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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

the exile 4:22 Wed Feb 23
Team for Wolves
As I said last week, our ongoing poor form means that the side no longer "picks itself" in the way it did earlier in the season. That makes these threads a bit more interesting, with much more disagreement about who should be in or out of the side.

RB continues to be an issue. Coufal is reported to be 50/50 for this one, so I expect Johnson to get the nod.

In midfield, many have been calling for Soucek to be given a rest, which basically amounts to a polite way of calling for him to be dropped. He does seem a shadow of the player who made such an impact last season, but what's the alternative? Lanzini dropping back or bringing in Kral might be solutions, but I am unconvinced by either. Such is our shallow squad that we are left just hoping that he can find some form, and the same goes for Antonio.

Which two out of Lanzini, Fornals, Benrahma and Vlasic will no doubt generate some discussion. I was surprised by how many were positive about Benrahma's performance last week. Yes, he did look fairly lively, but for me, he flatters to deceive, losing possession far too cheaply and frequently. I would have him as an impact sub.

Johnson Dawson Zouma Cresswell
Soucek Rice
Bowen Lanzini Fornals

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Darby_ 7:43 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
Moyes followed my advice and played 5-3-2 and I think it worked well. Antonio looked a lot more effective with Bowen closer to him. The defence needed to keep an eye on them both rather than just concentrate on Antonio and foul and wrestle him out of the game.

Stubbo 3:03 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
Only reason I'd go Kral over Noble is IMO Noble gets in Rice's way. I think Kral is more able to play Soucek's role of late, thank Noble is.

He also has something significant to play for (namely a contract) and is still basically a youngster.

Manuel 2:57 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
I'm no fan of Noble but i'd pick him every day off the week over fucking Kral.

Stubbo 2:53 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves

Johnson Dawson Zouma Cresswell

Rice Kral Soucek

Bowen Vlasic Fornals

With most of our attacking players out of form, I think it's time to find a way to free Soucek up to get forward more without stifling Rice's ball carrying.

Antonio needs a game on the bench to help focus the mind. Yes it's a big game, but bring him on at half time raring if need be

We're stale, and Moyes needs to shake it up a bit with some players who should be chomping at the bit for a go..

fraser 2:48 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
Yep nothing worse than seeing a player pissed off to be subbed when there were worse than him on the pitch. I don't think that's a bad attitude at all..

Full Claret Jacket 2:45 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
The team pretty much picks itself every week regardless of players form. I'm not impressed with Benrahmas form and his attitude last game alone should see him benched. Think we lack a bit of a combative player like Snodgrass was. We need to win the ball higher up the field sometimes and although we have a technically decent and hardworking set of players they lack pace and the tackling and physicality needed sometimes.

What are the views on Oko-flex? Is he ready for some cameo performances before the end of the season or way off making the side. He doesn't even seem to make the bench a lot of the time.

Nagel 2:04 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
To be fair, maybe he got it from claret & hugh as that's how they paraphrased it, but then that site is actually worse than the gutter press. Less cynical, more stupid.

fraser 1:56 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
Nagel - thanks for that, I'm shocked daveyg paraphrasing like the gutter press.

Nagel 1:12 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
He didn't say "no youngsters are good enough to step up." What he said was:

“We don’t have loads of youngsters, and even those who can step in like Harrison Ashby has done his hamstring about three weeks ago so he is struggling.

“We have got one or two around who are doing okay, but it will mainly be the group of players that we have got.

We will be needing them to step up and show what they can do, and to be fair for most of the season they have done really well.

I will be asking for more and driving them on and pushing for more better performances generally. Let’s hope we can do that.”

fraser 1:06 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
If that's what he says and thinks why does it beggar belief?

Maybe trying to spur them on, if they're good enough they'll be good enough.

If they're sensitive souls who won't take it on board to work harder. He's probably right.

twoleftfeet 1:06 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
You didn't see it on whufc.com because it never happened.

Mex Martillo 12:47 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
Didn't say that in the whufc.com video of the news conference on Friday.

the exile 11:32 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
Did Moyes really say that? What a fucking awful message that is to the young players, a real kick in the guts when they have been doing so well this year.

daveyg 11:26 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
Moyes says no youngsters are good enough to step up.
Beggars belief.

Robson 2:22 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
We've had 8 days off. Practically a pre-season. We'll be fine.

Raymond Reddington 12:43 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
If we don't win this one they need to be sounding out BFS, hopefully he'd come back

Yarmouth 12:22 Sun Feb 27
Re: Team for Wolves
Kral might be a solution? He's fucking garbage mate.

daveyg 9:17 Sat Feb 26
Re: Team for Wolves
The last time Soucek came on after 55 minutes he scored a cracking goal.
Unfortunately for us it was for the opposition.
No thanks.

Side of Ham 12:32 Fri Feb 25
Re: Team for Wolves
Charoo it's simple and it's been a historic problem playing Noble......if you think we are slow now adding Noble will make it worse......Nobles best games have been against the likes of Tottenham or Chelsea where we are expected to not have a lot of the ball but when we do have it Noble has played a blinder. The games against the likes of Wolves are not his driver especially nowadays, the way I see it is although Soucek is not at his best we still get draws where it would have been a defeat by a margin with Noble in........our midfield could be cut through like a knife through butter....that has pretty well stopped now and it's down to silly individual mistakes at the mo, which even the brilliant Rice has been guilty of.

Nick QQQ 12:27 Fri Feb 25
Re: Team for Wolves
Vexed, so your idea is pick the same team and hope for the best? We've been awful lately, Soucek and Antonio in particular. I get the squad is shit and replacements not easy, but as long as we keep flogging a dead horse what changes?

Charoo 12:18 Fri Feb 25
Re: Team for Wolves
Side of ham -

Tbh I didn’t see the Kidderminster game, my boy had a game that day but hear they were all awful.

However we rarely make a quick start at home, been lucky not to be buried in the first 10 mins many this season, Brentford and Newcastle in particular come to mind - wolves I think would be more punishing.

I’d rather stay in the game until 50-60 mins then when it opens up a bit and the opposition push forward more like Wolves will as they will want the win then we can actually make some changes from the bench other than Vlasic for Benrahma and try hit them on the break with some fresh legs.

Our play is too slow, too predictable all round the pitch we look better when we play through the middle but hardly ever do it, we keep pushing it wide, letting the defence get set and hit crosses from the 18 yard box, it’s easy to play against.

Now I’m not saying Noble is the answer but the way Soucek is playing, he sure as shit ain’t either. Moyes don’t fancy Kral and you have to try something.

Unless if Lanzini is fit he tells Rice to play as a holding midfielder, protect the back 4 and play Lanzini and either Fornals or Vlasic through the middle.

He has to something other than keep playing the woeful Soucek.

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