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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Surfinglizard 1:06 Thu Mar 10
80’s Ska
Just watching an old YouTube of Bad Manners and Lip Up Fatty. Just reminded me how much I loved Ska then in the early 80’s. Selector, Specials What are your memories?

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cockney hammer 12:57 Sun Mar 13
Re: 80’s Ska
ex rude boy never understand how madness got classed as a ska band firrst two or three records but after that just a excellent pop band

zebthecat 11:04 Fri Mar 11
Re: 80’s Ska
Liked the Specials and Madness and saw them both live back then and they were fun.

My favourites (and they were the fag end of the 80s) were Fishbone. They took ska and shook living crap out of it.
Absolutely superb live too.

ChesterRd 9:04 Fri Mar 11
Re: 80’s Ska
Loved Ska "back in the day"

Went to a gig at the old Rainbow theatre, Seven Sisters organised by the Morning Star of all people.

The Specials
The Beat
Bad Manners
Pig Bag

think they had the Body Snatchers as well. Not sure if Madness were on the bill

Great night

Saw Roddy Radiation, The Specials drummer at another gig after they had disbanded and he formed his own band.

BillyJenningsBoots 5:23 Fri Mar 11
Re: 80’s Ska
I loved the Specials, Madness and The Beat and The Selector were ok but Bad Manners I thought were a joke - having said that I liked Special Brew...

I went off Madness quite quickly as they were becoming a bit of a comedy/kids band - probably lasted as long as It Must Be Love...

The Specials shone brightly and burned out within a year or so....

The Beat were my favourite Ska band - absolutely loved em - still play their debut album Just Can't Stop it now... not so much the other band's...

Ska and Mod like punk were over pretty quickly but I still enjoy the music of that time and it brings back some great memories

zico 12:35 Fri Mar 11
Re: 80’s Ska
Quite liked Specials, Madness, Bad Manners in my early teens. Went to see The Selecter in a pub in Mid Sussex back in late 90's / 2000s maybe, but they were a real disappointment although it was probably more to do with the fact my tastes had moved on rather than the band. Small dingy pub didn't help either.

joe royal 11:14 Fri Mar 11
Re: 80’s Ska
Remember the pic of Saffiyah Khan, the pretty girl laughing at an EDL member?

Here she is singing with The Specials at the 100 club.


Gary Strodders shank 1:44 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
I renember watching Bad manners in the Chinnerys in Southend about 20 years back.
The following year i went to Margate for football and Buster was there in his capacity as chairman.
I saw a decent Duo called the Moochers in the summer doing some older Trojan stuff mainly.
Covered in Skas was another band a mate used to be in.

Toe Rag 1:44 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
Yeah, a bit like Judge Dread in that respect. I guess, it’s a light hearted take on it and no doubt fun at a gig.

The gig was in the sticks, I’m just used to seeing more black people at those sorts of dos in the smoke haha.

Northern Sold 1:27 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
Rag… I don’t think bad manners have taken themselves seriously in anything… hardly gonna sing about Idi Amin and the Berlin Wall are they… more likely come through the hole in the wall dressed in a Tu Tu…

`Probably the whitest “reggae” crowd I’ve ever seen as well ag ag ag ag’

Didn’t know Reggae was a Black only music?? The things you learn…

*throws out entire record collection of black artists *

Right… where’s that Paul Mccartney and Wings CD?? .

Toe Rag 1:19 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
I just can’t help seeing Bad Manners as a comedy band.

I saw scooted and booted a while back. Loads of fat old skins all dressed in the same uniform.

Not cunting people off for being into what they’re in to but it was all a bit contrived and not my scene.

Probably the whitest “reggae” crowd I’ve ever seen as well ag ag ag ag.

Much prefer the original stuff and the Coxson records back catalogue. Clement Dodd was the DADDY!

Northern Sold 1:03 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska

Inner London Violence - Bad manners live... not for the faint hearted being in the pit for that choon

Far Cough 12:57 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
I liked Lip Up Fatty but I'm more of a Madness fan

My name is Michael Caine

Northern Sold 12:39 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
Did you give Pauline Black one Lenny son?? Probably explains why she was such a cunt when we met her… thoroughly unlikable woman

Leonard Hatred 4:56 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
I used to work for The Selecter.

Driver/roadie/general assistant.

panamahat 3:18 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
The Skatalites are touring next month , they’re playing Brighton Komedia ( amongst others ) , one of them is down here on the island at the mo .

Northern Sold 3:03 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
Good review for the Dualers here... Ska still going strong.... gigs packed... perfect music for shit times...


Northern Sold 2:54 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
Yeah love the old Trojan and Blue Beat stuff... even though UB40 tried to ruin half the catalogue

Northern Sold 2:51 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
Think the nearest i have been to death was being in the mosh pit for a Bad Manners gig... would kill me now for sure.... last saw them last summer at Stone Valley festival.... old buster has lost a load of timber but they still put on a brilliant show...

Mickey Rat 2:48 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
80's Ska was good but for me couldn't match the excitement of hearing that original off-beat sound of the Skatalites, Desmond Decker, Prince Buster and early Toots and the Maytals, happy days!

the coming of gary 2:37 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
the teenage cancer trust charity gig on march 24th is Madness supported by Paul Weller

Takashi Miike 2:30 Thu Mar 10
Re: 80’s Ska
the keyboard player was there back in 2008. watching that shit video I share, you can still hear the quality of jon bradbury's drumming

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