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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

grasshopper 6:03 Sun Jan 16
Diop and Masuaku
Surely we are better without them.

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Lertie Button 6:37 Thu Jan 20
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Not until we sign replacements we aren't.
Unless we want to.go back to naming 6 subs including our 4th choice keeper who is only at club because of his Da

Eerie Descent 7:21 Tue Jan 18
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Pipe down you jobless pleb, this is between us two sad cunts.

collyrob 7:01 Tue Jan 18
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Pack it in you two gimps

Eerie Descent 6:54 Tue Jan 18
Re: Diop and Masuaku
I thought you'd be up for another 5 hours out of your day looking through old threads, son.

My apologies.

Nagel 6:50 Tue Jan 18
Re: Diop and Masuaku
For fuck's sake Eerie, we've been through all that. Just give it a rest and let this thing die.

Eerie Descent 6:44 Tue Jan 18
Re: Diop and Masuaku
What did I lie about, Nage son?

Nagel 4:04 Tue Jan 18
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Look Eerie, if you're that pathetic that you feel the need to boost your ego by bragging about something you said on here 2 years ago, then fine, go for it. Just two things though:

a) Don't lie about what you actually said. It makes you look like a cunt.
b) Don't cry when someone puts up what you really said. It makes you look like an even bigger cunt.

Hope that helps.

Eerie Descent 3:12 Tue Jan 18
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Nage, without the need to go over and over and over it, we both know deep down on this, but I'm fucked if I'm spending 5 hours trawling back through threads. You're just a pedantic sad cunt with nothing better to do, clearly.

I said we should sell Diop years ago. Glad to see everyone else has now realised.

Aberdeen Iron 12:22 Tue Jan 18
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Going 3-5-2 with Johnson at LWB aint a bad idea really. Cresswell was clearly told to stay back vs Leeds and without Said this seemed to take away some crosses from the left. Well, apart from Ant and Bowens ones but they should be in front of goal anyway.

threesixty 12:15 Tue Jan 18
Re: Diop and Masuaku
I'd probably play Johnson as the left CB to give Diop a mental rest.

Failing that, play a back 3 with Johnson.

I feel like its fatigue more than just people being good enough. It was easier when each CB pair had a week between games.
We just dont have that now and Moyes cant rely on being able to play the absolute strongest team every game because the strongest soon becomes the weakest when not mentally/physically fit.

Nagel 11:53 Tue Jan 18
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Eerie, I brought up your comments when he signed because I thought it was funny how you continually boast that you wanted rid of Diop 2 years ago and cry about getting stick for it, when you were the one giving stick to someone who thought we never should have bought him in the first place. Not surprised you don't see the irony though seeing as you're utterly lacking in self awareness.

You say I can't accept being wrong and yet you falsely accused me of lying and then lied yourself, pretending you never said that we could sell him for £20m+. Didn't see any apology when I showed you the proof.

You need to have a word with yourself.

Eerie Descent 10:24 Tue Jan 18
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Nage, firstly, as we went through last time, players can always be sold. The proof is it has happened a million times. You may not have noticed, but there's interest from Newcastle in THIS window, you plank. I said last time that we should try to get shot whilst he still had some sort of rep, no one would argue with that now except you, and that's because you can't accept being wrong.

On the other point, as for being positive about us signing a player, I'll pretty much do that every single time, apart from if they look absolutely shit on Youtube, like I did with Roberto, who it was obvious looked shit. The fact that you have trawled the internet looking for my comments on when we first signed him 4 years ago, well, I actually feel sorry for you. You sad cunt.

COOL HAND LUKE 1:29 Mon Jan 17
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Diop is only ever comfortable with a 'Daddy' alongside him, he had some decent games with The Gen in there, but if you put him in a situation where he has to think for himself all the time (or he even just thinks he may have to) then his backbone falls out. He does not have the mental strength for PL football. We should cash him in and start over.

Lee Trundle 12:14 Mon Jan 17
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Playing 3 at the back invites Masuaku into the team.


master 12:08 Mon Jan 17
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Moyes didn't hesitate to play 3 at the back last year when we had injuries (or maybe even didn't).

Had that option yesterday but chose not to. These are his decisions. The 2 defenders in the middle are weak and need help, been obvious.for weeks but now Cresswell is back, the solution was there. In fact when we took both centre backs away from playing center back (subbed and move to centre forward respectively), Cresswell look perfectly fine playing there and covered situations and read the game well.

SUM A DING WONG 11:38 Mon Jan 17
Re: Diop and Masuaku
What you've suggested are possible, too, Nagel.

I assumed Diop was down to Husillios, not Sullivan.

Would feed more into the Diop being hung out to dry theory.

As I say, though, I'd rather like to think Moyes was trying to find the cheapest, best solutions, rather than trying to make a point to Sullivan.

Nagel 11:24 Mon Jan 17
Re: Diop and Masuaku
SUM, I think it's more likely that either Dawson is worse on the left than Diop is, or they're both equally as bad but Moyes would rather his best available CB plays in his preferred position.

Would be interesting if he was hanging him out to dry though, seeing as Diop was one of Sullivan's signings, and he admitted to bullying Pellegrini into buying him.

SUM A DING WONG 10:57 Mon Jan 17
Re: Diop and Masuaku
By the way, I'd like to add, I actually get wound up that professional footballers are not able ro use both feet well.

The fact is though, some players are just not very comfortable using their non kicking foot a lot.

SUM A DING WONG 10:52 Mon Jan 17
Re: Diop and Masuaku
Whilst I agree Diop needs to man up more, and defensively 2nd half,  was terrible, he's severely lacking in confidence playing on his wrong side. Diop is very much a confidence player.

His distribution though,  today ( even using his wrong foot) was good enough - it's not his fault if the balls he played into Antonio are not being held up. I love Antonio,  but he's never been the greatest at bringing high balls under control,  add in the fact he's not even keeping possession as much when the ball is being played into his feet and hey presto, you have a problem,  as there's no respite for the midfield and defence.

Now, I'm not going to blame Antonio a 100%, because as we all know, we should have at least one more striker sharing the load. His game is all about pace and strength  so he simply can't play the amount of games he plays and still have the same impact.

There seems to me, only two reasons why Moyes keeps playing Diop on his wrongs side.

He's either seeing if long term,  Diop can play on his wrong side, thus saving Moyes having to buy two left sided CB's (even if Ogbonna comes back next season, he's only got a couple of years top, left)

Or, he's hanging Diop out to dry,  because he doesn't want Dawson on his wrong  side (If Dawson doesn't make a good fist of it, whilst Diop plays better on his right side, it reflects badly on Moyes because Dawson was his signing).

I'd like to think that Moyes isn't snidey, so I reckon it's a case of seeing if Diop can play on his wrong side. Clearly though,  it's not working at the moment, so they either need to go back to Cresswell in a back 3, or switch Diop back to his more comfortable side, until we sign another left sided CB.

Lee Trundle 10:24 Mon Jan 17
Re: Diop and Masuaku
"One of the few sceptics about the signing was actually Alex V"

hahaha - he is sceptical of everything we do. He was sceptical about Payet joining us!

Italian hammer 10:18 Mon Jan 17
Re: Diop and Masuaku
I don't think that Dawson is a better player.
Fact is that if we have to play with the second choices we have problems.

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