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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

daveyg 8:38 Wed Feb 2
Team for Kidderminster
Think the first 15-20 will be key. They will be up and at us.Need our big boys for this.
Zouma needs game time but I feel it maybe better suited to Dawson. Really need Alese involved after the none purchase of an alternative. Cresswell has has had loads of rest.
Opting for Noble too, his passing can unlock the front 3. Rice will be wanting this as 5th rd beckons.
No Antonio as he'll be still in sun mode.

Johnson Dawson/Zouma Alese Cresswell
Soucek Rice
Bowen Vlasic Benrhama

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eric5bellies 5:37 Sat Feb 5
Re: Team for Kidderminster
Kin ell talk about get out of jail

⚒️ 3:37 Sat Feb 5
Re: Team for Kidderminster
Should’ve gone with my team.

Crassus 8:45 Fri Feb 4
Re: Team for Kidderminster

I’d fuck it off with the kids
No point in risking first teamers, throw everything at the Europa
The squad just won’t stand up to it

And if the Moyes supporters are correct, it’s a perfect opportunity to demonstrate who is at fault

I suspect he won’t though, because he is complicit and fear an injury

The only consolation is the thought of bulging eyes and trying to explain it all after

daveyg 8:26 Fri Feb 4
Re: Team for Kidderminster
Good article on Kidderminster.

Think we need Dawson for this .
Diop, Masuaku and Fredericks will all melt.

Alwaysaniron 5:43 Fri Feb 4
Re: Team for Kidderminster
It's in our DNA to lose this. We all know it. Crassus is right, the media are gagging for us to lose.

I'd mix it up with our team a bit and see if a couple of our younger players can't at least have a decent run out. I wouldn't risk Rice or Bowen at all. Pack them off to the sun in Dubai for another couple of days.

Crassus 11:14 Thu Feb 3
Re: Team for Kidderminster
Given the brilliance of the board, I’d sack this off if I were Moyes and point a finger by playing the kids, if it were their excellence alone
He won’t of course, because it wasn’t and someone is likely to be injured
Full on bull frog mode at post match presser, this has disaster all over it
Can’t deny, I’m part wanting it for the media furore that would follow

nich the d 10:25 Thu Feb 3
Re: Team for Kidderminster
If Kral doesn't start, and play 90 minutes, against a team at this level, then what is the point of him?

isolated hammer 10:07 Thu Feb 3
Re: Team for Kidderminster
This is a game for the under 23's squad. Have some first team players on the bench and see what Happens. No way should we go full strength from the off!!! That is not being disrespectful, that is protecting our own on a non league football pitch.

They will be well up for it for the first half hour, if not the whole 90 minutes and anything can happen.

chim chim cha boo 9:11 Thu Feb 3
Re: Team for Kidderminster
Cresswell is probably the most crucial player who needs to be wrapped in cotton wool as we simply don't have a replacement for him.

I'm guessing Ben Johnson gets the nod although he's on a hiding to nothing as he's prepared to play wherever Moyes puts him.

It's a bit like playing Masuaku at right back.

Pedro 8:51 Thu Feb 3
Re: Team for Kidderminster


Lertie Button 7:50 Thu Feb 3
Re: Team for Kidderminster
With Antonio hopefully fully wrapped in cotton wool until our next Premiership game, this will be an exciting opportunity to look at all our many options up front.
Bowen now is the most important player in our squad as our best creative midfielder and the guy who will have to play up front half our remaining games - and any Antonio misses through injury.
So he'll be missing and I'd say Man Utd probably will want Rice rested for this kind of game if the Dildos are to get their full price in the summer.
So it's anybody's in guess after that

easthammer 7:02 Thu Feb 3
Re: Team for Kidderminster
Fredericks Dawson Diop Johnson
Noble Kral
Vlasic Yarmolenko Benrahma Fornals

Subs Bowen Rice Soucek Lanzini Zouma Creswell Randolph Coufal Ashby Oko Flex Perkins

If we are doing well bring on the youngsters if we are struggling bring on the cavalry

Mex Martillo 5:00 Thu Feb 3
Re: Team for Kidderminster
I wouldn’t risk putting U23s in the defense

Coufal Dawson Zouma Cresswell
Noble Rice
Bowen Vlasic Benrhama
Oko Flex

Far Cough 11:24 Thu Feb 3
Re: Team for Kidderminster
By the way, the game is live on BBC1

Manuel 2:45 Thu Feb 3
Re: Team for Kidderminster
Fifth - That's true of course, but because both are playing at the same time it may tempt Moyes to go with more first teamers that he would if this wasn't the case.

arsegrapes 12:28 Thu Feb 3
Re: Team for Kidderminster
I'd rather give them a goal start than play the monster.

Fifth Column 5:30 Wed Feb 2
Re: Team for Kidderminster

The point of the U23s is to provide players for the first team. If they are needed for the first team then they'll play for the first team regardless of a 23s match on Sunday.

Lato 5:19 Wed Feb 2
Re: Team for Kidderminster





pdbis 5:05 Wed Feb 2
Re: Team for Kidderminster
Seeing as the u23's kick off at one o'clock against Man Utd on Saturday I doubt there will be any/many of them involved.

Sniper 3:26 Wed Feb 2
Re: Team for Kidderminster
Ashby alese diop longelo
Noble kral
Fredericks Vlasic oko flex

No way would I risk Zouma, rice, Antonio, fornals, benrahma etc in this one

Use masuaku off the bench and hopefully Chesters and nevers if we’re comfortable towards the end

Fifth Column 3:15 Wed Feb 2
Re: Team for Kidderminster
CoufalDawson Alese Longelo
Soucek Kral
Fornals Lanzini Benrahma

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