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PwoperNaughtyButNot 7:17 Tue Apr 12
Kral is on loan from Spartak Moscow - will he have a team to go back to at the end of the season or will he be a free agent?

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Barty 6:41 Wed Apr 13
Re: Kral
If he was good enough he would have played ahead of Noble this season

2 new CM´s needed instead of Noble and Kral

Eerie Descent 11:11 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
There was every point in giving him game time against Brentford. He's clearly not hopeless, and Soucek so badly needs a rest, which would have (hopefully) kept him fresh for the Lyon game, where his aerial threat will be a huge weapon against their defence. Instead, he's flogged him again, he played shit, and now he's going to be fucked for Thursday.

You could also argue that anyone deserves a start over Soucek in his current form, but I'll leave that one for now..

Stubbo 11:01 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
What's interesting is pre the Euro's Moyes had singled him out as one to watch.

He told him coming here he'd only be back up this season as both Kral and Moyes have openly stated.

But he's played that rarely that you can only really assume that Moyes hasn't seen enough in training to think he offers much, given Lanzini, Noble, Fornals, Rice and Soucek have all spent the season ahead of him for a CM berth.

But the reality is if he's not actually good enough to push Rice and Soucek, or complement them as part of a 3, then there is very little point giving him game time.

Seems he really is just too limited and doesn't offer the team an option Moyes likes.

southbankbornnbred 6:17 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
Yeah, agreed Trunds: whenever I've seen Kral he has looked a bit slow to see and make the pass. But he's not exactly received many chances in the Premier League.

Hoping he comes good. Would like to see him do well, like his countrymen.

Charoo 5:30 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
Can’t be much worse than Soucek has been most of the season.

Loved the way Soucek played for the first 18 months but he has been largely woeful this season. Nothing to do with Rice getting further forward - everything to do with him being shockingly out of form.

I thought Kral did ok in the Man U cup game, how do we know if he isn’t good enough if he don’t get a chance, as others have said, been plenty of opportunities to give him a run this season.

Might have bucked Souceks ideas up a bit in thinking he has competition.

Like Antonio he’s got no one pushing him, that don’t help with the lacklustre performances.

Tomshardware 5:11 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
Seems Moyes doesn't rate him as surely he would have played more.

El Scorchio 4:50 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral

As if I'd do something as sensible as read the thread before asking :)

Lee Trundle 4:45 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
He's played 1 minute of Premier League football, Scorch. Against Watford.

Only the 3rd time I've mentioned it on here.

El Scorchio 4:42 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
Full Claret Jacket 3:16

This is what I'm thinking. It must be more money for more appearances so Moyes has probably been told to only use him in absolute emergencies. I find it far too weird that he's fit to sit on the bench week in week out but never even get 10 mins to rest Soucek or Cresswell, or to bring on to defend a lead to think otherwise.

Has he actually played in the league or only in cups?

Eerie Descent 3:40 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
Would he have been a better option than Soucek on Sunday?

He can't have been any worse, and that's the point. I like Soucek, but he clearly shouldn't have played on Sunday, because he's fucked and horrendously out of form. Every single West Ham fan knew that.

Sven Roeder 3:34 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
Was pretty mediocre when he appeared in the Euros
In hindsight we should have kept Coventry but I guess him actually PLAYING at MK Dons is a better outcome than sitting around like Kral has.

Didnt see the game but I see Lewis O'Brien was MOTM for Huddersfield as they beat Luton to go third.
Buzzy little (ie tiny) active midfielder who could be a Noble replacement maybe

Lee Trundle 3:24 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
"For me he is too weak and error prone for the Premier League"

I don't know how anyone can say that based on 1 minute of football they've seen him play in the Premier League.

Full Claret Jacket 3:16 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
He wasn't a fee hit, he cost us nearly 5m in loan fees. Maybe his fee was based on appearances which is why we don't play him?
Never been given a run in the side to see if he could settle into the team and do a job. For me he is too weak and error prone for the Premier League. Decent player for Czech team though. Clearly isn't useless but doesn't seem to be the player we need or be a rotation option the manager is interested in.

Swiss. 2:39 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
Side Show Bob 2 is a good player from what I've seen and it amazes me the thick jock cunt hasn't used him more often.

Vexed 2:27 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
Kral is another one to file on the 'baffling Moyes decisions' spreadsheet. There have a been a fair few now.

brick_lane_batty_boy 1:36 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
Amazes me how strong an opinion people have on this guy given his extremely limited game time.

I saw him play against Man U in the cup - I actually thought he did pretty well - got around the pitch, made some tackles - prob not the best on the ball - but also wasn't trying anything extraordinary and kept it simple.

Kidderminster - he had an absolute howler - but remind me who didn't in that game? They absolutely shocking to a man - but you have to have a fall guy i guess.

Moyes obviously doesn't fancy him - and that's his prerogative as manager - My opinion is that it's a wasted opportunity and was virtually a free hit had he played him in games like Sunday against Brentford. How will we ever know he's not good enough without actually giving him 5-10 appearances ?

Eerie Descent 12:38 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
Indeed GSP, but I wish people would be honest about him. You'd think we have a world class player on our hands, but Fornals on the wing is really hurting us as an attacking unit.

For me, it should be a straight shootout between him and Lanzini for the number 10 role. We are desperate for anything above snail pace on that left flank. Absolutely desperate.

GreenStreetPlayer 12:32 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
That’s true ED, honest grafter.

If a player gives 100%, that is acceptable in our eyes.
We know when players aren’t giving it their all, and we have/had a fair few.

Kaiser Zoso 12:28 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
He looks decent to me, works his socks off when we're out of possession, but lets himself down a bit with his use of the ball.

I reckon that would improve if he was given more time on the pitch. Probably against the grain on WHO, but I like him and hope we keep him for next season.

Shit hairstyle though.

Lee Trundle 12:28 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
Are people pinning their hopes on Vlasic coming good on what he did in the Russian League? Because I've seen nothing from him when he's played for us.

The Russian League is worse that the Scottish League to put things into perspective.

Eerie Descent 12:24 Tue Apr 12
Re: Kral
If I read about Fornals apparent transformation from cart horse to Pirlo, I'll insert my head through a window.

He's a hard working player who gives his all, but lacks real consistent quality in his final ball, be it passing or finishing. He has odd moments of that, probably once every 10 games, but really he's just an honest grafter, and he was when he turned up. He's also the slowest wide player in the Prem, and countless breaks are slowed down because he has to turn and pass back, but again he does give his all.

Vlasic, on the other hand, doesn't graft, and has yet to show a single thing which would give an indication that he will be a good Prem player. Nothing whatsoever. And he's also painfully slow for a forward player

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