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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
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d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Nutsin 11:53 Sun Feb 6
Fans out of control
A Leicester fan ran on to the pitch and started throwing punches at Forest players as they celebrated scoring.

What the fuck is wrong with people. Hope they throw the book at the idiot.


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SDKFZ 222 2:06 Tue Feb 8
Re: Fans out of control
I remember being at Goodison Park in 1986 for the match to decide second place, Liverpool had pipped us to first on the previous Saturday.

Before the match there was this Merseyside police sergeant standing in front of our fans on the touch line, wearing a police Mac and holding one of those huge wooden pace sticks that the Liverpool police used to carry. Our lot started lobbing coins at him, so he thrust his chest out and we merely watched them bounce off of him. He wasn’t fazed at all. When our lot became bored and stopped throwing them, he merely went along and picked them all up.

Hats of to him for his bottle.

chim chim cha boo 1:31 Tue Feb 8
Re: Fans out of control
This sticks in my throat saying this but the best way of dealing with fans throwing coins at them was Dennis Wise when we played Millwall away.

He took rain of coins as went to take a free kick (maybe a corner?) at our end and took some beauties, to really put in to perspective how some of our boys should have played Cricket for England.

Anyway, he waited until it stopped, picked up all the smash that we'd thrown at him and gave it to a little girl in their end, turned around with a grin on his face and gave a bit us a big thumbs up.

White Pony 11:58 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
You’re deliberately avoiding the obvious point because you’ve painted yourself into a corner, goose.

The whole “don’t throw it in the first place” argument is meaningless if it gets thrown back and hits a completely innocent person in the face.

goose 11:47 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
If I’m sat in the front row and the bottle cracks him on the head giving him brain damage - is that ok?

I’m saying don’t throw shit in the first place and it won’t get thrown back.

Eerie Descent 11:41 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
goose, if you were at a game with your son, and some pillock near you threw a coin at a player, the player threw it back and it hit your son, blinding him in one eye, you think that's fair game?

Huffers 11:32 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
The likelihood of a bottle being thrown back into the crowd and hitting the individual who threw it us pretty much zero. Alan Smith also did it just about 30 years ago. I think against Birmingham.

White Pony 11:32 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
The only way your argument would ever remotely work goose is if the players threw the objects back at the exact same people who threw them.

Let’s admit that that’s extremely unlikely and if they do pick something up and throw it back, there’s a pretty high chance of a walloping someone completely innocent in the head.

riosleftsock 11:31 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
Loads of fans spend an awful lot of money to go and see their heroes, some of them have to make sacrifices to get the money to pay to see them. Then they turn up for a big derby match and your side on huge wages can't even be bothered to make a game of it.

Fuck em. I'm with the fans on this.

"Are you NOT entertained?"


goose 11:28 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
Yr saying it’s understandable that fans react to being goaded, then surely it’s understandable that players react to having stuff thrown at them?

In the main fans get a free pass to abuse players, so yeh ‘boo hoo’ when they have to take a bit back.

Yorkammer 11:28 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
Only a simpleton would advocate a player indiscriminately throwing an object into a crowd.

North Bank 11:24 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
goose once again you're intentionally avoiding the point as you know your honesty in answering will show you up, so you're referring to strawman

Have a good evening

goose 11:19 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
Maybe if ppl expected to get coins & bottles lobbed back at them they won’t do it in the first place.

The coward is the one throwing from the safety of a crowd.

I want players to goad fans when they score, adds to the fun when things go the other way.

North Bank 11:10 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
goose I don't tend to disagree with that, my disagreement is that players should shoulder more responsibility

If supporters act up these days they get dealt with by stewards or OB, players on the other hand tend to get a free pass, so they don't get too upset

My issue with you is your ridiculous comment of congratulating a player for throwing bottles/coins at innocent supporters

goose 11:04 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
Fans give players grief, players take the opportunity to give some back when they score. That’s part of what makes the game.

Throwing your toys out and running on the pitch because they celebrated scoring in a big game is ridiculous.

mashed in maryland 10:59 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
Dunno if we're really disagreeing here or just looking at it differently goose.

If someone is giving someone abuse, there's a chance its gonna go up a level and get physical. That's just how it is, not saying its right or wrong.

As i said I'm just surprised it doesn't happen more regularly. Especially in a highly charged game like Leicester/Forest and I'd say exactly the same if it was a player going at an abusive fan.

goose 10:59 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
Don’t throw stuff at players then and the problem will be solved.

North Bank 10:57 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
goose are you really this stupid "If you throw stuff at them then expect to get it thrown back."

It's indiscriminate, which is why it's also unacceptable, probably why you won't address my question

goose 10:52 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
MiM if you’re gonna give players abuse, expect abuse back.

Doesn’t then give you an excuse to run on the pitch and try & fight them.

If you throw stuff at them then expect to get it thrown back.

If Cantona had got belted he would have deserved it too.

North Bank 10:52 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
goose the coward that attacked a player these days at top tier grounds with CCTV, always tend to get punished by the OB, your beloved players who are just as cowardly get a slapped wrist and some time off.

Again, would you be so tolerant if that coin from Carragher or bottle from Payet or Smith hit one of your kids or partner and injured them?

goose 10:50 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
Btw 3 of your examples are players throwing back stuff that was thrown at them.

Half a dozen examples over a 20 year period vs how many fans throwing stuff etc etc?

mashed in maryland 10:49 Mon Feb 7
Re: Fans out of control
"If you’re dish grief out then expect to get some back"

I think that's exactly his point, goose...

Not trying to catch you out, genuinely curious...

If it were a load of Forest fans and not players goading the Leicester fans, and someone switched and steamed in.. would your opinion be different?

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