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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Any Old Iron 1:11 Sun Mar 6
Rent Boy Trash
Didn't think I could despise a club more than Chelsea, but after today......

Thomas Tuchel turned on Chelsea supporters for failing to show ''respect" after they chanted Roman Abramovich's name throughout the Premier League's show of solidarity for Ukraine.

MPs also joined Tuchel in criticising those who interrupted the minute's applause which took place before kick off ahead of Chelsea's 4-0 victory against Burnley.

The chant came after a tumultuous week in which Abramovich moved to avoid his assets being frozen by pledging to sell the club and then set up a fund for war victims with the proceeds.

Tuchel, however, said fans had chosen the wrong moment to voice their support for the Russian oligarch. “It was not the moment to do this," he said."Listen, if we show solidarity, we show solidarity and we show it together. We take the knee together, if an important person from another club or from our club unfortunately dies, we show a minute of respect."

Premier League captains also wore armbands in Ukrainian colours as England's top tier delivered an unprecedented show of footballing support, which prompted China to shut down its broadcast feed. The chant for Abramovich went up as fans across the country were encouraged to join players, managers, match officials and club staff in a "moment of reflection and solidarity before kick-off".

“It’s not the moment to give other messages, it’s a moment to show respect," said Tuchel after the match. "We do this because this is what we are as a club. We show respect as a club and we need our fans to commit to this minute of applause in the moment we do it for Ukraine.

“There is no second opinion about the situation there and they have our thoughts and our support and we should stand together as a club. It was not the moment for other messages.”

What scum they are.

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Haz 2:57 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
To be honest, I didn't need to hear yesterday's shenanigans to know that Chelsea are Rent Boy Trash. They can't get any lower in my opinion. I fucking hate those cunts with a vengeance.

fraser 2:52 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
They supported the bloke who has won them numerous trophies including 2 CL . Hardly surprising is it..

What a thing to be outraged about, isn't what's going on over there enough for anyone's outrage

the last eastender 2:21 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
Brainless fuck knuckles the lot of them.

BRANDED 2:05 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
The Russian loot is their history. Its all part of the Putin era. I probably hate Chelsea supporters more than Spurs except Spurs think they are good.

the last eastender 2:03 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
On here-no names mentioned.
Generally, talk to most football lad types and you hear praise for putin like he is"one of our own". He is not he done even care about his own people.

only1billybonds 2:00 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash

Who have you seen stand by Putin on this thread?

the last eastender 1:39 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
Thick as mince cunts, cheer the very people who practice nuking our country yet despise our neighbours and allies.
Never will understand how any football lad/working class bloke can stand by putin?

only1billybonds 1:35 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
Ok Dopey,we'll leave it there with you still believing that your opinion is fact.

You really didnt learn much from the almost daily humiliation you faced on the EU thread did you.

Hammer and Pickle 1:18 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
I'd say the demonstration of your loyalties is clear enough now, braincell.

Can we move on?

Mad Dog 1:02 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
It's not that Chelsea fans back abramovic, which I do understand...

Ita that they chose to hijack the moment which was supposed to be about the victims in the war in Ukraine.

And THAT is out of order. Simg abramovoc songs for thr full 90, I don't care, but show respect when asked

Sven Roeder 12:49 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
They can sing what they like
Just adds to the focus on Abramovich and hopefully the government will finally act with sanctions.

1. Seize the £1.5bn asset that Abramovich has created with his thievery and money laundering ie the loan to Chelsea FC
2. Call in the loan, payment in 3 months required
3. Not paid? Bankruptcy for Chelsea FC followed by liquidation
4. Any unsold players given free transfers
5. Chelsea AFC appear in the Southern League Division 6 in the 2022/23 season
6. John Bumstead appointed player manager assisted by Clive Walker & Micky Droy

only1billybonds 12:41 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
'Loyalty to Abramovich'


Classic Clive.

Do you sleep with the light on SON?

Hammer and Pickle 12:40 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
solidbond 12:21 Sun Mar 6


Gary Strodders shank 12:35 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
Im not surprised or outraged by it whatsoever.
The game is becoming increasingly sanitised and politicised and that in my opinion is a great pity.
There are some horrendous things happening in the world which the rolling news coverage makes us aware of at every turn but football as well as other entertainment avenues should be a form of escapism from it all as it has always been.
I also don't need Lineker or that pratt Mataface harping on about it all before every game on TV and radio either.

solidbond 12:21 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
Now that abramovich is selling Chelsea I wonder if Putin will follow suit and sell the Tory party

Hammer and Pickle 11:59 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
Your loyalty to Abramovich is what is noted here, braincell.

What you getting all hot and bothered about son?

Side of Ham 11:58 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
If you’ve ever really got into going to football you’d know it was created as a way of getting away from all the shit that goes on around the world and in your life for a few hours. You’d also know those that bring you any good times are well appreciated even if they come from places that become your enemy.

Football is just a message board for agendas now……the benefit of the doubt has disappeared….

only1billybonds 11:29 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash

Grow up you soppy tart.

There are sections of fans who still ding about 96 people dying at a game. The same applie to songs about the Munich air crash.

Have you ever been to a game in your life?

And accusing someone of being loyal to a regime that is hell bent on war and destruction on the strength of a comment made about a few football fans antics are a sign of your desperation.


Iron Duke 11:29 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
There’s nothing wrong with showing support for Abramovich but not at that moment. Chelsea have always lacked class though.

I never liked Tuchel up to now, but he has played a blinder during the Ukraine crisis.

cambsiron 11:22 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
We absolutely would have sung his name if he had been our owner. We would never have stooped as low as Chelsea did by singing it at that moment though. They are either scum, or thick as pig shit, or both.

goose 11:17 Sun Mar 6
Re: Rent Boy Trash
I wish football would stay out of politics.

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