38 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache
OneAlls got a ROOOARING toothache!

I'm not Surprised, he eats too many post coital haribo and never brushes his teeth.

ray winstone 5:27 Tue Jan 11
Re: Toothache

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