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Full Claret Jacket 8:24 Tue Mar 15
The keeping situation
So we have 4 keepers. Despite a couple of mistakes Fabianski is head and shoulders above all other options IMO. I know he hasn't had a run of games but I've not been impressed by Areola and Randolph and Martim seem redundant.
What is our future for this position? It seems like we just keep extending Fabianski. I don't want him replaced but does anyone think Areola is the long term replacement or should we have a clearout of backups and get a serious challenger. There doesnt seem to be an obvious replacement in the U23s.

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Athletico Easthamico 11:51 Fri Mar 18
Re: The keeping situation
Yep, buy Areola.

World class save when it mattered and came for crosses.

Pay the money.
Can't see the point in trying to cut corners.

chim chim cha boo 12:51 Thu Mar 17
Re: The keeping situation
I can't fault super Fab who is a player that makes us a much better team generally. He's got to be what? Worth 8 to at least 10 points a season?

It's telling that he doesn't come up much on the website that is most likely to throw a player under the bus.

'build from the back' is a football truism and with Fab and Ariola I can't remember when I have been so comfortable with our goalkeepers.

Fuck, I just remembered that I am the bok so just watch Ariola chuck it into the back of his own net tonight!

Charoo 11:17 Thu Mar 17
Re: The keeping situation
Areola - played 13 - 6 clean sheets, conceded 11 goals.

Not the worse back up keeper is he.

I think he’s very decent.

If Fabianski spoke more and claimed more crosses he would be outstanding. He’s rooted to his line a bit much for me - however he has done a fantastic job for us and he shows no signs of deterioration.

Woodford Green 9:40 Thu Mar 17
Re: The keeping situation

Woodford Green 9:40 Thu Mar 17
Re: The keeping situation
But land would be my choice. He doesn’t get much game time at Palace.

Areola would need to reduce his £150k pw salary to justify a permanent signing

gph 1:08 Thu Mar 17
Re: The keeping situation
Keepers are very up and down - there was a time when the Fo(r)ster twins looked like they were in the top five. That time isn't now.

Fabianski's been in the top five almost all the time he's been with us, as a rule-proving exception.

tnb 12:53 Thu Mar 17
Re: The keeping situation
This thread got me thinking, when was the last time we had a keeper come through from the Academy? Bywater I suppose, even though he was never a reliable regular and was a bit shit.

We’ve had plenty of supposedly highly rated youth keepers since that have come to nothing - Ruud Boffin, Peter Kurucz, even Neil Finn prior to Bywater. Marek Stech too more recently who was supposed to prove everyone at the club wrong when he left and…didn’t.

Trott and Anang feel like they’re not going to make it either, although they have every chance to go down the leagues and make their way back up. Maybe this new Hungarian chap will be the one to break the pattern, but he undoubtedly needs a couple of seasons (at least) on loan first.

I just think it’s very difficult for any young keeper at a top division club to come through given the risk of blooding someone in the position and how important experience is.

Look at the current Premier League number ones - only Ramsdale at Arsenal (and he had to move from Sheffield Utd to Bournemouth and bide his time), Krul at Norwich after coming through at Newcastle, and Sanchez at Brighton have come through the ranks after starting at a high level.

Raya at Brentford only got a proper chance at Blackburn after they had gone down to League One. You could probably make a case for Meslier at Leeds but he had a decent amount of first team experience before signing for them.

Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd, Wolves, Tottenham, Palace, and Newcastle obviously have keepers signed from abroad.

Alex McCarthy went all over the lower leagues before getting to Palace and now Southampton, ditto Pickford before getting his chance as a Hail Mary in a terrible Sunderland team. Nick Pope had to come back from all the way in non-league before getting to Burnley after starting out at League One/ Championship Charlton.

Ben Foster had to make a relative step down to Birmingham and West Brom before ending up at Watford, after initially being the next big thing when signing for Man Utd.

Even Fabianski himself came over here highly rated but never properly established himself at Arsenal and had to go to Swansea to prove what he could do when playing regularly. Ditto Martinez now doing much the same at Villa, and even Kasper Schmeichel who had a long road from Man City to Leicester and what he has achieved since.

Next season we definitely need to replace Areola (who is definitely not the answer, and surely won’t be staying) with a younger keeper who can challenge Fabianski and take over the next season - but I suspect younger means 24-28ish with some games behind them. If Areola was a placeholder for Johnstone then that’s not the worst plan ever.

I have an inkling that Martin is probably one of those figures who contributes more than we know in terms of team spirit at the training ground if not in the dressing room. I’d be happy for him to stay around in another capacity.

Randolph may as well move on - if either Trott or Anang are considered to have any potential future at the club then let them be 3rd choice for a bit although if we ended up in a situation where they needed to have a run of games I’d probably be looking at the emergency loan market much as we did once upon a time with Almunia when Green was out and we only had Kurucz and Stech to rely on.

Eerie Descent 2:31 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
Sorry mate, not having that. No player, and I include outfield players in this, have performed worse than Roberto did in his 10 games at the club. It was like he was playing without hands, it was quite incredible how bad he was.

D.B Cooper 2:27 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
Eerie - Allan McKnight was worse than Roberto - both cunts.
Sasa IIlic was probably the worse individual goalkeeping display I've ever seen at the Boleyn though - a ball boy or Aussie Sven would have done a better job that day. what a cunt.

dealcanvey 12:45 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
I think they will be going all out to get Johnstone on a free.

Would save them having to buy someone like Areola who I still think is a good keeper.

Move Randolph on and Trott can be number 3.

Rossal 10:37 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
Sanchez at Brighton would be my pick

But think you'd get far better value in Europe. French league for example has had Mendy and Maignan plucked in recent times

Lee Trundle 10:31 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
WBA worst 3 players who have played regularly this season for them are (according to whoscored ratings):


fraser 10:24 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
Weren't loads criticising the gooners in the summer saying Ramsden is shit.. He's done pretty well there.

Also Fab at Arsenal wasn't great.. Hard to tell with keepers

Eerie Descent 10:16 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
They're not, though. I've never seen a fan base so in unison in wanting a player out the door. They think he's shit.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:48 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
If Johnstone is so poor why are the West Brom support so salty that he is leaving on a free?

Plus his dad is Glenn Johnstone

Nick Pope would be a great shout though.

Eerie Descent 8:47 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
Mex, I can tell you now, there aren't many better keepers out there than Fabianski, not who are within our grasp anyway

All these heralded keepers, whenever I watch them I wonder what all the fuss is about. The Villa keeper being a case in point.

WHUDeano 8:47 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
Pope would be a great signing, think he’s got a year left on his contract so could probably be bought for £10m if they go down.

Eerie Descent 8:44 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
Areola is a good keeper, I think 1 person said he's not, they're obviously wrong.

We won't be signing him though, as we'd firstly have to pay a hefty fee, and his wages are also astronomical, apparently.

Mex Martillo 8:03 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
It annoys me that we are still using Areola in the Europa League, I think it could easily get us eliminated.
We need sign a keeper better than Fabianski.

Manuel 6:11 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
I like Pope, he wouldn't even be a gamble. I suspect Fab will be no 1 for at least one more season. Areola will go back to PSG.

nychammer 5:39 Wed Mar 16
Re: The keeping situation
I'd take AA but i thought we dont have an option on him.

Fabianski should really have been MOM on Sunday, on balance, for the saves that kept them out. He's easily got another one or two seasons here

Nick Pope would be an excellent signing if AA goes back to Spain, he wouldn't come here to play third fiddle otherwise.

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