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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Coffee 7:02 Sat Jan 22
Saturday football (22 Jan)

Rafa’s departure has given the headline writers a body blow, but they should still have enough to think of something corny about this one. A feisty start to the day’s fixtures beckons, Duncan Ferguson taking on an old Toffees’ nemesis. Draw.

Brentford have been uncomfortably leaky in recent games and that should suit their visitors down to the ground. Away win.

This probably doesn’t count as a six-pointer, the more so after Leeds collected three points last time out. For Newcastle, the situation looks increasingly desperate. They have to pick up points somewhere, somehow(e). One, at least, from today’s visit to Yorkshire. Draw.

Two teams that are scintillating at their best and dire at other times. The trouble is that you’re never quite sure which one to expect. If we go in believing we can and will win, there’s absolutely no reason we can’t leave Old Trafford with one if not all points. The whole team should be smarting from an almighty rocket up their collective backside after the appalling defeat at home to Leeds. Will Rangnick be tempted to give Jesse Lingard a rare starting place? Interesting – and, perhaps, clever – psychology if he does. There’s something to be had from this visit up north, let’s hope we’re up for it. Draw.

The Saints lie just one point from the comfort of tenth spot. The visitors have an eleven goal advantage over the side in second place. That’s one heck of a challenge for Southampton. Away win.


After last night’s atypical Norwich win at Watford, Burnley now sit bottom of the table, albeit with a remarkable five games in hand over Norwich. It wasn’t so long ago that their fate mattered a lot more to Arsenal than it now does. It’s a measure of their progress that an expected win today may see them leapfrog us. Come on, you Clarets! Home win.

No room for any slips today if Liverpool are to maintain their unlikely chase of Man City for the title. Away win.

It’s hard to get overexcited by this one. Home win.

Form says Spurs. But this is where top managers earn their bread. Territorial advantage plus an end to their dip to tip the balance. Pumpernickel to trump focaccia. Home win.

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Sydney_Iron 9:54 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
*Think Westwood did get a Yellow? should have been a Red though.

Sydney_Iron 9:47 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Very soft VAR decision for the Scouse, you can see the keeper put his arms up and almost lean back as he doesn’t want the collision, what was he meant to do? It was Jota that wanted the Collison!! Liverpool would have won any way but that was a poor call IMO.

Mind you how Westwood of Burnley stayed on the pitch for that tackle was also a bit of a joke! Not even a yellow for the lunge on the Arsenal player whose name I forget! Had the idiot Arteta at his animated and aggressive best though seething on the touchline and waving his arms around....hahahaha

lowlife 9:29 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Tottenham have some tough games coming up, next 3 are Southampton, Wolves and Man City. Can see them losing a couple of those.

Waiting for the Conte vs. Levy contest to start now.

Sven Roeder 8:37 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
The problem for Spurs is that all the sort of players they need to close the YAWNING chasm to the teams above them are likely to go to those teams.
And they will be getting more like N'Dobbly, LaCelso, E Royal J Rodon & B Gil while battling on with a resentful Harold Kane and their TWIN CRAB midfield of H Winks & O Skipp.

marty feldman 8:29 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Il be astonished if Conte stays beyond this season . The gulf in class between them and Chelsea is staggering . There at least 6 players short .

FOMB 8:20 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Good results for us today

Still 3 games in hand for the yids and 2 for Arsenal but one of them they play eachother so one of them at least will be dropping points

RBshorty 8:18 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
It’s starting to go a bit Spursy.

ted fenton 7:52 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Tottenham get battered everywhere they go ,everywhere they go

lowlife 7:48 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
2-0 wahey!

goose 7:43 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Some hit by Ziyech.

marty feldman 7:40 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Great goal by ziyech .

Sven Roeder 7:31 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Not even a yellow for Doherty

This ref TIERNEY has a blind spot for Spurs reds, same one who didnt see KANE'S leg breaker on ROBERTSON of Liverpool

⚒️ 7:27 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Browno22 7:14 Sun Jan 23

I don’t like goose either, but I don’t think he’s a spurs fan mate.

Percy Dalton 7:22 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Did Docherty get a yellow for that ankle breaker?

Kaiser Zoso 7:21 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Chelsea slinging in hopeful crosses for Lukaku = West Ham under BFS with Carroll up front

Sarge 7:19 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
The shit akenfenwa having a very poor game for chelsea.

Browno22 7:15 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
This fat hairy cunt of a ref is the same bloke who was on VAR for us yesterday.

Kaiser Zoso 7:14 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
And Tanganyika should be off now

Browno22 7:14 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Just waht a spurs fan would say. Fuck off

⚒️ 7:12 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Never a foul.

Sven Roeder 7:12 Sun Jan 23
Re: Saturday football (22 Jan)
Lukaku is a real disappointment for a £97m centre forward
Chelsea have spent £150m on him & Werner

T Silva takes a dive. Did the same when Bowen scored at Stamford Bridge last season I recall. Now centre halves dive!

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