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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Sajmo1 9:50 Mon Apr 11
Unpopular opinion but surely we should be looking for an upgrade in the summer. Midfielder who's below average in every department but aerial duels doesn't belong in a team fighting for europe if we're being honest. His passing AND defensive stats are absolutely diabolical. He wants close to100k per week..

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Sajmo1 2:47 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
Takashi I think he's a great squad option but I don't see him as a starter. There's this stat called average playing pace of action which shows the average time it takes (in seconds) for a team to recieve and play the ball through a pass or a shot. It highlights a big problem we have and it is the difference between our current level and the next level. Having a midfielder who's worse then Dawson on the ball is one of reasons why we're so slow in the buildup. We simply lack technical, press resistant players

Stowie.40 1:56 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
Soucek definitely isn’t shit, I don’t think people think that. I mean the description of being diabolical with the ball is spot on, him, Antonio & Coufal are probably the worse for giving it away constantly. But he is the least of our problems, I don’t think we need to be looking to replace him, maybe get him some help so he can rest though.

brick_lane_batty_boy 1:51 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
Obviously I don't speak for everyone - but I don't feel anybody really thinks he's shit - it's more the fact he was a real goal threat - and used to time his runs into the box to get on the end of crosses. Our change in style isn't conducive to getting the best of his attributes. If he's not scoring or getting on the end of crosses, it highlights his limitations with the ball at his feet.

If Rice does go - I presume he will play further forward again and we'll get somebody in who plays deeper

Takashi Miike 1:47 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
*ten men*

Takashi Miike 1:46 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
we're top six, in the quarter finals of a european tournament yet soucek is shit, despite being involved in almost every game. we've been playing with the men the whole season, rice is.a one man midfield 😂

Takashi Miike 1:43 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
sajmo, you still haven't answered my questions. rice will be off if we don't get european football, noble's legs are fucked and is retiring, and kral will not be considered by the manager and so is also gone. yet, you want the only other option in central midfield to also fuck off. given how useless, slow our recruitment is - who do you think will be playing next year if moyes follows your masterplan? and where did you get the 100k demand story, the same cunts (C&H/Ex) that made up the phillips/raphina bullshit?

Sajmo1 1:37 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
Pagey I don't see any differences in their performances if I'm being honest. I'd say it's more due to the fact that we're trying to do more with the ball then last season when we were heavily relying on set pieces. They are brilliant for a certain style of play but that style of play is also a reason why we never dominate anyone, even the likes of Kiddermeinster

brick_lane_batty_boy 1:27 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
I don't think he's shit - I just don't think you're ever going to get the best out of him if he doesn't get in the box when the ball is out wide. That point isn't even up for debate

Pagey 12:36 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
Soucek and Coufal aren’t performing as well as they did last season, but that’s partly down to the fact that they were so good last season. They’re not machines!

Everyone wants instant everything these days. Just for clarification, it’s April and little old West Ham are in the top six of the Premier League and the quarter finals of the Europa League. Not bad when you consider that, according to this website, Coufal, Cresswell, Soucek, Fornals, Benrahma and Antonio are all shit!

Northern Sold 11:59 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek

Sajmo1 11:59 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
Don't think it has anything to do with fatigue. His best role is sitting in the box waiting for a cross while leaving a massive gap in the midfield. No team fighting for europe across the european leagues has players as bad on the ball as Soucek and Coufal. We can't reach the next level with players as limited as them. Think Moyes doesn't rate Soucek as much considering he wants to bring Phillips in

master 11:19 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
His first opportunity for a genuine rest, the bloke played 210 minutes of hard football, including 90 mins in a game which simply didn't matter.

Rice played 120 mins.

The club have to be smarter and get these guys to pull out.

nerd 10:23 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
As a team we have competed on 4 fronts and international wise we had more players than most around us that played in the later stages of the euros along with most of our squad playing internationals all season. Soucek rarely misses a game and has been immense for us , think this has more to do with poor alternatives and needs a break.

Sydney_Iron 9:23 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
*Swims past bait

brick_lane_batty_boy 9:21 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
I actually think the points you make are relevant.

It's no surprise that Soucek has gone off the boil given we've stopped playing to his strengths.

Because Rice is playing further forward, he is taking responsibility for sitting deeper - rather than being that body that was always in the box when the ball went out wide.

Only time he's done it in recent memory was against Seville - and quelle shock he scored.

He's very much in the Fellaini mould - and it you don't play to the strengths of his game, I personally agree in that he doesn't offer that much. He's slow to cover ground, his passing is average at best - obviously a case to argue for his defensive aerial ability and threat at set pieces.

nychammer 6:19 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
Blimey, least of our worries. Needs a fucking REST! that's all.

Barty 2:43 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
I hope Soucek will be here for many years

At least he will make a good squad player for sure

You should be worrying about Noble and Kral replacements

Alfs 12:51 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
The bloke needs a holiday. He's hardly had a day off in two years. I know they earn a load but top players really get pushed to their limits these days.

Takashi Miike 12:27 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek
you're looking for soucek's replacement, yet we're still a mile away from finding replacements for noble/kral. very harsh, and where are you getting the £100k demands from?

OneAll 12:15 Tue Apr 12
Re: Soucek

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