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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Kidders 1:24 Fri May 6
We’re cursed
Is there some sort of curse over us, Tony Gale, Manny O, Gerrard, Dodgy red cards, literally everyone scoring their first goal against us.
Please make it stop…

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stepney hammer 7:12 Mon May 9
Re: We’re cursed
"missing out on CL in the Bilic season when we had two red overturned and two penalties given against us for fouls outside the area."

I know you're making a broader point, but just on that example, in the last week of the season we won the last home game at the Boleyn against Man Utd who were competing for 4th. But managed to lose the two games around that against Swansea and Stoke, both sides with nothing to play for and already on the beach. You're not wrong about the red cards and pens, but win those two games against sides that had nothing to play for and 4th would have been ours.

Alfs 7:04 Mon May 9
Re: We’re cursed
BillC79 6:57 Mon May 9

I was about to say the same thing. My best mate at school was a Coventry supporter and they finished above us as often as we finished above them. They won the FA cup more recently than us, too.

BillC79 6:57 Mon May 9
Re: We’re cursed
We are a bit unlucky it must be said - relegated on a record 42 points, finished 5th in the league and didn’t get an automatic European spot (though the Intertoto was fun), missed out on CL football last year by 2 points (Man Utd at home where VAR didn’t realise the ball was a yard out + a last minute header by the Liverpool keeper), and missing out on CL in the Bilic season when we had two red overturned and two penalties given against us for fouls outside the area.

We have had our fair share of bad luck.

But no cursed - look at clubs like Oldham. Go back 30 years and there wasn’t that much between us and them

Texas Iron 9:49 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed

But it will never be a proper stadium…

Poor sight lines and sight distances for the football

Most seats are Too far from the pitch…

Obvious from the first viewing of the stadium design before we moved in…

Basically a cheap multi use athletics stadium built without regard for football…
An Olympic bowl stadium

Lord Coe and his stupid Athletics Legacy…twat

Sir Alf 7:34 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed
I suppose it depends on whether Sullivan and Gold are really looking to cash in and run after 2023?
If their love of money and the kudos that gives them in their minds is still as strong as ever they will be off. So talk of 150 million is just that IMHO

While Sullivan does the deal making on transfers he still has full control. The noise and propaganda will all back up the idea of us spending big but when you look at payment terms and conditions, derisory offers and loan to buy offers holding or collapsing deals etc. don’t be surprised if we struggle to spend half of that and bring in 2 or 3 not the 5 or 6 real quality players we need.

nychammer 6:14 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed
It’s not all bad no, but fuck me do we shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes. The euro exit, the league disaster that has been April could all have been avoided or mitigated with proper planning and stewardship. Fan base, stadium size, revenue, it’s all just potential until We realize it

El Coucho 5:59 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed
If you look at average attendances across Europe West Ham are third.

We are about to qualify for Europe based on league position in consecutive seasons. Never done before.

The club is in negotiations with UK athletics to make the stadium a permanent football stadium.

It’s not all bad.

13 Brentford Rd 5:16 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed
I've seen us win 2 FA cups and lose the 75 ECWC final, the 81 LC final and the 06 FA cup final.
I guess that makes me one of the lucky ones.

swindon hammer 4:56 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed
We will never win another trophy in our lifetime.

In the past 9 years the “Big 5” of Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal & Liverpool have won every FA Cup and League cup between them apart from 1 Leicester win.

Domestically it’s almost impossible for clubs like us to even win a cup competition anymore.

That Europa League was our best chance and we blew it.

13 Brentford Rd 4:45 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed
It's the *what ifs* since 86 that kill you.

Sir Alf 4:39 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed
The old gypsy of Green St who put the curse on us in 1970 died 2 years ago. The loss this week was just a minor blip’s decision part of the ups and downs that occur as we ascend to the top 4,under Moyes in the next 3-4 seasons.

That’s the trouble with Saturday when u start drinking early doors.

Let me return to reality…. “We’re doomed I tell thee, doomed !! “

Swiss. 1:58 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed

That makes for depressing reading but it is the facts. I doubt these leach owners of ours will give us more than 100-150m to spend and no proceeds from the sale of Rice and/or Bowen.

That will get us 4 quality signings maybe.

Minimum we need is a top class forward and keep Antonio going another season. In reality we need 2.

We need a top quality left back and I guess can live with Johnson and Creswell as back up. And a top class creative midfielder and CB.

That's the budget gone already.

Westside 10:56 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed
He’s hamstrung by the owners, they won’t spend any money now there just months away from selling the club.

The sale (option) price has already fixed, should the owners sell to Kretinsky. Spending the entire bank balance and more on players won't affect that price.

Manuel 10:11 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed
I stand corrected, but I think Fredericks and Randolph are both out of contract this summer.

Johnson 10:00 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed
Put this on the match thread but maybe it is more relevant here.

In the summer we will be losing:

Lanzini is rumoured to be going back to Argentina

Moyes seems to have lost faith in:
Vlasic (although all of us could have told him that, well those of us with a brain)
Benrahma - he didn’t want him and I’m sure would sell him given the chance

Then you’ve got the players that are past it:

Players who won’t be the same next season:
Ogbonna (unless he makes a miraculous recovery but is old)
Fabianski will be getting on

He clearly doesn’t fancy ANY of the youth meaning at least 3 places on the bench at any given point are a waste of time. He doesn’t even warm them up with the rest of the players half the time before the game.

Then you’ve got to wonder whether the following players will stay:

I’ve not factored in those players people have personal views on quality like Fredericks, Fornals, Johnson, Soucek, Coufal.

So I think we need at least 10 FIRST TEAM QUALITY players coming in and gelling in the summer or next year is going to be a very fucking tough season indeed.

Anyone trust GSB to get anywhere near that level of investment, or as it happens Moyes to pull his finger out his arse and buy that many players?

I know I fucking don’t.

Hammer Oz 9:15 Sat May 7
Re: We’re cursed
Cursed? Semi final in Europe and currently 7th in the highest league????

Fuck me, glad you was not about when we lost 5-2 at home to Barnsley...............

ChesterRd 4:21 Fri May 6
Re: We’re cursed
The likelihood of a football manager giving a full and frank assessment of his current employers to the media are slim at best.

We are not cursed, just very badly run from top to bottom.

Whether that will change with Kretinsky takes over who knows.

Takashi Miike 2:19 Fri May 6
Re: We’re cursed
*he's proved himself*

Takashi Miike 2:18 Fri May 6
Re: We’re cursed
"People need to stop blaming the board for everything that goes wrong with the club. Yes, they've done an awful lot wrong, but everything suggests January's failure is down to Moyes."

you're doing it again. everything doesn't suggest it was down to him. I told you what pearce said about how they recruit players. that quote you put up is him towing the party line, he's still grateful for being back in the big time. that needs to stop, he's prof get himself and now it's time for those despicable cunts to let him do the job without the involvement of one of their numerous agent mates

Swiss. 2:13 Fri May 6
Re: We’re cursed
We’ve been cursed with shit owners and managerial appointments that’s all. But enough.

Come On You Irons 1:46 Fri May 6
Re: We’re cursed
The only thing the club has been cursed with over many decades is shit, unambitious, uncaring owners who only wish to line their own pockets.

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