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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

toadinthehole 6:08 Sun Feb 20
Antonio’s customary row Z shot
I don’t remember him ever scoring a long range goal for us, so why does he try this every match? It’s so frustrating, there were 2 teammates running into the box.

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scott_d 3:30 Wed Feb 23
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
Whatever happens Antonio has been a great buy for us and has done a good job.

The actions of the club with regards to the striker situation is absolutely unacceptable and if I was Antonio, I would be fuming at the lack of support.

It looks like they have asked him to change his game to protect his hamstrings, by not running around as much, which allows him to remain un-injured but makes him less effective.

So not only have we not strengthened an area where we are massively exposed, we have actually further weakened ourselves in this position by asking our only striker to hold back.

Russ of the BML 5:20 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
GreenStreetPlayer 12:40 Tue Feb 22

Whatever it is - It can't continue.

I love Antonio. But sentiment only goes for with me and many others. Love him or not, he's become an embarrassment. Loss of confidence, lack of form, playing with an injury? Who know's.

It shouldn't really matter. Because right now the geezer should be benched with his predecessor now doing the business with him as back up. But that's if we were a club run properly.

Side of Ham 4:42 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
It's a regular thing and the only common denominator is Sullivan......remember our last season at UP when we had a dire striker situation with us doing well with Carroll constantly injured and they got in......Jelavic & Emineke......we need TWO top end signings for competition up front.....it's never happened under this lot......never will.....

Lee Trundle 4:36 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
I see it as this was our SECOND chance.

I'd say the shitty striker situation got us knocked out of the FA cup last season when we had no one up front, only for Moyes to hang MIPO out to dry.

Eerie Descent 4:19 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
The lad has never completed 40 games in a season for us, and in his previous 6 seasons, 3 times he hasn't managed 30 games, including in the 2 seasons prior to this one. He clearly isn't built for a long, gruelling season.

He's now 31, to go into this season with the Europa League to contend with, with him as our only striker, is madness that no one can explain. To then not sign a striker in January, it has really dented my faith in this manager, it is so hard to fathom.

The reason everyone is so fucked off is THIS was our chance. It was so very up for grabs, and he's fucked it. We won't be in Europe next season, and we'll be challenging to break into the top 10.

Crassus 4:10 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot

Could it be that he was playing for a contract, which he now has?
Just asking and feeling something of a cynical old Hector right now

GreenStreetPlayer 12:40 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
Russ of the BML, rather than confidence do you think this may be down to a longer term injury?

He seems very much to be playing within himself. When he was virtually unplayable he would accelerate away from 3 players, get to balls he never should have, strained every sinew to get to the ball, and normally do himself in making crosses he shouldn’t.

We don’t see none of that now and that can’t be just about a lack of confidence and goals not going in.

He is like having someone from the crowd thrown on to make the 11 up. I just wish he was honest with himself and has to have an operation or something. I’m sure we’ll hear at the end of the season he’ll go under the knife which makes the decision not to buy another striker last month an even worse one.

The change in form and performance has just been too great to put down to confidence. I am sure there is more going on than that.

Huffers 12:36 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
It was the likes of Talksport and Sky Sports who talked him up. There was a graphic earlier in the season for the race for the Golden Boot with Antonio next to Salah haha

LeroysBoots 11:22 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
But Russ, we are looking at strikers to be his back up, he's that good

Russ of the BML 11:19 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
I cringe when I watch him now. More so for him. He's becoming an embarrassment to himself and us now. Against Newcastle when he attempted a cross but knocked the ball with his standing foot and did an air-shot - Well, it just sums him up. He's not even good at holding the ball up at the moment. It bounces off him and goes anywhere.

This isn't just a drop in form. This is a personal capitulation. I said on another thread we would get better service from a League 1 striker and I stand by that.

It hurts me to say this. I love the bloke. A true genuine cult hero for me. But this can't continue. And if Moyes allows it to then its not only out of order on Antonio but also the team and the supporters.

The media are now circling. Talksport have been mentioning his lack of confidence and apparent ability. There was an article in one of the papers on Sunday about his lack of finesse and how clumsy he looks.

Antonio needs to be pulled and sharpish. For his sake if anything. Take some time out to work on his game and get his confidence back.

Its OK Moyes saying his form will return at some point but as games go by and he keeps offering nothing our season is slowly ebbing away.

Stickleback 10:47 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
He needs Weeble training to learn how to wobble but not fall down.

Hammer Oz 9:19 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
Booooooo boooooooooo
Booooooo booooooooooo
I’m a supporter

Fickle cunts

Grumpster 12:17 Tue Feb 22
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
Got nothing against antonio, though he's clearly in a spell that all strikers have where they play shit and can't score.

Other clubs aren't run or managed by thick cunts though and so have competition for places so as to not have to start them still every game.

Criminal not having an actual striker at the club for over a year.

Hammer and Pickle 8:43 Mon Feb 21
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
As it goes, his crosses remind me of Faubert's shots.

Pee Wee 8:26 Mon Feb 21
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
His shots remind me of Fauberts crosses

Pedro 8:06 Mon Feb 21
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
The new stadium has saved a few players.

There were about 4 who hit the upper Sir Trevor brooking stand.

Sir Alf 6:50 Mon Feb 21
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
Browno22 5:10 Sun Feb 20
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
He's finished. Shot to pieces and a hindrance. Thanks for the memories

Ag, ag, ag !
That made me laugh. Shame it’s largely true. :-(

Helmut Shown 6:23 Mon Feb 21
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
I just cant understand how professional footballers can consistently find the stands. They would call them "spoon footed" many years ago. In those days, its true, the ball did go over the bar but not by 30 feet and it wasnt from a billiard table surface either. The only one who would fit in modern day football was Harry Redknapp whose "crosses" would often find me halfway up the North Bank.

Pee Wee 6:08 Mon Feb 21
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
What a depressing question

Gaffer58 2:06 Mon Feb 21
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
So who is/was the better striker, Antonio or Carlton?

chim chim cha boo 7:07 Mon Feb 21
Re: Antonio’s customary row Z shot
Like I say, the cunts upstairs have no ambition than to slowly asset strip the club before 2023. You can forget us getting a new striker.

The thing that really makes my piss boil is that this has happened for the fifthly odd years that I have been a supporter and shows how little we've changed in my time.

There's only so much time that you can milk a cow without feeding it.

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