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threesixty 1:32 Tue Feb 1
Looking forward… what’s the plan?
I’m trying to look forward now. I’m gutted but it’s over now. The milk has been spilt and there’s no point in crying over it now.

So the question is:

How near is Ogbonna to being back this season?

Will we actually start blooding in Okaflex and Perkins in our cup games with a view to having genuine forward options in Europe and the league.

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Stowie.40 8:33 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
I don’t expect us to sign Aerola, he should be number 1 now, it’s stupid he isn’t. The Johnston rumours have never gone. He’s free and a Salthouse client. Dithering Dave doesn’t get a say on the matter

nychammer 8:28 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
so are C&H spreading BS re: Areola's position then?


Nutsin 8:16 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
Out and out goal scorer *

Nutsin 8:14 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
Stubbo. 6:34

Nice post moosh!

Although adding up the numbers that’s a 200 million shopping list.

Have to substitute a few of those signings for a couple of freebies….Go all in on Lingard and Tarkowski.

Then focus on our and our goal scorer, Left back for cover and Central midfielder.

Charoo 7:36 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
We do have an option on Areola - they’ll buy him, he’ll become number 1 and Fab will become number 2.

On that list you missed off Declan who will be sold.

I don’t think they will sell Bowen as well if they do sell Rice as that’s a catastrophe unless the player himself transfer lists himself or a bid of over £60m comes in.

I know everyone is saying the owners are lining their pockets before walking into the sunset, but will the Sphinx exercise his option if they leave him a decimated team.

There is a balance and Moyes and his team have a breaking point, not like he wouldn’t be wanted by another club now, so we can’t completely asset strip.

But he is going to need to buy 5 or 6 - so expect to see 3 at most.

Tarwoski on a free
A razzle dazzle striker that won’t work out
He’ll try Lingard on a free but he’ll go Newcastle who will pay him double what we offer.
Eastern European obscure holding midfielder to replace Rice hoping to replicate his luck with Soucek.

That’s the next level £110m in and £30m out.

yngwies Cat 7:18 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
Hope they the get injured.

nychammer 7:15 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
"Areola: Will he stay? He's expensive and we've extended Fab again?"

They didn't even negotiate an option to Buy Areola. How fucked up is that ?

Stubbo 6:34 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
Rarely a fan of Claret & Hugh, and not sure if this point is already made, but come the Summer we're going to be looking for a LOT of players, given the following will likely leave:

Kral: He’s not fancied now so unlikely to be retained
Areola: Will he stay? He's expensive and we've extended Fab again?
Yarmolenko: Out of contract
Martin: Out of Contract
Noble: Retiring
Masuaku: Clearly not in the manger’s plans
Randolph: Leaving in the summer
Fredricks: Out of contract
Diop: Not part of Moyes long term plans
Ogbonna: Will be 34 if and when he recovers

GK: Fabianski, GAP, GAP, Kid?
RB: Coufal, Johnson (Ashby)
LB: Cresswell, GAP (Longelo....although we almost sold him)
CB: Zouma, Ogbonna, Dawson, Diop (although we'd like to perform an upgrade here I'd expect)
CM: Rice (if we're lucky), Soucek, GAP, GAP.
AM: Benrahma, Bowen (again if lucky), Fornals, Lanzini, Vlasic, GAP
CF: Antonio, GAP, GAP.

So we'll need 2 x GK, LB, CB (if we shift Diop), 2 x CMs, an AM and arguably 2 x CF to give us a squad with competition and game changing options on the bench.

Based on links of players we seem truly interested in:

GK - Johnstone (free...assume 3m signing fee)
LB - Robinson (8m)
CB - Caleta-Car (12m)
CM - Phillips (50m)
CM - Kral (he's only young....would we look to keep on the cheap, and would he even want to)? (10m)
AM - Raphinha (60m)
CF - Nunez (45m)
CF - Ekitike (25m)

Getting something like that over the line all in one window, with a minimum financial commitment of 213m+?

Never ever going to happen, meaning next year's squad will be even thinner than this year's...how can Moyes not see that sometimes he needs to add players for depth not for the first XI straight away?

nychammer 3:16 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
Sorry to be so depressing but You can just see the road ahead for us with these cunts as owners. We don’t need to spend a fortune but we really really desperately did need to have one or two in this window. I think it’s going to do for us in terms of us being at serious risk getting nothing this season and that in turn will he really damaging for us in the summer window when we lose the heartbeat of our team. The only way forward, consciously or not that with GSB as owners is to return us to the scraping by relegation haunted club we were 2 seasons back.

nich the d 3:14 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
Nutsin 5:19 Tues

I agree - the best way to "salvage" the season (for the fans, players and Moyes) is to win the Europa. I would play a full strength team in every match regardless of who we have in the league that weekend... That might mean that we fall away to 8th / 9th / 10th in the league but, in my mind, that is worth it if we win the Europa League.

I hate to say disregard the FA Cup but winning the Europa puts us in the Champions' league next season and is probably the best chance of keeping ALL our best players for next season.

JayeMPee 11:17 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
It would be nice to know that Moyes and his recruitment team had a plan, they certainly didn't have one in January.

Disorganised chaos, scattergun approach 'who shall we go for today'! No idea, we should have been geared up before January knowing precisely who our targets were and got them in early. Any thought players would be cheaper at the end of the window should be forgotten.

The problem in the summer is we will be competing with the top six plus the newcs for every top player going so time for Moyes to do what he said he would do and seek out the outstanding young stars of the future. Forget all this lying crap about £100m for these two and £60m for some guy in South America we will never be able to compete for these 'stars'.

Manuel 7:29 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
Yep, true success is over a sustained period, example, Pochettino got Spurs top 4 for 4 seasons straight, which is why his tenure there is seen as being a successful one. One good season will most likely just be seen as a one off, before being put back in your 'rightful place'

Bit like losing weight, you can do it once, but the real challenge is keeping it off.

Darby_ 7:23 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
I think it's true of West Ham that success doesn't breed success. It breeds complacency and people in power patting themselves on the back.

After a good season, instead of strengthening the squad to push on, we replace Payet with Robert Snodgrass, or Bellamy with Savio, or Haller with ...er no one. Remember Terry Brown calling for "belt tightening" after we finished 7th?

I hope the squad can prove me wrong, but they must be as disappointed as we are. More likely we'll muddle along with Antonio playing 90 minutes most games, whether or not he's tired or out of form.

Is that enough to sustain a league, European and cup campaign with this thin squad? Seems unlikely.

Manuel 6:03 Wed Feb 2
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
We are definitely entering a crucial period, and it's not an exaggeration to see it could divine where we go as a club over the coming years. Finish the season well and finish top 6, a trophy would be great of course, but top 6 and Europe would still be decent and keep us on an upward trend, and we should be seen as an attractive proposition to players in the summer. But if the season tails off, we end up say 8th-10th no Europe, dumped out the cups etc, then the anger will come back ref the non spend in Jan which will (rightly) be seen as the reason the season tailed off, and as Pony says it will feel like its back to square one again.

White Pony 10:10 Tue Feb 1
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
*want him out

White Pony 10:08 Tue Feb 1
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
Simply, we’ve got to start using the youth players. Bringing on Yarmolenko and Masuaku as first choice backup has to stop. Might as well bang Okoflex into the action, as he looks like he knows where the goal is. And use Longelo. Or bring Johnson on at LB if Cresswell is out. Just don’t play Arthur.

I fear Moyes won’t do any of the above and will continue down the blind alley he seemed to be going down before the winter break, with regard to squad usage. He’s beginning to piss me off a lot, if I’m honest.

I don’t know any him out, not by any means, but this is a bit of a test now and if he makes the wrong choices, we’re back into mid-table obscurity with the prospect of our best players fucking off come the summer.

Then we’re kind of back to square one.

Irons10 10:00 Tue Feb 1
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
The objective for this season is already completed.

Job done in their eyes, let's plod along now until next season where the main objective will be to sell Rice and Bowen and to get a few loans in and stay up.

Rinse and repeat and make as much money along the way as possible

marty feldman 9:41 Tue Feb 1
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
There's no plan with this mob . The only plan I've ever seen off these shysters is stay in the league at all costs . Fuck ambition is their motto .

Charoo 8:28 Tue Feb 1
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?

This exactly

, 8:20 Tue Feb 1
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
The owners intention, as always, is to keep the team safe in the EPL. Doing reasonably well means that as usual they did not see fit to improve the squad during this window.

None of this is new it has happened before when relegation has looked highly unlikely.

boleyn8420 5:34 Tue Feb 1
Re: Looking forward… what’s the plan?
The plan is to sell Rice and Bowen and sell the club fir as much as they can. Yes, I think sums it up perfectly ably helped by their lapdog Dithering Dave

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